Skeleton Crew

Creature — Skeleton Pirate

Each other creature you control that's a Skeleton or Pirate gets +1/+1.
Whenever one or more creature cards leave your graveyard, create a 2/2 black Skeleton Pirate creature token. (This ability triggers only from the battlefield.)
: Return Skeleton Crew from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

  Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander (LCC)
#85, Rare

Illustrated by: Camille Alquier

Not Legal Alchemy BO1
Not Legal Standard BO1
Not Legal Brawl
Not Legal Explorer BO1
Not Legal Historic BO1
Not Legal Historic Brawl
Not Legal Modern
Not Legal Oathbreaker
Not Legal Pauper
Not Legal Pioneer
Not Legal Traditional Standard
Not Legal Timeless BO1
Not Legal Traditional Alchemy
Not Legal Traditional Explorer
Not Legal Traditional Historic
Not Legal Traditional Timeless
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