Ojutai, Soul of Winter

Legendary Creature — Dragon

Flying, vigilance
Whenever a Dragon you control attacks, tap target nonland permanent an opponent controls. That permanent doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

"When I battled Ojutai, I realized my learning had only begun." —Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest

  Fate Reforged (FRF)
#156, Rare

Illustrated by: Chase Stone
Multiverse ID: 391889

Ojutai, Soul of Winter Commander decks
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  • 2014-11-24
    The ability only applies during the controller's next untap step, even if the permanent has been the target of Ojutai's triggered ability more than once. The permanent won't stay tapped through multiple untap steps.
  • 2014-11-24
    The triggered ability can target a nonland permanent that's already tapped. That permanent won't untap during its controller's next untap step.
  • 2014-11-24
    The ability tracks the permanent, but not its controller. If the permanent changes controllers before its first controller's next untap step, then it won't untap during its new controller's next untap step.
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