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Magic The Gathering Content Creator focused on learning and improving through competitive game play content. | MTGO & MTG Arena | YouTuber | Streamer

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Crocodile MTG is a branded YouTube and Twitch Channel focused around competitive game play of the game Magic the Gathering (MTG). I began the channel in January of 2019. My goal is to improve my viewers’ understanding of the game from a competitive perspective, while also having fun! I work to encourage learning on my channel, and I strive to keep my environment open to new ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. While I run my channel in hopes my viewers can learn from me, I also keep myself open to learning from my viewers. Creating an environment of Learning has been an important asset to me as I work to build my community. Magic the Gathering is an amazing game that is played all over the world, and I hope Crocodile MTG can provide an environment of Learning, Growth, and Entertainment to those who love the game.


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