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Hey all! My name is Tim Hughes, otherwise known as Jahikoi. As a player, I've traveled across the world playing on the Pro Tour, competing in the Mythic Championships in London and Kyoto.

You can find me at twitch.tv/Jahikoi and at twitter.com/Jahikoi - and my decklists are all linked to my Aetherhub account.

If you send me your decklist I'll have a look at it for you and give suggestions!

Please let me know if you enjoy my content, as your messages of thanks are greatly appreciated!

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The Art of Sideboarding: Part 1
Beginner Standard 

31 Jul by jahikoi

Part 1 of a 3-part guide on Sideboarding! Join us as we go over basic sideboarding theory, with part 2 following onto more specific examples!