MagicFest Online Weekly Championship 2 Top Decks
Arena Standard Tournament 

05 May by The_Magician

Who won this MFO Weekly Championship? Which Decks made Top 8? Let's find out.

Tournaments are flourishing for MTGA
Arena Standard Tournament 

01 May by The_Magician

how do MTGA tournaments and Red Bull come together? Well let's find out here...

MTG Arena daily deals are off to store issues since yesterday.
Arena Standard Updates 

30 Apr by The_Magician

MTGA Daily Deals are currently not available to a Store issue

MagicFest Online Weekly Championship Top Decks
Arena Standard Decklists 

28 Apr by The_Magician

Wanna have a look into the Top Decks of the first weekly championship season 2? Let's go.

Arena Standard Decklists 

25 Apr by The_Magician

Looking for some Strong Decklists? WOTC just posted the latest MFO and MTGO winning Decks.

My Top 5 Cards to brew around in Ikoria
Arena Standard Release 

23 Apr by The_Magician

Cards to brew around in Ikoria part 2 !!MY TOP 5!!

Cards to brew around in Ikoria
Release Standard 

19 Apr by The_Magician

If you´re looking for some ideas to brew around the new Ikoria cards this Article is just for you.

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