Playing Counter-Meta in a Meta-Driven World
Arena Standard Competitive 

06 Aug by Mastershake1983

Are you interested in becoming a counter Meta player like myself? Hate the internet and everything it helps create? Want to see it burn? Join me in my analysis of the current meta and counter-brew.

The Case For Making Artifacts Work in the Current Meta
Arena Standard Discussion 

01 Aug by Mastershake1983

Tezzeret and Karn - Can Artifacts find a place in the current Meta? Where is that place? And can it be both competitive and fun? Steel Overseer makes it happen - and here's how.

Love to Hate, Hate to Love
Community Discussion 

28 Jul by Mastershake1983

What card do you Love to Hate? How about Hate to Love? With a diverse meta, there are still some cards sticking out more than others.


But Frylock, I am the Leader!