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Earn revenue with MTGA Assistant

As a Twitch Affiliate/Partner, you can join Team Aether by onboarding with the link above. You will be required to verify adding a Team Aether Twitch panel to your channel, joining our discord channel and following our Twitter Profile. We work with Quest Mode to provide streamers with the abilit to join Micro Sponsorships. In addition to this we have also have other benefits you can earn when joining.

We also endorse all content creators that meets the requirements to earn some extra revenue by promoting our MTG Arena extension! You can read more about this here.

Joining Benefits

By being part of Team Aether you are automatically part of the hosting system where you get featured on the website whenever you stream. Visitors to the site that are not logged in we be presented with one random streaming Team Aether member. The only condition is that the streamer has the text or #TeamAether somewhere in the title, it will only trigger when you stream MTG Arena.

Users on will see the streamer on the front page on non-mobile devices. Disclosing that the stream is sponsored is very important, not only is this important for us, it is also a law by the FTC – Federal Trade Commission. Sponsored streamers are given an advantage over other streamers by being embedded on and disclosing this in a clear and unambiguous way is very important. This is part of the reason we require you to make it clear in your title that you are sponsored. The other reason is that we want to get the word out about our website and team.

We have made a very simple bot that will look your stream title and check that you have added one of the two correct phrases, it will only embed your stream if it finds one of these. You can have the text phrase anywhere in the title and it is not case sensitive, but don’t misspell it. The bot checks the streams every 10 minutes.

Note: One thing to note is that if you have a mature warning on your stream the users on Aetherhub will not automatically see it because they have to click a accept button on your stream before being able to view it. This will limit the effect of the sponsor system a lot!

Is this view-botting?

We use the official Twitch embed script and API to do this, and we meet all requirements for official Twitch embedding, this is not considered botting by any means. Some people might claim you are using bots, you can inform them that this is 100% legitimate and endorsed by Twitch and being part of Team Aether this is a benefit you get. to quote Twitch themselves (Source):

"View-botting is the practice of artificially inflating a live view count, using illegitimate scripts or tools to make the channel appear to have more concurrent viewers than it actually does. It is important to not confuse this with a legitimate rise in concurrent viewership, such as being hosted, the channel being embedded elsewhere, or some other promotional source."

Community Benefits

After joining Team Aether you should add the Twitch Team on your Auto-host list in your Twitch Dashboard. You can find this option under Settings -> Channel. Turn on "Host team channels" and also "Auto host channels", this helps your own stream grow and at the same time you help other people in the Community. Since Team Aether is made up of MTG streamers you will be hosting mostly other Magic Players.

Will this help me get Affiliated or Partnered?

The sponsoring system will help you get more eyes on the stream and boost your viewership since the viewercount goes up when it is viewed on an embedded web page. You can see how many extra views you got from the Dashboard by looking at viewer sources. The embedded viewers do not count for getting affiliated or partnered! Twitch knows how many of your views are embedded and how many are from normal views and they do not count embedded views as progress for getting partnered.

Quest Mode Benefits

  • Let viewers go on quests in order to earn free BitBoss damage, free gift subscriptions, and free monetary contributions for the streamer!
  • Viewers can earn Sub points by completing in game quests. Earn enough points and they get or give a Free Sub of any level. They spend sub points to earn a sub, or gift to a friend.
  • Viewers can also earn BitBoss damage points by completing in game quests. Then they spend those points in the fan portal. They can become the new BitBoss with effort, not money
  • The way this works is that OperaEvent is working together with a number of sponsors.
  • Viewers can earn Free Tip money by completing the Quests. It can be anything from tweeting about the game/service, reaching a certain level in the game or finding easter eggs. Some sponsors offer more than just Free Subs points and Free Tips, they also offer high dollar gift cards.

If you want more details on how Quest Mode works and can provide value to you and your stream, check our detailed setup guide for more.

Useful tips as a streamer:

Whether you are an Affiliate/Partner, a part of Team Aether or not; offers a lot of useful free tools to you as a streamer. Use our Twitch Extensions to display Profile decks in a neat Twitch Panel or your currently played deck in a Twitch Component overlay. You can also use any Twitch Bot to display your currently played deck and use other useful commands, you can check how to do this by clicking here. We also provide neat panels, graphics and even video transitions that you are free to use in your streams or videos.

MTGA Assistant is a great tool for both you as a streamer to show your audience what cards your deck contains and gives you extra information on the chance to draw each of your cards.

In addition there are additional tools like a draft helper, Collection summary, deck statistics, metagame advisor, ranked ladder, community Teams.


By posting your deck creations on Aetherhub you can now earn commission when users buy cards via card links in your decks, 3,5% per sale.

We are seeking to include established content creators in the commission sales system. For Twitch users, we are seeking partnered Magic the Gathering streamers. For MTG YouTubers, we set the starting limit at 1.000 subscribers.

Graphic Assets

We have made several graphic assets available for use and download for both Twitch streamers and Youtube content creators. Everything from Logos, Twitch panel images, transitions, and video backgrounds.