Grixis Amass (Budget/Rotation Proof)

15 Sep by Canberg

This is my attempt at a focused, effective amass deck that doesn't have to have all of its lands come in tapped just to be able to play Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God. :) The landbase can be upgraded with shocks (Watery Grave; Blood Crypt) and a couple scry lands (Temple of Epiphany) as necessary. - My more

UB Reanimator Write-Up + Sideboard Guide

28 Aug by MTG_Arena_META

This deck is by no means the best deck in Standard, nor will it profit you a lot in Constructed. However this deck is very fun to play, and I believe people should be aware of this deck. The decks main goal is to mill Agent of Treachery and/or Scholar of the Ages and then bring them out for a low more

Jeskai Walkers Write-Up +Sideboard Guide

19 Aug by MTG_Arena_META

Jeskai Walkers is a tough deck to play. The decisions you make between planeswalkers plays are crutial and you cannot make all the right decisions after every turn. However just like any control deck, if you make it to the late game, you have set yourself up for success from your later draws. My more

Sultai Dredge b02 Comment and try!

19 Aug by TheRuggedWizard

Hello!     I've been working on this Sultai List for a week straight , bouncing off different ideas done in the past, different ways to play this as an aggro shell with Thoughtbound Phantasm and Dimir Spybug, but in the end I went with the control shell using dimir as the dominant colors. more

The Card of Gods

18 Aug by Jankinator

During spoiler season for War of the Spark, the card that caught my eye above all others was Enter the God-Eternals. Not only was the card insane - dealing damge, gaining life, milling, and getting a body on the ground, all in ONE spell - but the artwork was so gorgeous to me as well. At that more

Chandra's Forgotten Cavalcade

16 Aug by yona-kit

Base Build: Disclaimer: I don't think this deck is any kind of competitive, it is meant to be flavourful and fun in the office and on the kitchen table, yet it can go off quite cruelly. Adding Blood Crypts and Dragon Skull summit would make more

Devouring Bontu

03 Aug by yona-kit

Disclaimer: I don't think this deck is any kind of competitive, it is meant to be flavourful and fun in the office and on the kitchen table, yet it can go off quite cruelly. Adding Blood Crypts and Dragon Skull summit would make this slightly more competitive, but never forget the fun of more

Grixis Anticipation

02 Aug by sirtwitchy

Hello again AetherHub. Long time, no see! This is Grixis Flash, a control-style deck built around disrupting the opponent's hand to prevent them from making plays that could impact the board to our detriment. In other words: look at their cards. Take their threats. Profit. Leyline of Anticipation more

Naya Tokens

02 Aug by fdelvo

To learn more about the strengths of the deck visit   Selesnya Tokens is an old Standard deck by now. But its popularity kept declining since the release of War of the Spark. That's because the new decks were stronger. But I think that more

Tier 1 Bant Scapeshift Write-Up

31 Jul by MTG_Arena_META

Deck Write Up: Scapeshift What can I say about the up and coming scapeshift deck??? This deck is crazy freaking good. At first I thought it was a meme deck cause scapeshift has always been in meme decks and I generally never saw it as even a good card. However MTGA loves giving people cards that more

BantShift Is K (for three months)

23 Jul by EverythingIsK

Originally running Sultai to utilize Dread Presence and an Elemental package, but now, as shown this last weekend at SCG Philly, sporting the best card white has to offer over Sultai, Teferi, Time Raveler, brings Bant Scapeshift to the forefront of the format with a solid game plan and means to more

Champs Elysees (Field of the dead combo)

21 Jul by Flu

Rotation soon - soon not standard legal. M20 has introduced a land called Field of the dead that, in case we have in the battefield 7 different lands, generates zombie tokens every time a land enter the zone. With the War of the spark set many new planeswalker have been introduced in standard:& more

Simic Manipulation

21 Jul by RealSacredCow

This is a new take on the Simix Manipulation deck.  I took it to FNM and went undefeated, then took to a local tournament and made it to the semi-finals.  The match I lost was strictly on mana issues, which happens.  Though, I would love to use Agent of Treachery to get card draw, it more

Temur Scapeshift

19 Jul by fdelvo

To read more about Scapeshift decks and different versions visit my blog:   Earlier versions of Bant Scapeshift used to play Risen Reef. This idea was scratched because the deck was lacking other elementals to maximize more

[M20] UW Airborne

12 Jul by Santosch

The deck works just like any other U/W Flyers deck with Sephara - winning by getting her on the battlefield protected by Siren Stormtamer or rushing them down with Rally of Wings, Favorable Winds, etc. However unlike most other lists I've seen online this one took some ideas of Mono Blue to make it more

Zombie Shift

10 Jul by Xafanya

Hello everyone and welcome to my take on the current Scapeshift trend in standard!   This deck started as an improvement of an older jank deck based around Tatyova, Benthic druid and Scapeshift. With Core set 2020 out, it's time to brew again and take Scapeshift out of the binder! Scapeshift more

Grixis Kefnet

08 Jul by Wizzerinus

This deck uses powerful (blue-)black removal spells to stall until lategame, where it starts looping spells and wins off infinite card advantage. Early-Game Removals Disfigure Legion's End Thought Erasure Both Disfigure and Moment of Craving kill Adanto Vanguard, a single creature in the format I more

[M20] Party like Yarok Star

06 Jul by sirtwitchy

If it weren't for the temples, you could almost call this swamp tribal. Dread Presence This is the central card of the deck. Ideally, we can drop enough swamps on the board to drain the opponent's life for the victory. Many of our cards have neat interaction with Dread Presence. Yarok, the more

Elemental Nexus [M20]

06 Jul by fossar__

A very fun to play variant on Nexus of Fate. Using some elemental synergy with Risen Reef as our prime source of ramp in place of Wilderness Reclamation, we are much less vulnerable to Teferi, Time Raveler. Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is the all-star of this deck, getting her down early to self-mill more

GB Rock (Magic 2020 Edition)

02 Jul by CaptainJamoke

      STANDARD ROCK Magic 2020 Edition   Nightpack Ambusher     This standard list of the Rock functions as a control-oriented midrange build. We attempt to have answers for everything, and can play either aggressively or defensively utilizing the tools available to more

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