$100 Budget Blue Moon

10 Sep by Noneya

I consider myself a pioneer of this archetype, and decided to take it upon myself to build this deck down to the barebones to get players newer to modern a starting point to build upon.1) The very most important thing you could to to first improve this deck would be to acquire 4 snapcaster mages, more


10 Jul by Kealdor

Hero's Blade onto everything you possible can that is able to attack since *most* of the creatures are legendary your going to want to summon a legendary on 2nd main phase everyturn so its setup for the next turn.  Rally for 3 should give you back almost every sigle creature from your more

The Podcast Deck

28 May by pokeygooses

Every card in the deck has either the word pod or cast in the name (except basic lands cause come on guys!) a terrible idea but fun to try to get to work on my part. If nothing else the deck is very cheap! The Breakdown Part 1: Exalt!  Ethercaste Knight Sighted-Caste Sorcerer Just as creatures more

Izzet Snowing?

22 May by Hydrothermia

The Original Idea This has been my Modern pet project for more than five years. I wanted the original iteration to be good, but it never panned out that way. Mostly due to the high mana cost of a few Coldsnap cards, specifically Rimescale Dragon and Rimefeather Owl. I would combo them with Tamiyo, more

Hazy with a Chance for Zombies

19 May by Hydrothermia

Introduction I was piddling around on the Gatherer the other day and ran across Endless Ranks of the Dead and remembered the Time Spiral enchantment Paradox Haze and thought, "Hmmm... this would be an interesting mechanic." As of now this is only a prototype and theorycraft build. It could go more

CoCo Pups

13 Feb by Scocas

IntroductionWerewolf tribal is another adaptation on some of the other linear tribal decks in modern (Humans, Spirits, Merfolk). If you enjoy the complexity of the transform mechanic and theme of werewolves overrunning your oppoinent than this is the deck for you. It doesn't have the same burst as more

W/G Lifelink burst

15 Dec by Xeik

English Summary: Welcome to my future CHEAP deck, I'm trying to make a deck based on the "Win lives-Win the game" .   I want to imply that it is still under construction, my intention is to use cards like Avacyn's Pilgrim, Birds of Paradise and Llanowar elves to gain speed in the early game, more

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