1 day ago
Introduction I was piddling around on the Gatherer the other day and ran across Endless Ranks of the Dead and remembered the Time Spiral enchantment Paradox Haze and thought, "Hmmm... this would be an interesting mechanic." As of now this is only a prototype and theorycraft build. It could go throug..Read more
3 months ago
IntroductionWerewolf tribal is another adaptation on some of the other linear tribal decks in modern (Humans, Spirits, Merfolk). If you enjoy the complexity of the transform mechanic and theme of werewolves overrunning your oppoinent than this is the deck for you. It doesn't have the same burst as H..Read more
5 months ago
English Summary: Welcome to my future CHEAP deck, I'm trying to make a deck based on the "Win lives-Win the game" .   I want to imply that it is still under construction, my intention is to use cards like Avacyn's Pilgrim, Birds of Paradise and Llanowar elves to gain speed in the early game, to..Read more
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