Dimir Control {Pauper} 15 Wins
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01 Jun by imgrandmastercee

I played through 15 wins using the following deck list. It plays like a standard control deck. The W/L records beside the decks are after I finished my 15 wins. Hopefully this helps some people complete their 15 too. Goal: Control the board until you kill them with Ill-Gotten Inheritance or they con...

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07 May by alifromcairo01

Deckbuilding Guide: Prismatic Format – 250 card Singleton By AlifromCairo Let us establish the format rules.  250 card singleton deck, with at least 20 cards of each color.  Multicolored cards count toward each of the cards colors.  For example, Knight of Autumn counts as a Green card...

GRN/RNA Block Orzhov Tokens
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26 Jan by Vagrant

Ah, joy of joys, my favorite format ever is back in play! I actually whetted my first real tourneys playing OG Ravnica block constructed - and now we've come full circle! So onto the decklist! I've always been an Orzhov man. Something about unrestrained capitalism and ghost wage-slavery really appea...

Nezahal's Sun Control Bo1
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29 Dec by Flinkrock

Just got Platinum (29/1-19) with this deck just 8 hours before season reset (time bug confirmed, its now 33 hours left of season 1 day later). Started the race a bit to late so Diamond is out of the question now, but I'm pleased :).So, the goal is to make a versatile deck that stand a chance against...

Light's Shadow
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17 Dec by Wulfscar

This deck is my "go to" deck. I have always been a huge fan of White/Black Lifelink decks and this is one of my favorites - albeit not quite completed due to RNG for card pulls. It is still probably one of my best decks.So let us begin the deck breakdown.The core focus of this deck is to gain a lot ...

Does UW Control work in Singleton?
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21 Jun by andreliverod

UW Control is very strong in standard, adapting it to Singletons means playing as much value cards as possible and getting in as much control and removal spells as possible, then lastly sprinkle our wincons on top of it. So we have the recipe, but how does it hold up against the playing field? There...

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