Arena Standard

30 Sep by Riffler

This is essentially a combo deck, but all the combo pieces are pretty playable outside the context of the combo. In addition, they are all Adventures where both sides of the card are decent, representing inherent card advantage - we're playing almost all our cards at least twice. The core of the dec...

The Expendables
Arena Standard

30 Sep by KagelVlusha

Our plan is to use The Elderspell to destroy two of our own planeswalkers in order to add 4 loyalty counters to Domri, Chaos Bringer and get his emblem immediately. Then we use Brought Back or Kaya's Ghostform to get our other planeswalkers back, and get extra activations from them. If we have a Tam...

Cat Food?
Arena Standard

30 Sep by ForceofWill

This deck revolves around sacrificing creatures; mainly Cauldron Familiar// And creating Food tokens to bring the cat back to the board as often as possible and ping your opponent to begin generating value. Cauldron Familiar            &nbs...

Henge of Eternity
Arena Standard

29 Sep by Narod

CHANGELOG: 9/30 - Made small tweaks to manabase for early game consistency, tweaked removal and removed Paradise Druid to focus on putting more impactful cards in the deck.   This deck seeks to blend the best of Golgari Stompy and Dimir Reanimator into a flexible, fun deck that relies on linkin...

Golgari Soup Kitchen
Arena Standard

29 Sep by SIleno

Yo, this is a deck i made to have an excuse to play cauldron familiar and witch's oven. The oven can sacrifice the familiar, which can be brought back with the food token from the oven to start the cycle again, providing a source of damage and a good blocker (since familiar can be sacrificed at inst...

[ELD] Selenya Tokens
Arena Standard

29 Sep by sinpyro

Hello all. I've been meaning to come back around to a Selesnya build because I find Selesnya to just be some really fun colors to play with. This is a token build. It is an update to the rotation-proof build I made before Eldraine came out. Token Makers: 4x Hunted Witness - Makes a 1/1 Lifelinker on...

Grixis SuperFries
Arena Standard

28 Sep by WaifuGate

Main Deck Tech: Utilizes Fires of Invention(Fries) to setup for powerful turns casting two threats per turn, or casting a threat and answering an opposing one. This gets even better with another new addition from Eldraine, Fae of Wishes. We're able to pull unique answers from the sideboard such...

[ELD] Rakdos Sacrifice v1.01
Arena Standard

27 Sep by sinpyro

Pyro here. I've been seeing some variations of Rakdos Sacrifice rolling around and figured I'd take a stab at it myself. It's pretty fun. It combines two of my favorite archetypes (Rakdos Burn and Aristocrats). This is more of a side project for me. I may or may not update the deck, but it runs pret...

Superidiota [ELD]
Arena Standard

27 Sep by SIleno

Yo, this is a stupid deck with the potential to be absolutely foolish, its main theme is "sacrifice and death". This deck aims at dealing damage, healing, and generating card advantage by sacrificing creatures and food tokens. Witch's oven is one of the most important cards, and the infamous combo o...

Grixis Improbable Alliance
Arena Standard

27 Sep by Klemmie

This is my best attempt at an Improbable Alliance deck, it's going to be inherently weak against Shifting Ceratops as most of the answers are in blue, but the sideboard kinda makes up for it with the Heartfire although that's slim at best. Other than that I think this deck can be quite solid with so...

Domri Elementals 2.0
Arena Standard

27 Sep by Gildenmagier

# Intro You thought elementals were dead? Guess what? They are not. Here is Domri Elementals v2.0 Eldraine style. Ever seen an Temur elemental deck? They ramp fast, go wide, and then smash you with a bunch of 1 power elementals. What if I told you that you dont have to wait until you deck yourself b...

Bant Finale BO1 Eldraine v1
Arena Standard

27 Sep by nyxnyxnyxnyx2

Eldraine just came out and my older iteration of the Bant Finale took a pretty big hit, hence this updated, standard legal version. It is a little rushed but I did win 8 out of the 10 games I played in Play Any Deck queue, so I guess it works! (At least against other Eldraine day 1 brews:))   C...

[ELD] Abzan Aristocrats v1.11
Arena Standard

27 Sep by sinpyro

Disclaimer: Deck is still a work in progress. Deck guide will be updated with any changes made. Version History: v1.1 - Attempting to streamline the deck some by cutting out some win-more cards, limiting the amount of distinct cards, and lowering the average CMC. Removed 3x Hunted Witness, 1x Cavali...

ELD Standard: Stormfog
Arena Standard

24 Sep by jsager99

Basically, this deck is a Temur Reclamation varient that relies on Thousand Year Storm and the new card Escape to the Wilds to deal ridiculous amounts of damage in a single turn. You use Growth Spiral to ramp while Root Snare (and Mission Briefing, which can copy a snare in pinch, giving you effecti...

ELD RDW Calamity
Arena Standard

22 Sep by Thurasiz83

So, rotation hits, and all your decks demand tons of rares and mythics ? Hard to get those decks together, aside from spending some serious money. So, why not use a deck using mostly cards that didn't rotate out ? At the beginning of a new set it is also often said, that aggressive decks do better t...

ELD Sultai Feast
Arena Standard

21 Sep by Thurasiz83

Once upon a time, there was a MTGA player looking at the Eldraine Spoilers. He couldn't help but notice how in his favorite colours (greetings to all followers of Vraska), there was a lot of interaction with food stuff. Then said player saw Oko, Thief of Crowns and the decision was made, a delicious...

BO3 Loch dimir
Arena Standard

21 Sep by Lord_Of_Pomegranates

A refined version of my theory crafted deck, now more consistant and with a sideboard. The goal of this deck is to stall the game as much as possible while making your opponent place cards in his grave yard which will enable your 3 most dangerous cards.   Graveyard pay-off Drown in the Loch Van...

2020 - Breaking the Risen Mirror
Arena Standard

20 Sep by Torasu

My last deck featured Ill-Gotten Inheritance, and since then Arena Standard has seen that card alot more! I am happy to announce Mirror March. A very unique card, allowing you to create a possibly unlimited amount of tokens (Legendary Creatures need not apply). Great with creatures such as Pack Mast...

2020 Standard - Acuity Mill
Arena Standard

10 Sep by Zankoku

An adaptation of my current Standard Acuity Mill list, for the new 2020 Standard. Depending on how things shake out, this could be a pretty strong way to deny a lot of aggro and mid-range decks any chance at getting started. General Guide:Due to this deck's inability to ever hold board presence, you...

Mean Green Mono Green
Arena Standard

09 Sep by Risendragon

Good afternoon Magic Malcontents (yeah, let's settle on that!). Last week I posted a Mono Green deck that did well in casual play but was getting absolutely stomped in competitive ranked play. Being the responsible content creator that I am, I updated the deck based on some of the other content crea...

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