Izzet Phoenix (Draw, Burn, Grave)
Arena Standard

21 Oct by SonzeySpace

The Phoenix is not dead, in fact it never really left! Good evening Gamers! The mad lad back again ready to give you an updated look on Izzet Phoenix. This deck is sneaky good right now, adventures provide a new depth to the deck, specifically the red adventure cards. So without further adieu lets r...

[ELD] Saheeli Spells v1.1
Arena Standard

19 Oct by sinpyro

Budget List: You can find a 0 Rare list here that is budget friendly and still pretty decent.  Version History: v1.0 - Deck built. Guide written. v1.1 - Made adjustments to make the deck more streamlined and efficient. Several cards were removed and added. Introduction: Pyro's back wi...

Grixis Draw Two
Arena Standard

18 Oct by Gildenmagier

Intro You like to draw cards? You like to trigger lots of abilities? You like to burn your opponents? Then Ive got the right deck for you. Draw lots of cards, trigger lots of abilities and burn your opponent. No Chandra required!   How the deck works Irencrag Pyromancer Improbable Alliance Stor...

Golgari Soup (Recipe 2)
Arena Standard

16 Oct by kronozord

Golgari Soup (Recipe 2)      Summary This is a refined version of the first Golgari Soup deck, that although was a lot of fun had a lot of problems. Steep mana curve, low card draw, and low creature value plagued that deck, so I’m going to describe the changes that I made to make this...

Tri-Value Burn (Izzet, Burst, Combo)
Arena Standard

14 Oct by SonzeySpace

Yep Gamers,The Mad Lad's gotchu with that double header! If you haven't taken a look at Harmonious Hero and you like U/W Control then check out my profile page! But If you are here than I can only assume you like to point a spell at your opponents face and kill em' so lets kill em' then!The cor...

Esper Hero v2
Arena Standard

14 Oct by Zarun

Foreword I want to preface this by thanking all people who liked my previos attemp at doing a deck write-up on this subject (that is, "budget Esper Hero that require fewer new cards to funcion"). It encouraged me to do this update on that version, which was, admitedly, kinda shaky due to a wonky man...

Harmonious Hero (Azorius, Control)
Arena Standard

14 Oct by SonzeySpace

Good evening gamers! The Mad lad is officially back! And to be completely honest it seems like while I was gone the whole standard community has given up until field of the dead is, well, dead. But fear not because I have returned from the desert ready and eager to bring some good ol' fashioned fun ...

Golgari Soup
Arena Standard

12 Oct by kronozord

This is a true Golgari deck that makes heavy use of the Golgari mechanics like undergrowth and graveyard recursion, and because of that most of the non-land cards are creatures. Its also focused on Best-of-One and against black/blue.  Our ideal opening hand will have a Glowspore Shaman, Golgari...

shared toys
Arena Standard

10 Oct by Tuyangtudai

Deck for WtD ep 10 symmetrie vs nobles the deck plays around with Scheming Symmetry and showcases a few options to use this card and maybe even still be standart viable. here are a the options with Scheming Symmetry: ashiok: basic gameplay have her on field or be able to play her in same turn Castle...

UR (Izzet) Seven Dwarves (Under $30)
Arena Standard

10 Oct by dahero671

The Deck: Ever since the release of Throne of Eldraine. There was a whole bunch of cards that caught might eye. One of those was Seven Dwarves The card states you can have up to 7 copies! But what would happen if we make extra copies of the card? Using cards like Spark Double, Mirror March, and Quas...

Arena Standard

10 Oct by SIleno

Picture this: it's 2:35 AM and I'm alone in my room doing things that my parents wouldn't approve of, the smoke of the devil's cabbage has filled the room, as I am about to call it a night a flash of inspiration hits me, and while I log in MTGA I can already taste the foolishness of what I'm about t...

Fires Ever After
Arena Standard

10 Oct by mtgeezus_

Happily Ever AfterKenrith, the Returned KingFires of Invention   A "5-Color" deck built around winning with Happily Ever After! That's right ladies and gents we aren't looking at reducing our opponents life points to zero but to run away forever with them in this faerytale ending <3 I decide...

Azorius Annoyingus
Arena Standard

09 Oct by Risendragon

Good day Magic Malcontents! It has been a while. Between school ramping up, my daughter's soccer (and my middle school's soccer) team shifting into full gear, dance classes for my kids 2 nights per week, chess commitments, etc., my own devotion to MTG Arena has been spotty at best. I have been getti...

Thirst for Blood
Arena Standard

09 Oct by Torasu

This is a straight forward Vampire leech deck, with a bit of a twist utilizing Epicure of Blood for a 5th turn drop to double the damage. Impassioned Orator used to combine with Epicure of Blood, but I found that (in this deck) it was hindering the curve. Cruel Celebrant, Vindictive Vampire, Epicure...

Budget Gingerbread Beatdown (Under $30)
Arena Standard

06 Oct by dahero671

The Deck: When I saw some of the artifacts and enchantments on Throne of Eldraine a few cards caught my eye. Gingerbrute, All That Glitters, Glass Casket and many more. I was inspired by MTGGoldfish when they threw in some Casual decks. So I took the deck and decided to take it for a spin. This deck...

Drowned Apprentice Mill
Arena Standard

05 Oct by fossar__

This deck has a 67% winrate so far after 36 games in Ranked Bo1 MTG: Arena. The MVP and namesake cards are Drown in the Loch, Overwhelmed Apprentice, and of course, Drowned Secrets. Drown in the Loch Overwhelmed Apprentice Drowned Secrets The usual gameplan is war of attrition them out with a c...

[ELD] Rakdos Sacdos v1.2
Arena Standard

05 Oct by sinpyro

  Version History: v1.0 - Original deck built. Guide written v1.1 - Made some adjustments to try to improve efficiency and mana. I started noticing a lot of land droughts and attempted to remedy that. I was also very choked up on three drops. So I decided to remove Chandra and a Devil. Removed ...

Drown in Tales
Arena Standard

04 Oct by Singoln

  Hello MtG-ers,  I've recently had quite a lot of fun building and testing this deck, thus i decided to share it with you so we can take this archetype a few steps further as a community. Here is a list of my inclusions in UBG and the reasoning behind them:   2x Duress Duress &n...

Boros Beatdown
Arena Standard

01 Oct by hazmattgamez

   I'll admit that all i really want is for Outlaw's Merriment to be a meta-warping card. I doubt it, but I'm willing to die on my hill here to say that it's very, very good until people start running mortify or disenchant or any of the other easy peasy ways to deal with an enchantment tha...

Espero Hero v1
Arena Standard

01 Oct by Zarun

The Deck My attempt to update Esper Midrange (aka Esper Hero) to the new Standard format. Ideal for people that already have most of the cards from past Standard and are on the process of building their Throne of Eldraine collection, since all the new additions are good cards on other decks in the m...

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