The Card of Gods

18 Aug by Jankinator

During spoiler season for War of the Spark, the card that caught my eye above all others was Enter the God-Eternals. Not only was the card insane - dealing damge, gaining life, milling, and getting a body on the ground, all in ONE spell - but the artwork was so gorgeous to me as well. At that more

Arena Standard
Domri Elementals

17 Aug by Gildenmagier

# Intro Ever seen an Temur elemental deck? They ramp fast, go wide, and then smash you with a bunch of 1 power elementals. What if I told you that you dont have to wait until you deck yourself before attacking with a bunch of power 1s, but instead can get all the ramp and combo you want and ALSO more

Chandra's Forgotten Cavalcade

16 Aug by yona-kit

Base Build: Disclaimer: I don't think this deck is any kind of competitive, it is meant to be flavourful and fun in the office and on the kitchen table, yet it can go off quite cruelly. Adding Blood Crypts and Dragon Skull summit would make more

Arena Standard
Thirst for Blood

15 Aug by Torasu

This is a straight forward Vampire leech deck, with a bit of a twist utilizing Epicure of Blood for a 5th turn drop to double the damage. Impassioned Orator used to combine with Epicure of Blood, but I found that (in this deck) it was hindering the curve. Cruel Celebrant, Vindictive Vampire, more

Arena Standard
Red Dead Redecktion

15 Aug by mtgfoilcandy

**still being written** Red Dead Redecktion Hot damn do we have a spicy one here! I have been playing around with this particular brew of RDW the past few weeks. I think I have it tuned as good as I can foresee so far before Throne of Eldraine releases. Let me know what you would smash into the more

Arena Standard
Graveyard Boners [v2 BO1]

14 Aug by MrOrthoclase

Yeah, it's another reanimator deck.  The focus on this one is consistency.  It's done me very well with a winrate of over 60%.  This deck has multiple answers to multiple threats in the current meta and just feasts in BO1.So if you want a fun deck that is extremely consistant, please more

UB Midrange Lantern

14 Aug by Maharrehe

  The Lock Combo Thoughtpicker Witch + Myr Servitor + Myr Servitor      Manipulate opp. topdeck to control their draw flooding them with lands if you dond fizzle, you can pay (1) to sac. another Cr. to Thoughtpicker Witch if you do, ideally with 3rd Myr more

Arena Standard
Sultai Friends

11 Aug by WaifuGate

Deck Tech: Deck focused around Planeswalkers both to gain card advantage and to produce value. It focuses on mainly preying upon vampires and Scapeshift, while having decent matchups vs most creature-based decks.    Sideboard Tech: The sideboard focuses mostly on ensuring games more

Arena Standard
Get F&!?ing Rektdos

11 Aug by Risendragon

Good evening Magic Murder Hobos! Gonna start off by saying how grateful and thankful I am to be a part of this community. It is very supportive and the amount of feedback I have received over the past week has been nothing but phenomenal. I have started recording videos for these decks and while I more

Arena Standard
Amplifire Thud-Punch (Jund)

10 Aug by SonzeySpace

Beware, this deck contains true jank.... Good evening gamers! It is time for the next tier 1 deck, just for you tonight I have an unbeatable deck. I personally guarantee that this deck will take you from iron elo to diamond/mythic/Global-Elite/challenger rank. In my extensive testing I achieved more

Arena Standard
Mono White Bishop

10 Aug by Blakeizen

Blakeizen's Mono White Angels Pretty Angels.  What's up spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the Saturday morning afternoon build for you! There's no video for this one yet, that will be tomorrow. I've moved the video schedule a bit thanks to my career, but you can head over to my YouTube more

Arena Standard
Counter the counters! (Jeskai)

08 Aug by sea-gray666

I WILL SINGLEHANDEDLY DESTROY SIMIC FLASH hey y’all! my least favorite decks in the current meta are Simic Flash and mono blue tempo. They’re flat out boring to play against. I’ve been quiet since the new set came out because I feel I haven’t made a deck worth sharing, but this one looks like it’s more

Arena Standard
Yarok n' Roll

07 Aug by Risendragon

Good morning Magic Minders of Business! Today I bring to you a take on a deck that is starting to take off: Sultai Elementals. Except, we are not running a ton of elementals in this deck, so let's call it Sultai Aggro for now! The main purpose of this deck is to get down some early beefy bois & more

Arena Standard
Standard Storm - Citadel Artifact Combo

07 Aug by TheWanderingBard

This is an updated version of my pet "fun" deck, Citadel Artifact combo. This deck is for Best of 1 only - although I do not believe it would be impossible to play in Best of 3, the strategy is linear enough that it would suffer more from sideboarding than it would gain, and I believe it benefits more

Arena Standard
Stay Hydrated

05 Aug by Buckyrb6

Built this on a whim after all my Hydra homebrews were just getting wrecked by simic flash over and over. Has been a blast to play in Gold so far and ive actually climbed a little bit as its matchup against scapeshift is really good.  Deck has 3 main win conditions, the most fun of which is a more

Devouring Bontu

03 Aug by yona-kit

Disclaimer: I don't think this deck is any kind of competitive, it is meant to be flavourful and fun in the office and on the kitchen table, yet it can go off quite cruelly. Adding Blood Crypts and Dragon Skull summit would make this slightly more competitive, but never forget the fun of more

Worldgorger Marchesa

03 Aug by greySynapse

Combos Combo Kills Restoration Angel/Village Bell-Ringer + Kiki-Jiki Splinter Twin + Village Bell-Ringer/Kiki-Jiki Worldgorger Dragon + Shivan Gorge/Piranha Marsh/Murderous Redcap + Necromancy/Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead Synergies Necropotence + Solitary Confinement | Indefinite Shroud and more

Arena Standard
Kaalia, the Wallet Seeker w/ Writeup

03 Aug by Blakeizen

Blakeizen's Kaalia Midrange Mardu Midrange, but mostly big fat aggro fliers.   What's up spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the Saturday morning build for you! Check out the Deck Tech on YouTube: Kaalia, the Wallet Seeker. The video goes over the card choices and showcases the deck in more

Grixis Anticipation

02 Aug by sirtwitchy

Hello again AetherHub. Long time, no see! This is Grixis Flash, a control-style deck built around disrupting the opponent's hand to prevent them from making plays that could impact the board to our detriment. In other words: look at their cards. Take their threats. Profit. Leyline of Anticipation more

Arena Standard
All In Elementals

02 Aug by DoctorZoom

Risen Reef is much too good. With this deck I'm trying to maximize reef activations with Quasiduplicate and Thunderkin Awakener. I'm not playing some of the individually strong cards like Nissa, Hydroid Krasis, or Cavalier of Thorns that usually show up in Elementals. Instead, this deck goes for a more

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