Zombies are back! In this rotation-proof decklist (Minus Drowned Catacomb) you will find a most terrifying mechanic, no not amass but Hexproof! Yep we will be amass-ing a horde of untouchable zombies, on top of that the menacing creatures can also learn to fly!! The goal of this deck is simple, amas..Read more
This is my first writeup for a deck that I created. Any constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated. This is not a finished deck and mostly thrown together with cards that I have. However, it's performed so well in the few games I played that I felt it needed some other players to look at it ..Read more
8 days ago
This deck uses powerful (blue-)black removal spells to stall until lategame, where it starts looping spells and wins off infinite card advantage. Early-Game Removals Disfigure Legion's End Thought Erasure Both Disfigure and Moment of Craving kill Adanto Vanguard, a single creature in the format I ha..Read more
First thing we should cover is that this deck is not going to win a lot.  However the stars may align and one day it may actually win a game for you, it did for me.  I found that the most effective way to use this deck is to throw Etrata, the Silencer into the grave then use Lazav, the Mul..Read more
I have a deck that is only for true degenerates (I myself started as a modern Jeskai control player so trust me, I know). Yes it is a truly cancerous UW deck that promises to remove your opponent from the game entirely. I created it during the Teferi-pocalypse as proof that Teferi, Hero of Dominaria..Read more
This is a purely jank fueled deck that goes infinite in UG. Even with the jank Pro-Life can still hold up because of the strong interactions with the proliferate mechanic and creatures like Chamber Sentry, Ugin's Conjurant, and Voracious Hydra. The core mechanic that drives the deck is proliferate w..Read more
Gruul is pretty strong right now but this deck's soul is based in playing my favorite type of creatures, DINOSAURS! which is why Gruul staples like Rekindling Phoenix are excluded. That being said lets get into the juicy juicy goodness of this deck... At the core of the deck sits the new dino on the..Read more
This deck is superdope ,with Huge comeback factor. Around 50-60 games so far and still optimizing. The Main objective is to create zombies, a lot of zombies with Field of the Dead, sac lands with Scapeshift to refill the board.My SD so far goes something like this: Monored-aggro IN  1 Graf..Read more
9 days ago
If it weren't for the temples, you could almost call this swamp tribal. Dread Presence This is the central card of the deck. Ideally, we can drop enough swamps on the board to drain the opponent's life for the victory. Many of our cards have neat interaction with Dread Presence. Yarok, the desecrate..Read more
Blakeizen's Elemental Aggro The boys are back in town  Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! Check out the game play on YouTube- Chandra and the Boys. The video showcases the deck in action with some game play commentary for those interested in..Read more
10 days ago
Participated in Core 2020 Pre-release on 7/5 at 9pm PST. This is the 40 cards I stuck with in my limited deck for the night, pulling a decent ration of 2 - 1. I went with a elemental build with a some utility all around, general removal and plenty of card draw. Every game, I plowed through my deck t..Read more
10 days ago
A very fun to play variant on Nexus of Fate. Using some elemental synergy with Risen Reef as our prime source of ramp in place of Wilderness Reclamation, we are much less vulnerable to Teferi, Time Raveler. Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is the all-star of this deck, getting her down early to self-mill ..Read more
What's new since yesterday's build (only a couple of tweaks, but they've made a big impact):  Main Deck +2 Season of Growth This card is OP in this deck. It's absolutely insane how much value you generate. Feather already wanted you to cast cantrips on your creatures, this card generously re..Read more
The main goal of this deck is having creatures come in and immediately swing in for huge damage or huge card advantage Cool thing about this deck compared to some other Naya Feather Brews I've seen is the additional consistent scrying through Burning Prophet + Samut's Sprint in addition to Shelteri..Read more
12 days ago
This is a budget deck, based on cards I own rather than optimal picks. Areas this deck can be improved upon will be noted below.   The Chandras Chandra, Awakened Inferno Chandra, Novice Pyromancer Chandra, Acolyte of Flame Chandra, Fire Artisan The three Chandra cards in this set have remarkabl..Read more
12 days ago
Concept Ramp, Draw, Survive, Omniscience, Draw some more. Combos Llanowar Elves, Paradise Druid, and Gift of Paradise are the main permanents used for Flood of Tears. Flood of Tears is used to potential pull Omniscience out before turn 10. In a perfect world you could get Omniscience dropped a..Read more
      STANDARD ROCK Magic 2020 Edition   Nightpack Ambusher     This standard list of the Rock functions as a control-oriented midrange build. We attempt to have answers for everything, and can play either aggressively or defensively utilizing the tools available to Gre..Read more
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.   Core Set 20 is right around the corner, and with that the time for building decks has come. The first thing i wanted to work on this time is an elemental tribal deck, using Nissa to turn lands into elementals. It most likely won't be anywher..Read more
16 days ago
The deck is built around two key cards: Vilis, Broker of Blood and Blood for Bones The main goal of the decks is to reanimate Vilis, Broker of Blood. The rest of the creatures fuel the graveyard to find Vilis, Broker of Blood. But they can also play defense or start chipping in damage. The deck need..Read more
Blakeizen's Goblin Calamity Ask someone else. I have no interest in anything but Goblins. Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! Check out the game play on YouTube- Blakeizen's Goblin Calamity. The video showcases the deck in action, with some game play c..Read more
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