Personally, I'm tired of seeing explore being used as a filler engine in everything, but I do still appreciate the Explore mechanic as a standalone. Basically Bolas's Citadel is your ultimate win condition. Wildgrowth Walker is a powerful card that can win games against Mono Red burn, along with the..Read more
Good evening Magic Meat Popsicles! Like my Fifth Element reference there? You know you do! Anyways, War of the Spark has been just an amazing set to work with so far. I have been very pleased with the amount of creativity going into decks revolving around all the Planeswalkers and all the bombs..Read more
15 days ago
This deck utilizes Unmoored Ego as it's sole win condition.  unmoored ego If you love this card then read on :)   The TLDR of the game plan is trying to stabilize by controlling the board long enough to start eliminating the oponnents biggest threats with Unmoored Ego eventually leading to..Read more
15 days ago
Overview: This is an Aristocrats deck with the idea of sacrificing as many creatures as possible with Cruel Celebrant on the battlefield to kill our opponent. Our two sacrifice outlets are Priest of Forgotten Gods and Bolas's Citadel. Creatures to sacrifice: These creatures will be primarily sa..Read more
Deckbuilding Guide: Prismatic Format – 250 card Singleton By AlifromCairo Let us establish the format rules.  250 card singleton deck, with at least 20 cards of each color.  Multicolored cards count toward each of the cards colors.  For example, Knight of Autumn counts as a Green card..Read more
        STANDARD ROCK SPARK EDITION This standard list of the Rock functions as a control-oriented midrange build. We attempt to have answers for everything, and can play either aggressively or defensively utilizing the tools available to Green and/or Black. Even before side-boar..Read more
War of the Spark has arrived and brought with it massive amounts of support for midrange strategies more than any other archetype. Between the gods, the finale spells and the massive influx of new planeswalkers the amount of midrange support and payoffs has reached new heights and Selesnya has recei..Read more
I decided on a new "Feather, the Redeemed" approach. This brew does not pump creatures with shitty spells that generate draw like in Boros. This brew simply uses the best target creature spells money can buy from gruul. So we ended up somewhere in Naya. Even if the opponent kills all 4 copies of Fea..Read more
TL;DR -          Arcades, the Strategist and High Alert are our win conditions. -          Play Defender creatures on curve. -          Use Incubation and Opt to search for win conditio..Read more
19 days ago
Trying to build something serious on my own, getting some ideas from here and there, so I might not applying them in the best way (appreciate any hints!) Basically, the deck is built around Ral, Izzet Viceroy and Niv-Mizzet, Parun. As these can show up and start working around drop 6-7 minimum we ne..Read more
Introduction: Hey everyone. Pyro here with another deck guide. I've always been a big fan of Wizards as a tribal (I thank Merchant for that). I liked playing around with Izzet Wizards and even flirted with Jeskai Wizards before WAR hit. Now I'm back to the good old Izzet list and it received some go..Read more
This is a variation on Bolas's Citadel Decks that I made after watching the Nox and MTGJeff Youtube videos on their versions of Bolas's Citadel Decks.  Loved the way The Wanderer lets you max out Command the Dreadhorde, so I wanted to keep it in Abzan instead of Golgari.  I haven't had man..Read more
Mill has been one of my favorite archetypes for a long long time. However, i never really saw a fairly competitive deck and noticed that most consider it a weak strategy. Well, i decided that i would push my own version through ranked to see how it stacked up. My previous attempts in Arena were serv..Read more
21 days ago
This deck is basically the old popular Esper control deck, but updated to mill the opponent. I was never very satisfied with the classic esper control, because of the narrow winning condition, so I updated it and i've been testing it, so far getting a bit over 50% win rate and doing better in Bo1, w..Read more
Good evening Magic Mavericks! War of the Spark has been out almost a week now and I have been having so much fun playing with these new toys. Just a great set, everyone said it would be OP and some of it is but I have not really walked away from many games feeling cheated (by a turn three kill) or u..Read more
Finale of Devistation make cardcombo's within decks alot more reliable, you basically fetch what you need asap to give you impact. The card is like Magic Mike from TellSell, if you have it in your hand then it is simply amazing! Earlygame Krenko's Snowball if not in starting hand Finale of Devastati..Read more
21 days ago
This is a pet deck of mine that I keep trying to tweak. I feel like it's really close, or I'm not playing the lines properly, so I'd love to get some feedback or ideas from others. The list works by getting as much value for your spells as possible without the card draw of going Izzet. You play pump..Read more
This deck is a work in progress. The guide and deck will be updated as changes are made.  Version History: v1.0 -- Deck created. Deck guide written. Credited Noxious for the inspiration. v1.1 -- Removed 1x Poison-Tip Archer, 1x Deathsprout, 2x Oath of Kaya, 1x Hero of Precinct One, 1x Hunted Wi..Read more
Its back. The original mono-red Arclight Phoenix Abuse. Flashy, fast, and powerful.  The newly released War of the Spark added just what this deck needed to allow it to play like the Modern Format variants. This is thanks to some new red discard options through Honor the God-Pharaoh a..Read more
EDIT: since the meta is heavily focused around planeswalkers the deck got some modifications to better deal with them. Mainly moving wizard's retort to the sideboard and replacing it with thought erasure, this is done because teferi, time raveler hard counters countermagic. All copies of dispersal w..Read more
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