Arena Standard
Orzhov Aristocrats 2020

23 Sep by sinpyro

Disclaimer: Eldraine is right around the corner. We've got more cards coming. I will be updating this accordingly once I've had the opportunity to look at Eldraine cards. Hey everyone. Pyro here. Most of y'all know I am a big fan of aristocrats. My Abzan deck is still by far my favorite more

Arena Standard
eldraine loch-dimir

21 Sep by Lord_Of_Pomegranates

A theory crafted deck for the upcoming set, throne of eldraine.  The goal of this deck is to stall the game as much as possible while making your opponent place cards in his grave yard which will enable your 3 most dangerous cards.   Graveyard pay-off Drown in the Loch Vantress Gargoyle more

Arena Standard
2020 - Breaking the Risen Mirror

20 Sep by Torasu

My last deck featured Ill-Gotten Inheritance, and since then Arena Standard has seen that card alot more! I am happy to announce Mirror March. A very unique card, allowing you to create a possibly unlimited amount of tokens (Legendary Creatures need not apply). Great with creatures such as Pack more

Grixis Amass (Budget/Rotation Proof)

15 Sep by Canberg

This is my attempt at a focused, effective amass deck that doesn't have to have all of its lands come in tapped just to be able to play Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God. :) The landbase can be upgraded with shocks (Watery Grave; Blood Crypt) and a couple scry lands (Temple of Epiphany) as necessary. - My more

Hermit Druid WILL win or you will lose:]

15 Sep by meyoumaster

  1 Imperial Seal1 Vampiric Tutor1 Worldly Tutor1 Mystical Tutor1 Enlightened Tutor1 Entomb1 Brainstorm1 Preordain1 Ponder1 Demonic Tutor1 Survival of the Fittest1 Sylvan Library1 Eladamri's Call1 Quiet Speculation1 Muddle the Mixture1 Shred Memory1 See Beyond1 Intuition1 Buried Alive more

$100 Budget Blue Moon

10 Sep by Noneya

I consider myself a pioneer of this archetype, and decided to take it upon myself to build this deck down to the barebones to get players newer to modern a starting point to build upon.1) The very most important thing you could to to first improve this deck would be to acquire 4 snapcaster mages, more

Arena Standard
2020 bo1 Standard - Acuity Mill

10 Sep by Zankoku

An adaptation of my current Standard Acuity Mill list, adapted for the 2020 Standard MTGA event going on right now. A few bad matchups are gone, but others are more prevalent than ever. General Guide:Due to this deck's inability to ever hold board presence, you absolutely cannot afford to keep more

Arena Standard
Mean Green Mono Green

09 Sep by Risendragon

Good afternoon Magic Malcontents (yeah, let's settle on that!). Last week I posted a Mono Green deck that did well in casual play but was getting absolutely stomped in competitive ranked play. Being the responsible content creator that I am, I updated the deck based on some of the other content more

UB Reanimator Write-Up + Sideboard Guide

28 Aug by MTG_Arena_META

This deck is by no means the best deck in Standard, nor will it profit you a lot in Constructed. However this deck is very fun to play, and I believe people should be aware of this deck. The decks main goal is to mill Agent of Treachery and/or Scholar of the Ages and then bring them out for a low more

Arena Standard
Izzet Phoenix (PR)

25 Aug by Risendragon

Good morrow Magic Magpies! Risendragon here with my take on a rotation-proof (RP) Izzet Phoenix build. Those that have followed me and my deck building know that I love to experiment and brew and this is one brew that I feel has potential in a post-Ixalan/Dominaria rotation. This archetype has made more

The Jankiest of Jank

25 Aug by meyoumaster

This is a deck featuring every EDH-legal alternative-win card, with the exception of Felidar Sovereign, as Test of Endurance is a more fun version of the dumb cat. This is pure jank, with a convulted process needed for some cards. Below are the notable combos.Isochron Scepter imprinted with more

Arena Standard
Grixis Amass Control M20

24 Aug by Blakeizen

Blakeizen's Grixis Amass Control coming back to my baby for M20 standard. What's up spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the Saturday morning build for you! Sorry, we took a week off. Check out the Deck Tech on YouTube: Grixis Amass Control. The video goes over the card choices and showcases the deck more

Arena Standard
Elemental Wizard OTK

23 Aug by nyxnyxnyxnyx2

This deck is a variation of an existing Naru Meha combo, hopefully an improvement   Core Combo: This deck can achieve OTK with a number of combos, listed here 1. 3-drop and Samut, Tyrant Smasher on board, 4 open mana, Neoform and Expansion in hand: the traditional way of doing it - enable full more

Arena Standard
Kefnet's Dream

22 Aug by H1dd3nB0ss

Now running 24 lands (from 23) with 2x Zhalfirin Void - nice synergy with Kefnet and gets us access to some scry lands. Also 2x Vraska Contempt (was 3x)   Instants/Sorceries (28) Draw/Filtering 4 Opt - Important for smoothing out opening draws and finding land early, a good copy target for more

Arena Standard
Ajani's Angels

21 Aug by Culinator

Ok, largely straight forward. Ajani healing set with a White Angel healing set. The cards in here you might not see in most decks are Bishop of Wings, Angel of Vitality, Dawn of Hope, Healing Grace and Field of Ruin. I love going heavier on the Angels as another way to get out of hand. A second more

Jeskai Walkers Write-Up +Sideboard Guide

19 Aug by MTG_Arena_META

Jeskai Walkers is a tough deck to play. The decisions you make between planeswalkers plays are crutial and you cannot make all the right decisions after every turn. However just like any control deck, if you make it to the late game, you have set yourself up for success from your later draws. My more

Arena Standard
[M20]Wolfcane Adaptation Jank

19 Aug by sinpyro

This is a just for fun jank deck. I wouldn't recommend crafting for this deck if you are on a budget. One of the more fun decks I came across was a Bant Wolf "Tribal" deck created by Dr. Spilikin. This was right before M20 was released and we knew we were getting more wolves. The idea is to use more

Sultai Dredge b02 Comment and try!

19 Aug by TheRuggedWizard

Hello!     I've been working on this Sultai List for a week straight , bouncing off different ideas done in the past, different ways to play this as an aggro shell with Thoughtbound Phantasm and Dimir Spybug, but in the end I went with the control shell using dimir as the dominant colors. more

Arena Standard
[M20]Selesnya Woof Woof v1.1

18 Aug by sinpyro

Version History: v1.0 - Deck built. Guide written. v1.1 - Put in the "Maybeboard" option and guide for a Wolf Meme with Arcane Adaptation. Credited Dr. Spilikin for the idea. Introduction: So as soon as the M20 cards were getting spoiled, I knew I wanted to make a wolf tribal deck. War of the Spark more

Arena Standard
Jeskai and Taxes

18 Aug by SonzeySpace

Good afternoon gamers! Today I have something a little different to give you gals/guys. You see normally I do not like to tackle the metagame because I prefer fun over the monotonous grind of using cookie cutter net decks. For me the fun in magic comes from unlocking unique mechanics and more

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