Jeskai Superfriends seems to be well-positioned for the current meta with the release of Chandra, Awakened Inferno as an uncounterable top-end threat. I can't say too much more than "seems to be well-positioned," as I've only piloted it from Gold to Diamond thus far, but I've been able to consistent..Read more
Overview You want to run an aggressive early game, but your real meat and potatoes comes turn 3 with either a Rotting Regisaur or a large Embodiment of Agonies off the back of a Stitcher's Supplier. From this point your goal is to fill your grave and recur creatures with Blood for Bones, Revival, an..Read more
There is nothing like a good ol' fashioned wizards aggro deck and today I've got a fun one. This deck sets up a few wizards in the first couple of turns then, using combat tricks, hits really hard on turn 4 or 5 to win the game. The core card in the deck is of course Beamsplitter Mage. Getting doubl..Read more
Deck Tech: Super Friends list that utlizies Tamiyo, Collector of Tales and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries for "Self-Mill". It's not a turbo-mill list, but instead you gradually use resources and Tamiyo, Collector of Tales's +1 to slowly mill yourself while answering opponent's threats. The sideboar..Read more
In the second deck requested by Chris we have a juicy, juicy, callback to a modern deck that featured Slippery Bogle. This deck, just like Bogles, features a low cost hexproof creature that you buff up into a huge threat. The deck is high risk and high reward, it can absolutely roll over your o..Read more
Cavalier's Creatures is the first of two decks inspired my friend Chris, he wanted a Jund deck in standard so I went a step further and made it a creature only Jund deck that will last through rotation! The first thing you'll see in the deck is that all three cavaliers are featured. Then you might n..Read more
2 days ago
I haven't fully fleshed out this deck, yet, but it's performed pretty well in the "Competitive Metagame Challenge" so far and decently on ladder. Granted, this deck has fallen flat against several off-meta decks, but done well against the standard teir 1 lists. It's basically an "upgraded" version o..Read more
Blakeizen's Yarok Dreadhorde Here, from the Upside Down Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! Check out the game play on YouTube- Throw Up Yarok Fist. The video showcases the deck in action with some game play commentary for those interested in picking i..Read more
Deck Tech:  Super Friends list that utlizies Sarkhan and cheap planeswalkers to push for a fast win. These colors provide a variety of answers to just about any threat. Our sideboard options are also quite stellar for the current meta.    Sideboard Tech:   Nexus of Fate (Non-Elem..Read more
3 days ago
The deck works just like any other U/W Flyers deck with Sephara - winning by getting her on the battlefield protected by Siren Stormtamer or rushing them down with Rally of Wings, Favorable Winds, etc. However unlike most other lists I've seen online this one took some ideas of Mono Blue to make it ..Read more
Good evening Magic Muppets! Second night in a row and I get to post a deck that I have seen a lot of videos on lately, namely from AliasV and AlwaysBoltTheBird: Azorius Flyers. Except I am renaming it Azorius Airforce and my tweak has some interesting additions as well as some typical flyers on..Read more
Mildly modified from my r/spikes post. ***Mainboard*** **1 Duress** I have found that the majority of decks running around right now are playing powerful non-creature spells, some of which can't be countered. There is a real advantage in being able to remove a Thought Erasure from an opposing contro..Read more
Ah, control. The most noble of archetypes. The gentleman's choice. But it can sometimes be a bit tedious to play. All these intricacies and decisions against opponents who are clearly well below your own refined taste. What if you could just burn them with an everlasting fire? Just obliterate e..Read more
Ah good evening Magic Mudslingers! It has been a while for sure, with school ending and a trip to visit family in Texas, things have been insanely busy in my house and thus, not a lot of time for MTG Arena. That and my laptop has decided that running Arena is not a priority and frequently crashes it..Read more
Mill Gates: A way to lose friends, don't have fun, s*it on everything board games stand for, but keep winning if you have enough time on your hands. Simple, you have Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, you have Guild Summit, removal for days against creatures, and a sideboard potent enough to deal with ench..Read more
Trying my hand at Jeskai Spirits. Started by wanting to play the Mythic Legendary Creature Kykar, Wind's Fury and also the amazing blue one drop Spectral Sailor quite possibly the best one drop from Magic Core Set 2020. Then I started adding pump spells such as Supreme Phantom at the two drop spot a..Read more
This is a variant of the recent Aristocrats build with some tuning and M20 updates. I am still tinkering with the new set to see where new cards can fit in and how to strategize against some of the most common decks on the ladder (looking at you, elementals), but the deck is a blast to play and has ..Read more
5 days ago
Hello everyone and welcome to my take on the current Scapeshift trend in standard!   This deck started as an improvement of an older jank deck based around Tatyova, Benthic druid and Scapeshift. With Core set 2020 out, it's time to brew again and take Scapeshift out of the binder! Scapeshift is..Read more
5 days ago
Hero's Blade onto everything you possible can that is able to attack since *most* of the creatures are legendary your going to want to summon a legendary on 2nd main phase everyturn so its setup for the next turn.  Rally for 3 should give you back almost every sigle creature from your graveyard..Read more
A janky Rakdos Aggro/Aristocrat type deck, the difference with this list is that its all about dealing damage to the opponents creatures to buff Kazarov, Sengir Pureblood or to kill off using Vraska's Finisher . The idea came to me from the reprint coming to Core2020 Heart-Piercer Bow , as you can p..Read more
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