Team Aether Streaming Team

Our team consists of Magic The Gathering Streamers from all over the world. They are not only part of a team, but also a big MTG community that welcomes everyone. We work together with Opera Event which supports the members with Quest Mode to leverage with Micro Sponsors and give their viewers a fun interactive option to support them.

Join Team Aether

Twitch Affiliates and Partners can join our Stream Team enabling them to:

  • Connect with Sponsors for free donations and subs
  • Be featured as a Sponsored stream on Aetherhub
  • Get access to The Aetherhub Content Creator status


Check out the members of the streaming team.

About Team Aether

Read more about what Team Aether is about.

Join the Community

Our discord channel is open for everyone and enables you to connect with the community. Connect with your favorite streamers or chill out in our community.