We never Lose, we only Improve.

We never Punt, we only Learn.

We Grow Together.

We Surpass ourselves.

To be part of Team Aether is to have the mindset of someone who does not believe in defeat, losses are nothing but experience. The one who makes no mistakes, makes nothing at all. Our only goal is to surpass ourselves and to grow together as a community. We know that our paths are different but what matters the most is the journey. Team Aether is more than a group, it is a mindset, and a way of living. We are all Magic: The Gathering players, Join us today!

Join our Magic Community, as a player, streamer, content creator or a fan, we welcome everyone. Team Aether is Powered by and with one of the largest MTG sites content creators and leverage the platform and connect with new fans. Users can browse thousands of decks created by content creators and consume deck writeups for their favorite archetype, chat with likeminded on Discord or download top tier decklists from the DeckHub.

Aetherhub Sponsoring

By being part of Team Aether you are eligible to be part of Sponsoring system each season. We define a season from the start of a new MTG set and until the next set has been released. During the week between Prerelease and Release you can find the link to the streaming calendar pinned in the #streaming-chat channel in our Discord Server. Find an available spot and post your timezone. We will manually decide who gets sponsorship for the next sesason, posting in an available timeslot does not guarantee sponsorship. We look at multiple parameters for sponsoring, having an established stream and some reach is great as the sponsoring spot takes up our premium video ad space when it runs. We try to prioritize streamers that have not been sponsored last season.

The users on will see the streamer on the front page and in the footer of the website. We want to give each sponsored streamer a window of maximum 4 hours each week. Disclosing that the stream is sponsored is very important, not only is this important for us, it is also a law by the FTC – Federal Trade Commission. Sponsored streamers are given an advantage over other streamers by being embedded on and disclosing this in a clear and unambiguous way is very important. You will therefore be required to include the text “Sponsored by” in your stream title. We have made a very simple function that will take your stream title and look for that exact phrase, it will not embed your stream if this requirement is not met. You can have the text phrase anywhere in the title and it is not case sensitive, but don’t misspell it. If you forget to add it in the title, the function will recheck every 10 minutes and start as soon as you have added it. Also note that the system will only trigger if you stream Magic: The Gathering.

Streamer tools

Our streamer tools are available for everyone ! You do not have to be part of Team Aether to use our Twitch Extensions, graphic assets, or bot commands.

Join Team Aether

Twitch Affiliates and Partners can join our Stream Team enabling them to:

  • Connect with Sponsors for free donations and subs
  • Be featured as a Sponsored stream on Aetherhub
  • Get access to The Aetherhub Content Creator status


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