• Create decks
  • Add Favorite decks
  • DeckHub Twitch Extension
  • Save favorite Decks
  • Run Tournnaments and Leagues
  • Access to all search functions, apps and tools on AetherHub
  • Inventory and Collection system(Coming)

All base functionality on AetherHub free to use for everyone.


Content Creator
  • Public Profile: Preview thumbnail of videos from your Youtube Channel
  • Public Profile: Preview thumbnail of your Twitch Channel
  • Public Profile: in front of name
  • in front of name in the Deck Hub
  • Ability to include Youtube videos in your decks
  • Frontpage exposure when updating your Public decks
  • Deck Writeups from content creators are more likely to be featured

As a content creator you get more exposure of your content, whether you make youtube videos, stream on Twitch or enjoy making deck techs.

Not publicly available yet

Premium User
  • All benefits of Content Creator Level
  • Unlimited Private Decks
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Ability to see who liked/disliked your decks

Premium Users get the full range of functions on AetherHub available to them.

Not available yet