How to use

Quest Mode enables you to let your viewers earn free gift subscriptions, monetary contributions and fun perks for the streamer. This is done by earning sub and questpoints through doing different quests, which can range from installing or playing games, trying out software or other tasks sponsors make available. This is a introduction to how you get started with as a streamer. To get access you first need to be part of Team Aether by applying here.

After getting access, let us take a look on the dashboard in Quest Mode. The "Viewer Quests" gives you an overview of the Quests Sponsors offer, here you can toggle which ones you want to show to your viewers. We recommend keeping all of them on as different quests are available for users depending on their geographic location.

Viewer Quests
You and your viewers can complete Quests for rewards.

By clicking on one of the sponsorships you can see the details of each of them, they are separated into sub goals that each provide their own reward in regards to how difficult they are to complete. Be aware that a user that if a user has already finished these quests beforehand it will not count towards these. It is only for new installs. Below is an example from for the game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Game example
Quest Chain from A New Empire

Points and rewards

The icons shown are the three different reward payouts available on each of the Sponsorships. They are monetary, Sub-points and Quest-points

From the left: Money reward, Sub-points and Quest-points

The Sub-points earned by you or your viewers can only be spent on your channel, which means that viewers you have invited to Quest Mode are bound to your channel. They can gift subs to other users or gift the sub points to you the streamer directly so that you can gift it to people in your channel. Quest-points are more for the entertainment of viewers while monetary rewards go directly to the streamer. You use the Sub-points to purchase free subs, below is an example of how many points is required for each tier.

Accumulate Sub-points to be able to give away subscriptions to viewers.

Invite users to your Quest Mode page

The link to your Quest Mode Fan page can be found in the left sidemenu and is called "New Fan Layout", you can also click this yourself and do quests to earn points. The url will look something like this: The Users Dashboard looks like this:

Fan Dashboard
The users can see a list of quests available they can perform to support your stream.
Fan Dashboard
The Market is where they can convert points to rewards.

It is important that your users sees this link and you talk about this as a way to support your stream. The best way to make it known is to use a bot in your chat that announces the link once every 15 minutes or so. You can also provide a Quest mode Panel link but it is important to announce what it is for so users are aware of it, this is easier with a short bot notification every now and then. Another thing you should do is add alerts in your streaming software so users can see when other users perform things in Quest Mode. To do this you need to add a browser source. You can find this under "Alert/CLR Browser" in the dashboard

Use Alerts on your stream so viewers can see whats going on behind the scenes.

Use Boss Battles as an extra incentive

Boss battles is a fun way for viewers to interact with the stream and a way for them to use their Quest points. The concept is that one user is displayed as the Stream boss until he loses all his Hit Points, viewers do damage to the boss by using Quest Points. If you do not use Boss Battles, the Quest points are mostly used for Raffle tickets. Boss battles is a separate page from Quest Mode and can be found at

To add the boss image to your stream you need to include a browser source just like the alerts on the page. This can be found under "Launcher" in the side menu.

Boss Battles
Copy the Stream Source from the Launcher into your stream
Boss Battles Browser Source
Then add a browser Source to display the current boss of the stream

With this you should be ready to start your own quest together with your viewers. Opera Event is actively working with Sponsors to add new quests and perks for you and your viewers so be sure to keep up with new stuff they publish. If you need any help, you can talk to them directly in the Quest Mode Discord Server.