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Midrange Control

Welcome to my [[Zagoth Triome]] the deck. Well, Sultai Control, more aptly named. 

There's a LOT of Four Color Omnath running around, and I mean, a lot. Now that he has grown an extra arm, [[Omnath, Locus of Creation]] is everywhere and it makes sense, he's pure value with a [[Lotus Cobra]] or two on the field. He just helps play an entire deck sometimes on turn 3 or 4 in Standar, which is pretty brutal for everyone else. Because of this, I decided I wanted to stop that, and the best way was to also abuse [[Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath]].


When looking over the spoilers for Zendikar Rising, I couldn't believe how powerful the MDFC cards appeared to be, and they are on show here. From [[Jwari Disruption]] stopping a perfect 4c Omnath hand on turn 3 to [[Hagra Mauling]] not being a wasted land draw late game to take out a troublesome creature, honestly probably an Omnath or [[Terror of the Peaks]], these cards just seem, busted. These cards are NEVER dead draws and they make decks just way, consistent. Good early game drops when you have nothing going on and great late game to use as spells, they are wild. Our MDFC cards being used are the two already mentioned for their mentioned reasons, as well as [[Bala Ged Recovery]] being used as an early game green source or fishing a card out of our bin that we dont' want there, such as our one of [[Ugin, the Spirit Dragon]] or anything else we might want.  These land/spells are just, something else entirely in powerlevel.

Other notable instand and scorcery spells include [[Bloodchief's Thirst]], which is probably the best new removal spell we've had since [[Fatal Push]]. It's super powerful early game for picking off small engine creatures such as mana dorks or aggro pieces, and can be kicked later on for fantastic effect against other enemy creatures and planeswalkers. [[Heartless Act]] gets a three of as it doesn't have early game mana limitations on it's creature mana costs and can deal with other creatures that benefit from the counters on them. Next we have our counter sweep, which does include Jwari, technically. [[Mystical Dispute]] is ever so important currently. Rogues is a popular archtype and it helps there as well as against the ever present 4c omnath decks. It hits 2 of that decks major pieces, Omnath itself as well as [[Genesis Ultimatum]] which is a large part of their engine. [[Neutralize]] hits anything and can be cycled in a pinch or early if need be. We do have our sweeper [[Extinction Event]], which is great against pesky tokens created by, you guess it, 4c Omnath, and can even deal with rogues, mono black, mono red aggro, or just a wide field of tokens. 

Creatures, we have a few. [[Scavenging Ooze]] is our primary form of graveyard interaction and makes a decent blocker on field. Though, Uro, helps our deck go. Extra card draw, life gain, land plays are super important in our mana hungry and dense deck. He lets us draw through those lands and get them on field early for advantage later down the field. 

Planeswalkers, what kind of control deck is complete without them? None. We have [[Garruk, Cursed Huntsman]] who in a pinch can destroy a target creature, create 2/2 blockers, and then buff his own tokens later with his ult. Great for mid game as we start to stabalize the board and then just being to create a huge board presence that can't be dealt with. We also have [[Ashiok, Nightmare Muse]] who can bounce an enemy permanent and force them to discard. The tokens create by Ashiok are also fantastic. 2/3 blockers that exile cards for us to cast with Ashiok for free later down the road. Another great utility planeswalker that helps create a board presence and create huge card advantage when we get to ult with them. Finally, we do have our one of Ugin. Just a win more essentially. Universal sweeper, and pretty much, an instant conceed from our opponent. If ever Ugin is milled over or discarded or countered, we can use our Bala Ged to return it to our hand for the next turn.

Finally, a little spicy tech. [[Lithoform Engine]] is as big a momentum changer as they come. This card is bonkers. It copies spells for just 3 mana, allowing you to wipe the board of all comverted mana costs, double create tokens for both Garruk and Ashiok, double kill/bounce, double bolt with Ugin. Though, nothing is more pleasing thant doubling Ugin's Ult. It's just, so beautiful. This card, in a deck that gets a lot of mana like ours, is pretty borken, especially considering there is little to no artifact removal being ran. This coppies the Uro ETB, as well. Potentially letting us gain 6 life, draw 2 cards, and play two extra lands on our turn, for just 2 mana. And then, repeatable every time he attacks. Copy kill spells as needed, counter spells, why not, copy Bala Ged to get more cards. Hell, you can copy [[Fabled Passage]] triggers for 2 lands. 

Lands, it's a Sulta deck. We have a few basics of forests, islands, and swamps. [[Zagoth Triome]] is a 4 of as it's important to get our colors early game and can be cycled later on if needed. Four [[Clearwater Pathway]] as the back is the black producing [[Murkwater Pathway]]. These 'dual lands' are fantastic, by the way. We have a single [[Temple of Malady]] for draw smoothing, which I've also never been as little dissapointed with a deck as I have with this when one I've drawn it. It's always good it seems. Finally, 4 [[Fabled Passage]] to help get the colors we need and reduce overall lands in our deck.


The sideboard helps us shift our decks focus for games 2 and 3. In games where we know we are going to be facing a ton of creatures from [[Felidar Retreat]] or [[Scute Swarm]], we have three [[Massacre Wurm]]. They make a field and we resolve this, hell, we can also copy it's effect or the creature itself, and we are most likely winning. We have one more [[Scavenging Ooze]] for tempo decks that can help us gain life and be a good low to teh ground blocker with value.

Other than these 4 creatures, we are just a slew of specific answers. [[Essence Scatter]] comes in against Gruul Landfall or 4c Omnath to help deal with their creatures before they hit the board. [[Negate]] is useful against 4c Omnath, Rogues once in a while, or any other sort of combo deck. [[Agonizing Remorse]] is useful in most situation where you want hand disruption or to attack their graveyard. [[Feed teh Swarm]] is more decent removal and also helps with enchantments we normally couldn't. 


Overall, I think this deck is really, really good. While it does take advantage of how broken Uro is currently, it only makes sense as it draws, ramps, , gains life, and is a 6/6 later on down the road. With our anti creature tech, we are well suited against aggro and the main deck disruption, we can even deal with 4c Omnath super effeciently while still consistently making our own board presense thanks to Garruk and Ashiok mid to late game. As of writing this, since the launch of Zendikar Rising, I've lost just 2 Bo1 matches with a slightly altered Bo1 list and just once to a 4c Omnath deck thanks to a perfect hand on their part with Terror of the Peaks and Scute Swarm. It's not infallible as a deck, it can struggle, but I don't think I've played a more powerful mid-range/control deck before, and it's definitely thanks to the versitility of the MDFC cards.


Thanks for checking out thsi decks write up, any questions, please feel free to ask away in the comments or the provided links which can be found in the signature below.


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Last Updated: 23 Sep 2020
Created: 23 Sep 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (23 distinct)

Creature (6)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (27)
Land (21)
Planeswalker (6)

Sideboard - 15 cards (6 distinct)


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