Standard - Dimir Flash Rogues

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This is my take on Dimir Rogues. When I first started playing rogues I played with [[Merfolk Windrobber]], [[Lofty Denial]], [[Anticognition]], and [[Hagra Mauling]], but found these cards all to be lackluster for various reasons. [[Merfolk Windrobber]] doesn't do enough for this deck. It doesn't put on enough pressure. It does have evasion through flying, but I find that it gets outclassed very quickly and doesn't apply enough pressure to warrant the opponent actually doing anything to remove it. [[Lofty Denial]] and [[Anticognition]] both have their limitations. With my opinion on [[Merfolk Windrobber]] already established it makes [[Lofty Denial]] that much worse since the number of flying creatures we have is considerably less then other rogue decks. [[Anticognition]] only hitting creatures and planeswalkers makes it too narrow for my tastes. My other issue with these counter spells is that they are reactive instead of proactive. I feel like in an aggressive strategy I would rather be proactive and play around what my opponent has by knowing what's in their have from [[Agonizing Remorse]] over waiting on my opponent to play something to counteract what they are doing.

I found [[Hagra Mauling]] to be too expensive and too limited a removal spell for rogues. Most of the time we only need 4-5 mana on the board to make the deck do everything that it needs to do. 4 mana is our sweet spot with the majority of our deck being 2 drops. This leaves us with spently of room to hold up [[Soaring Thought-Thief]] and [[Drown in the Loch]] on our opponent's turn. It always felt bad to me to have to use all my mana to remove a creature when I can do that with a [[Heartless Act]] and still play my [[Soaring Thought-Thief]].


Some of you are probably thinking why would you play [[Zulaport Duelist]] over [[Merfolk Windrobber]]? That is a clear downgrade in card quality. There is no evasion, no possiblity of continually milling the opponent, and, most importantly, it does not draw you a card later in the game. All valid points, but let me draw your attention to Slitherwisp.


There are enough rogues with flash that it seems really weird to me that people are not playing this card draw engine more. [[Slitherwisp]] is the reason we play [[Zulaport Duelist]] over [[Merfolk Windrobber]]. We still don't play the full set because I still don't think that it is a very strong card, but that is my reasoning for playing [[Zulaport Duelist]] over [[Merfolk Windrunner]]. This could still be wrong, but so far it has worked really well. Not to mention this is a very easy card to side out of many matchups. 

The sideboard is still a work in progress. If you guys would like some more information on why I have chosen some of the cards in my sideboard or have suggestions for better options over what I have, drop a comment and I'll be happy to talk about them.

Edit 10/5/2020:

I've changed my mind on [[Zulaport Duelist]]. It works fine with slitherwisp, but I've found myself wondering if it is really something that needs to be in the deck at all. I was always siding it out and you only get to mill the two cards occasionally (mostly if your opponent is not a control player). [[Brazen Borrower]] has more utility then [[Zulaport Duelist]] being able to bounce anything problematic or if you want to make a tempo play. The reason why I was struggling with putting in the full playset was because the double blue makes it difficult to cast exactly when we want it to. We are placing more emphasis on being able to cast [[Slitherwisp]] on turn three then we are [[Brazen Borrower]] as is evident by the higher swamp count. Overall, being able to cast [[Petty Theft]] has more value then [[Zulaport Duelist]] with the possiblity of turning into a 3/1 creature with flying in the worst case and a 3/1 creature with flying, draw a card, deal 1 dmg in the best. I will probably still be siding a couple of these out in certain matchups.

Edit 10/7/2020:

-1 [[Feed the Swarm]] +1 [[Cling to Dust]] in the Sideboard. I just found that I was not finding reasons to bring [[Feed the Swarm]] in, but always wanted a sencond [[Cling to Dust]] for the mirror match and [[Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger]] matchups.

- 1 [[Swamp]] +1 [[Agadeem's Awakening]] I found that with two [[Agadeem's Awakening]] I was playing one as a land, but then wouldn't see the other one. When I would try and hold onto it, I found I ended up playing it as a land a few turns before I wanted to cast it because I needed to be able to cast other things on time. With three [[Agadeem's Awakening]] I don't have to worry about playing the first one as a land and being able to see another one later in the game. I think a one for one exchange here in the land is fine on the mana base since [[Agadeem's Awakening]] is one of the bolt lands and not just a tap land.


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@jbranton, I'm glad you like the build. I hope that it does well for you this weekend. I'm doing an update today that switches the deck around a little bit since the bannings. Stay posted for those.
I really like this build. I've put a version of it together and will be trying it out this Friday at FNM.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2020
Created: 01 Oct 2020
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