Commander - Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle - Storm

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The main goal of the deck is to find a recursion creature (i.e. [[Trusty Packbeast]]), a sacrifice outlet (i.e. [[Blasting Station]]), and a free to cast artifact/creature (i.e. [[Stonecoil Serpent]]).  Those combo pieces plus [[Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle]] on the battlefield allow for infinite loops.  The loop is getting a recursion creature into the graveyard then casting a free artifact spell; this will trigger Teshar's ability, which allows for a 3 CMC or less creature to be put onto the battlefield from the graveyard.  Then depending on the recursion creature and sacrifice outlet you will either sacrifice the free artifact while Teshar's ability is on the stack or after it resolves.  The recursion creature's ability will allow you to get the free to cast artifact back to cast again.  Once the free artifact is cast again the loop is repeated.  More on the loops down in the Infinite Loops section.

Card Categories

Ramp, Advantage, Removal, Protection, Recursion, Free Cast, Outlet, Other, and Land


These cards provide additional mana per turn than the normal land drop

[[Gold Myr]]

[[Knight of the White Orchid]]

[[Arcane Signet]]

[[Mind Stone]] (also advantage)

[[Springleaf Drum]]

[[Jeweled Lotus]] (also free cast)

[[Lotus Petal]] (also free cast)

[[Mana Crypt]] (also free cast)

[[Mana Vault]]

[[Sol Ring]]

Advantage (time and card)

These cards get you to your combo pieces faster or make additional cards available to you

[[Millikin]] (also ramp)

[[Ranger of Eos]]

[[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] (also protection)

[[Recruiter of the Guard]]

[[Scrapyard Recombiner]]

[[Board the Weatherlight]]

[[Codex Shredder]] (also protection)

[[Enlightened Tutor]]

[[Expedition Map]]

[[Ghoulcaller's Bell]]

[[Mazemind Tome]]

[[Mesmeric Orb]] - Blocks opponent tap/untap infinite combos

[[Mishra's Bauble]] (also free cast)

[[Perpetual Timepiece]] (also protection)

[[Scroll Rack]] (also protection)

[[Sensei's Divining Top]]


[[Urza's Bauble]] (also free cast)

[[Wand of Vertebrae]] (also protection)


These cards remove resources from your opponents

[[Bounty Agent]]

[[Fiend Hunter]] - Combine with a sac outlet and [[Shimmer Myr]] to permanently exile cards.

[[Leonin Relic-Warder]] - Combine with a sac outlet and [[Shimmer Myr]] to permanently exile cards. Can also be used with a sac outlet to untap mana positive rocks or to reset charges on [[Transmogrifying Wand]]

[[Skyclave Apparition]] - Combine with a sac outlet and [[Shimmer Myr]] to avoid giving opponent a token.

[[Austere Command]] (asynchronous board wipe)

[[Dispeller's Capsule]] - Use [[Myr Retriever]] and [[Junk Diver]] to retrieve from the graveyard

[[Swords to Plowshares]]

[[Tormod's Crypt]] (also free cast)

[[Transmogrifying Wand]] - Use [[Myr Retriever]] and [[Junk Diver]] to retrieve from the graveyard. Use [[Kor Skyfisher]] or [[Leonin Relic-Warder]] to reset charges.

[[Winds of Abandon]] (asynchronous board wipe)


These cards protect your commander and combo loop

[[Benevolent Bodyguard]]

[[Grand Abolisher]]

[[Lightning Greaves]]


[[Glasses of Urza]] - Use these right before your turn and on your turn to get a look at two opponent's hands


These cards are recurred from the graveyard and return a castable card to your hand, one of these must be available to combo loop

[[Junk Diver]]

[[Kor Skyfisher]]

[[Myr Retriever]]

[[Salvager of Ruin]]

[[Workshop Assistant]]

[[Trusty Packbeast]]

Free Cast

These cards can be cast without paying a mana cost, one of these is needed to combo loop


[[Phyrexian Walker]]

[[Stonecoil Serpent]]

[[Walking Ballista]]


These cards allow you to sacrifice an artifact or creature, one of these is needed to combo loop

[[Arcbound Ravager]]

[[Thermal Navigator]]

[[Altar of Dementia]]

[[Blasting Station]]

[[Grinding Station]]

[[Krark-Clan Ironworks]]


These cards have miscellaneous benefits described below

[[Aven Mindcensor]] - Prevent Tutoring

[[Drannith Magistrate]] - Prevent Casting of Commanders

[[Salvage Scout]] - Get back combo pieces from the graveyard

[[Shimmer Myr]] - Play artifacts at instant speed, more on the power of this later

[[Sevinne's Reclamation]] - Return combo pieces from the graveyard

[[Tangle Wire]] - Provide time to gather combo pieces

[[Altar of the Brood]] - Hinders deck stacking effects like tutors and scrys.  A win condition if a Teshar loop can be established.


[[Ancient Tomb]] - Mana acceleration

[[Arid Mesa]] - Library shuffle; combine with [[Mishra's Bauble]], [[Sensei's Divining Top]], and [[Scroll Rack]]

[[Blast Zone]] - Removal

[[Cascading Cataracts]] - Anti-land hate

[[Crystal Vein]] - Mana acceleration

[[Darksteel Citadel]] - Anti-land hate, can be used with [[Scrapyard Recombiner]], can be used with [[Myr Retriever]] or [[Junk Diver]]

[[Field of Ruin]] - Land removal, deck thinning

[[Flagstones of Trokair]] - Anti-land hate

[[Flooded Strand]] - Library shuffle; combine with [[Mishra's Bauble]], [[Sensei's Divining Top]], and [[Scroll Rack]]

[[Geier Reach Sanitarium]] - Group hug, ready a combo piece from the hand to the graveyard

[[Ghost Quarter]] - Land removal, deck thinning when used with [[Cascading Cataracts]], [[Darksteel Citadel]], or [[Flagstones of Trokair]]

[[Guildless Commons]] - Tapped land that lets you hit your land drop next turn

[[Homeward Path]] - Prevents Creature Theft

[[Inventors' Fair]] - Advantage, Tutor for a combo piece; also life gain is nice

[[Mikokoro, Center of the Sea]] - Group hug

[[Myriad Landscape]] - Ramp, Deck Thinning

[[Plains]] - It's a land

[[Prismatic Vista]] - Library shuffle; combine with [[Mishra's Bauble]], [[Sensei's Divining Top]], and [[Scroll Rack]]

[[Windswept Heath]] - Library shuffle; combine with [[Mishra's Bauble]], [[Sensei's Divining Top]], and [[Scroll Rack]]

Win Conditions

[[Walking Ballista]] - Win with infinite mana

[[Blasting Station]] - Win with a creature infinite loop

[[Altar of Dementia]] - Win with a creature infinite loop

[[Grinding Station]] - Win with an artifact infinite loop

[[Altar of the Brood]] - Win with an infinite loop

[[Urza's Bauble]] or [[Mishra's Bauble]] - Win by using an Artifact Sacrifice Outlet Infinite loop to draw your deck during your opponent's upkeep.  Once you have your deck in hand, still during your opponent's upkeep, cast [[Shimmer Myr]] then combo with one of the above win conditions during your opponent's upkeep.

[[Arcbound Ravager]] - Win with an infinite loop to give this creature infinite power.  This will allow you to eliminate a single opponent via combat.  It's modular ability can be combined with a flyer already on the field to give your power some evasion.

Infinte Loops

These are the enablers for the win conditions

Note that for any of Teshar's infinite loops depending on the loop you'll need to use either a free cast artifact creature or a free cast artifact

Free Cast Artifact Creatures
[[Phyrexian Walker]]
[[Walking Ballista]]
[[Stonecoil Serpent]]


Free Cast Artifacts
[[Mishra's Bauble]]
[[Urza's Bauble]]
[[Tormod's Crypt]]
[[Lotus Petal]]
[[Jeweled Lotus]]
[[Mana Crypt]]


Artifact Loops

Artifact infinite loops involve a sacrifice outlet that designates the sacrificing of an artifact.

The great thing about the artifact loops is that you can utilize either a Free Cast Artifact Creature or a Free Cast Artifact.

The downside is that you are more limited on the Recursion options that can be utilized.

Recursion Outlet
[[Junk Diver]] [[Arcbound Ravager]]
[[Myr Retriever]] [[Thermal Navigator]]
[[Salvager of Ruin]] [[Grinding Station]]
[[Workshop Assistant]] [[Krark-Clan Ironworks]]


Note: There are 0 cost mana rocks listed in the Free Cast Artifacts list.  The infinite loops that can be performed with those cards will yield infinite mana loops to combine with [[Walking Ballista]] as a win condition.

Creature Loops

Creature infinite loops involve a sacrifice outlet that designates the sacrificing of a creature.

The great thing about the creature infinite loops is that you can utilize any of the Recursion options available as they're all creatures.

The downsides are that the Outlets are smaller in quantity, you can't loop with the Free Cast Artifacts list above, and you have to use Free Cast Artifact Creatures.

Recursion Outlet
[[Junk Diver]] [[Altar of Dementia]]
[[Myr Retriever]] [[Blasting Station]]
[[Salvager of Ruin]]  
[[Workshop Assistant]]  
[[Kor Skyfisher]]  
[[Trusty Packbeast]]  


Protect Your Combo

Setup your protection spells and your mana for the right opportunity to align your combo.  Pay attention to the mana available to your opponents.  Try to get [[Grand Abolisher]] on your field, activate [[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] or cast [[Silence]] during your turn so you can't be interacted with.

There's also a tech you can do while [[Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle]], [[Shimmer Myr]] and [[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] are available to force instant interaction during your opponent's upkeeps.  First make sure [[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] is avaialble from your graveyard and also that [[Shimmer Myr]] is in play during an opponet's upkeep. Cast an artifact, return [[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] to the battlefield with Teshar's ability and then with the tutor go find a 0 or 1 cost artifact creature.  This will reload you with a free artifact spell.  During the upkeep you can sacrifice [[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] with its other ability to prevent your opponent from playing non-creature spells.  You can do this during every upkeep for as many artifact creatures as you can tutor out.

One very important tool to remember is using the [[Glasses of Urza]], it's not the same kind of protection as the other cards.  This is how you get information on when to try and play your combo based on what your opponents have in their hands.  You can also do something similar with an [[Urza's Bauble]] loop, be sure to keep in mind that you might lose to over drawing when using a Mishra's Bauble or Urza's Bauble loop.  When looping Urza's Bauble poke at your opponent's hands that you think might have draw effects that could impact you.  Stop the Bauble loop at an amount of cards you think is safe.  As you learn more information about your opponents hands with each loop or if you know the deck lists you might be just fine looping into the remaining cards in your library.


The goal is to build your machine.  If you can build your machine you win, if your opponents are able to prevent you from building your machine you lose.  A good opening hand will consist of a ramp card and an advantage card.  You really are looking for a self mill option that can be played on turn 1 or turn 2.  So you'll want to mulligan down to 4 at most with your opening hand.

It is entirely possible to win on turn 1 with this deck.  With an empty board the required mana to cast the cheapest pieces to complete the combo is 8 mana ([[Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle]], [[Myr Retriever]], [[Grinding Station]] or [[Altar of Dementia]], and a free to cast card).  The most mana you can get with 8 cards (7 + 1 draw) is [[Jeweled Lotus]], [[Ancient Tomb]] or [[Crystal Vein]], [[Mana Crypt]], [[Mana Vault]], and [[Sol Ring]] or [[Lotus Petal]]. Those five cards would add up to 10 mana.  The remaining 3 cards would have to be your combo pieces.  As you might notice you could potentially mulligan down to 7 and still have a turn 1 win if the stars aligned.

In all likelihood though, you won't be winning turn 1. Therefore you'll want to focus on advantage cards and your cards to disrupt your opponent's while you try to gather your combo pieces.  While you're trying to gather your combo pieces your main job is to pay attention to your opponent's and try to look for an opportunity to combo off after they've used their interaction.  Be especially aware of opportunities to get the [[Urza's Bauble]] loop or [[Glasses of Urza]], you'll want that information about when to try and go off with your combo. While moving through your deck be sure to look for the protection cards noted above too.  Once you have your combo pieces, look for the right oppotunity to build your machine, whether its a time machine, a world peace machine, or something else entirely.  Then win the game.


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