Commander - How to Make Your Playgroup Hate You

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One of the most brutal pillowfort loadouts for Oloro, with an interesting focus on the Epic mechanic. The goal of this deck is to resolve Enduring Ideal as quickly as possible, and then by abusing copy effects and multiple upkeep step effects, Quickly tutoring out a game-halting lock or a game-winning combo; or both


A good opening hand can be key; opponents are going to see Oloro in your command zone, and if they have any experience their brains are going to enter auto-hate mode. Having a little early mana acceleration/fixing through something like land tax or your mana rocks can be a huge help, seeing as the deck relies fairly heavily on resolving a 7 CMC sorcery. Some sort of early pillowfort-esque defense can be handy too in the form of propaganda, ghostly prison, or even bitterblossom to start cranking out blockers.

Once you have a decent mana base, you are going to want to start finding your combo pieces and the tools to protect them (Hint: One of the greatest assets in protecting your Enduring Ideal from other blue players is using Boseiju mana). Use your tutors to go find Enduring Ideal and hopefully twincast as well (it is indeed possible to copy an epic spell and get two triggers on each upkeep). Once Enduring Ideal resolves it becomes very difficult for your opponents to stop you from going off and winning.

Fetching paradox haze with your first enduring ideal trigger is often a smart choice unless you are in a bind and desperately need a different effect on the board. Haze creates a second upkeep phase on each of your turns, and because of how the epic mechanic works, you will get another enchantment-fetching trigger each turn. If you managed to twincast your Enduring Ideal, that's 4 triggers per turn. It only accelerates from there by fetching Copy enchantment, Estrid's invocation, and Mirrormade on the following upkeep, which you may have enter as copies of paradox haze, then with the remaining triggers (if available) fetching protection in the form of greater auramancy and/or a stronger pillowfort piece like moat or sphere of safety. If your opponents do not have the interaction to wipe your enchantments at this point, you will be nearly guaranteed to close out the game on your next turn. With all of your Epic triggers available, you will be able to go tutor any number of game ending combos onto the battlefield (i.e. Solemnity/Decree of Silence or Exquisite Blood/Sanguine Bond among a number of others).




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Last Updated: 12 Feb 2021
Created: 07 Feb 2021
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Mainboard - 99 cards (92 distinct)

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