Arena Standard - Snowlo Volo

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This Snowlo Volo deck is super simple...we get [[Volo, Guide to Monsters]] on the battlefield, and then we play all of our bestest creatures that mostly all have different creature types! Since we are playing snow lands, [[Blizzard Brawl]] made its way into the mix, as well as my favorite [[Spirit of the Aldergard]].

The main goal may be to copy creatures, but our win condition is to get one, possibly two with Volo, [[Boreal Outrider]]s onto the battlefield, play [[Spirit of the Aldergard]] using our snow lands giving it a counter or 2 (and copying it if we have Volo), and then having [[Gnarlid Colony]] on the board to give him trample!

As another way to give our creatures counters, we have [[Ranger Class]]' second ability. It's also useful for looking at the top of our library for more creatures! Another way to find creatures is using [[Adventure Awaits]], [[You Meet in a Tavern]], or the card draw with [[Toski, Bearer of Secrets]]

There are plenty of other ways to win including the sheer power of cards like [[Frostpeak Yeti]] and [[Icehide Troll]]. [[Scute Swarm]] is also insanely powerful when we can copy him and double the amount of copies/insects we are making!

Another great combo we have in this deck is Volo with all of our more "control" creatures such as[[Mind Flayer]], [[Scion of Stygia]], [[Icebreaker Kraken]], [[Dragon Turtle]], and [[Riddlemaster Sphinx]]. Since all of these creatures have ETB (Enter the battlefield) triggers, copying them with Volo allows us to get double the triggers and double the value. This combo alone can win games with the right creatures on board!

That's the main ideas and combos of the deck! Give this one a try if it sounds interesting to you! The great part is that Volo is such an amazing creature that you can substitute all of the creatures I have in this deck with others that work just fine!

I make Youtube videos in my free time, and I ended up going undefeated with this deck on my channel @BrosephMTG! Check it out thru the link/video provided with this deck list! Consider subscribing if you enjoyed and would like to watch new daily MTG Arena videos! Have a freaking fantastic day!

About BrosephMTG

Hello everyone! My name is Broseph, or Joseph, and I play MTG: Arena! Not only do I enjoy the fun MTG has to offer, but I am currently managing a Youtube channel featuring new, janky decks for others to use in game! Hopefully you can appreciate what I have to offer, and if so, then definitely consider subscribing to my youtube @ for more! Have a fantastic day!


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Last Updated: 14 Sep 2021
Created: 13 Sep 2021
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