Arena Standard - Boros Hero Aggro [Ikoria]

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This is a deck that started out as a need to have something that was not a "meta deck" while also being fun to play and competitive in a certain degree.
Started out as a Boros [[Angelic Exaltation]] deck, the idea was to flood the board with creatures and attack with 1 to make it incredibly big, which can be scary if you have an Aurelia, or even scarier with a Swiftblade Vindicator.

After doing a research, and play testing, i decided to go in a different approach, a more "simple" yet effective one; more similar to a White Weenie deck.
Finally, this is the result of my experimentation and lots wins and failures, A deck that hits hard, has good recovery after a board wipe, and if left unbothered, can be incredibly devastating, easily doing 15+ dmg on 1 turn.

The deck:

The deck centers around [[Hero of Precinct One]] to generate pressure through numbers, abusing the large amount of multicolored cards that Boros has to offer, We get [[Unbreakable Formation]] for defence, [[Heroic Reinforcements]] for a board-wide buff and all-out attack, while we use [[Justice Strike]] to ensure big creatures are not much of an issue.
There is a lack of Board wipes like [[Fiery Cannonade]] or [[Deafening Clarion]], which are good to have, but can be detrimental to out strategy, at the same time, so we just use Hero's token to chump-block or our own creatures when necessary, after all small creatures are not much of an issue, we have a good defence against them.
And to close it up, we have the other Key piece of our deck.
[[Aurelia, Exemplar]], amazing card to have on this deck, flyer, good defender, Mentor and an awesome buff, that makes most of our creatures even more scarier than they are (as most are both Red and White, thus getting full benefits of that buff), best examples are [[Swiftblade Vindicator]] meaning a potential 6 dmg on it's own if unblocked.

M20 Updates:  Updates for M20 are the following.
Main deck: [[Skyknight Vanguard]] flyer which adds even more tokens that ETB attacking which means more aggression and pressure.

Sideboard (WIP): • [[Leyline of Sanctity]] Which is simply amazing against some decks (mostly allows you to attack with everything without fear of Settle the Wreckage).
                          • The rest is simple, [[Lava Coil]] to have some extra removal against pesky creatures, [[Deafening Clarion]] for when we really need a board wipe to get rid of way too many creatures (Looking at you Field of the Dead); [[Banefire]] to have an extra wincon against control Match ups and The Wanderer for those match ups against RDW, and [[Ixalan's Binding]] To get rid of some really nasty stuff we want to seriously avoid.

The deck winrate remains mostly the same, though i don't play it as often as the moment i wrote this Guide.
I will get a new pic, when i figure out what happened with the full history of games, in my tool.

Edit: BTW: feel free to comments, give suggestions or critiques, they are all welcome.


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Uruguayan player of MTG Arena and part-time Streamer


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Last Updated: 27 May 2020
Created: 24 Mar 2019
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