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No creatures! Creatures are lame. (Okay we have one [[Rekindling Phoenix]] in the sideboard but that's just to activate [[Conqueror's Galleon]], and both are extremely optional)


We just have a pile of removal ([[Vraska's Contempt]], [[Assassin's Trophy]], [[Cry of the Carnarium]]) and delay ([[Thaumatic Compass]] transformed). A big upside to this deck is that you only get stronger the longer the game goes on. You'll never run out of resourses thanks to looping [[Gaea's Blessing]]s, which you're ideally surveiling ([[Notion Rain]], [[Sinister Sabotage]], [[Thought Erasure]], it's why I'm bothering with [[Price of Fame]] instead of more copies of [[Vraska's Contempt]]) or putting in your graveyard using [[Search for Azcanta]]. Casting them outright is pretty poor, but they can be useful for charging up your [[Primal Amulet]]s (along with [[Sovereign's Bite]]). [[The Mirari Conjecture]] helps both the [[Primal Amulet]] spell copying plan and then [[Gaea's Blessing]] getting your resources back plan. [[Mastermind's Acquisition]] is mainly for getting your sideboard once your dominance has been established, but it's occasionally useful for emergency-retreiving the exact answer you need if you haven't drawn it.


The win conditions are, in order of how likely they are to happen:

1) Your opponent concedes in frustration

2) You delete their entire deck with [[Unmoored Ego]] copied a million times by [[Primal Amulet]] and brought back over and over via [[Gaea's Blessing]] and [[The Mirari Conjecture]]. If you manage to get them in a position where they have no cards in hand, play, or graveyard, you win MTG forever.

3) [[Sovereign's Bite]], I guess


[[Unmoored Ego]] is stronger the better you are at identifying what your opponent is running, which is great because literally everyone you play against netdecks anyway. If you're unsure, you can name a land, but after the first time you cast it you should know exactly what to delete. This deck loses to [[Carnage Tyrant]]s that come out before we can double-copy [[Cry of the Carnarium]], as well as big [[Banefire]]s.


If you've got the game locked but your opponent refuses to concede, I've found that copying your many [[Assassin's Trophy]]s targeting their lands (Until they run out of them) usually sends the message that it's time to leave.

This is a Bo1 deck. Everything in the sideboard is for getting with [[Mastermind's Acquisition]] and is meant for having fun / passing the time / convincing your opponent that it's really time to concede now. I prefer to get the extra [[Primal Amulet]]s the first time around and grab the more exotic stuff later. Remember to get [[Omniscience]] before any of the stuff that requires colors we don't have. Honestly though, you can fill the sideboard with whatever fun janky garbage you'd like. The main part of the deck is structured to get you there, by the time you're digging into your sideboard you've defacto won already.

Last Updated: 21 Apr 2019
Created: 13 Mar 2019
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I thought I was having fun just tossing big baddies to the graveyard and popping them back to the battlefield... but this looks like it's going to be quite enjoyable.