Standard - R Hot Tamales

21 14 1 24

Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

Creature (21)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (14)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (1)

Sideboard - 15 cards (7 distinct)


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Deck Tech + BO1 Event Games =


Timestamps for the games are in the YouTube comments section! A few of the games weren’t great due to opponents getting mana screwed but I just wanted to show the deck off in action regardless.


So been trying to work on a Mono Red midrange list for a bit and wanted to try out a couple of cards that don’t see play. Namely [[Wily Goblin]] and [[Captain Lannery Storm]]


{{Wily Goblin}} {{Captain Lannery Storm}}


I used to produce content for Roguedeckbuilder and GatheringMagic so finding ways to use un-used cards is quite fun for me! Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s interesting to see how things tick.


I should preface with some things:


This isn’t the final list. I’m out of wildcards but would actually like probably one more Captain Lannery Storm, one more [[Karn, Scion of Urza]], and either one more [[Siege-Gang Commander]] or [[Demanding Dragon]] (haven’t decided yet). Also after posting to Reddit, some people suggested [[Treasure Map]] and [[Dire Fleet Daredevil]]. Both of which I still have to try out!


I’m also bad at sideboarding. Definitely recommend some things! I built the deck with BO1 in mind so some things would be moved around I’m sure for a BO3 event which I’d like to learn!


Alright so this is a pretty straightforward Midrange list. I’ve heard the term ‘Big Red’ being thrown around and while I haven’t looked at any lists I wouldn’t be surprised if mine is similar to the rest. There’s only so many cards to play when going one colour haha.


[[Banefire]] - One of my favourite red cards. Used as removal in a pinch. Finishes off people for lethal. Works pretty well in my list since we have ways of producing extra Mana. Deciding on whether to use Treasures to ramp or for extra damage later on is an important one to make.


[[Wily Goblin]] - I’ve always wanted to try this card out. Tested a Rakdos Treasures list but didn’t work that well. Figured in a MonoRed list where you don’t mind getting larger threats out earlier it’d be pretty good. Turn 3 Rekindling Phoenix is quite good. Leaves a blocker as a bonus.


[[Runaway Steam-Kin]] - We’re not going crazy with this card like Aggro. But it’s still a threat that gets bigger every single turn after it’s played and sort of throws people for a loop, thinking we’re Aggro. If it doesn’t get answered you’ll get a nice 4/4 for 2 mana that can help you play more things or have larger Banefires.


[[Lava Coil]] - One of Red’s best removal spells. Deals with [[Arclight Phoenix]], opposing [[Rekindling Phoenix]], Drakes, and pretty much anything early you want to kill like an [[Ajani Pridemate]].


[[Fight with Fire]] - Nice mid game removal spell that can double as another Banefire effect late game or board wipe. Can kill [[Niv-Mizzet, Parun]]. Able to get out 10 damage earlier than Banefire as well being 9 Mana for 10 damage as opposed to 11 mana for 10 damage.


[[Goblin Chainwhirler]] - Nice threat that can block off aggro. Wipes Mono W weenies and just overall a solid red spell. Can finish off some Planeswalkers that have to minus the turn they’re played also.


[[Fiery Cannonade]] - Since I play mainly BO1, there’s just so much aggro I had to include this. Destroys Aggro and can trick other decks at instant speed thinking we’re regular Mono Red aggro. Bonus it doesn’t kill our Captain Lannery Storm or Wily Goblin. Found that out after the fact haha.


[[Captain Lannery Storm]] - So I actually really like this card. Barring getting countered, it has an immediate effect on the board. Nice pressure against control, and helps race against Aggro. Each time it attacks it closes in the time you can kick Fight with Fire and also stronger Banefires.


[[Karn, Scion of Urza]] - Sort of last minute addition so I don’t know how well he fits in this deck. I also don’t have a second copy yet but I think he fits great here. Even more than some other decks since we have Wily Goblin, Captain Lannery Storm, and Pirate’s Pillage to create Treasure Artifacts that power his minus. Otherwise he’s just a great card draw engine.


[[Pirate’s Pillage]] - Want to make sure you can keep drawing into threats against control and find answers to aggro. Nice that even on turn 4 you can dig for something like Lava Coil and cast it in the same turn. Not sure how necessary it is since I’m putting Karn in now but the extra treasures are nice. Could probably cut down to two.


[[Rekindling Phoenix]] - Sort of like Chainwhirler. Just a good solid threat. Hard to deal with and will generally eat cards before your Demanding Dragon or Siege-Gang Commander come down. Getting this down turn 3 always feels good.


[[Siege-Gang Commander]] - Pretty versatile threat. Can get killed the moment it comes down but you still can get the tokens. As a response to the removal you can also sacrifice itself if you have the mana for it. Unanswered it can help clear the way for other threats or go over top for damage.


[[Demanding Dragon]] - Really like this card. Probably want one more in my deck over one more Siege-Gang Commander. Immediate effect when it hits the board and you’re generally fine with either outcome. Less blockers for your attackers or they just take 5 which cards like Banefire and Fight with Fire can close the game out. Regardless a 5/5 flyer is also a threat that needs answering.


[[Memorial to War]] - Figured it might be better than [[Field to Ruin]] in a list with Wily Goblin and Chainwhirler. Used to kill off [[Search for Azcanta]] when it flips or [[Legion’s Landing]].




Banefire - Another copy of Banefire to bring in against blue control decks.


[[Lightning Strike]] - Not sure if this is a good sideboard card but can provide more pressure against control to make closing out with Banefire easier?


[[Diamond Mare]] - Easy life gain against aggro when your whole deck is one colour.


[[Sorcerous Spyglass]] - Aimed at shutting down planeswalkers


[[Lightning Mare]] - Good cheap threat against control or to race against Mono blue.


[[Legion Warboss]] - Another good threat against control. Needs answering on its own pretty much.


[[Etali, Primal Storm]] - Probably not a good card. Fun to play though and some of the best art in the set IMO :D. Card that needs answering or you can get great value off it. Can possibly get it out turn 4 if you draw well with T2 Wily Goblin, into T3 Captain Lannery Storm.


Would love some feedback! Fairly happy with the mainboard but the sideboard I could definitely use some work. Don’t spend much time in the BO3 events but I definitely want to learn.


Thanks for taking the time to read!

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2018
Created: 01 Dec 2018
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