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Replaced the 4th Dawn of Hope in the Side Board for an additional Golden Demise to help combat all the weenie decks that are popular right now. If you are seeing A LOT more weenies than usual, replace the 3rd Divine Visitation with another Golden Demise or Ritual of Soot. Against weenies, side board these in for 2 of the Vraska's Contempts and if you put in more than two, start replacing Plaguecrafters.

Switched out two Swamps for Forsaken Sanctuaries because I was having mana fixing problems... Next release will fix this!



Replaced 1 Resplendent Angel with Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants. Ajani is a good target for removal to help your Resplendent Angels and Leonin Warleaders stick to the board for an extra turn and he can pump them up above basic removal from Lava Coil and Lightning Strike.

I have found that the trick to this deck is to find points where your opponents really want to play something and punish when their mana is tapped or to play tricks when dealing with counters. For example, the Leonin Warleader looks like a huge threat, so playing that into a counter or burn and then playing Resplendent Angel (or vice versa) is an important late game trick. This deck seems to have issues in Game 1 versus boros and white weenie aggro because of how quickly they go wide, but after game one, it is easy to sideboard in enough to deal with them.


Very similar to the Angel Factory list that's been going around, but with some cards replaced to incorporate a bit of control into the Orzhov mix. If you have the budget, run 4x Vraska's Contempt for instant speed removal and the extra life gain, otherwise 2x Conclave tribunal makes total sense when making tokens and 2x the eldest reborn is just good value. The addition of leonin warleader provides a more aggressive combo alternative into divine visitation and alternative sacrifice targets for plaguecrafter while dawn of hope and resplendent angels w/ ritual of rejuvination are the bread and butter.

Side in moments of craving, ritual of soot, golden demise instead of plaguecrafter against aggro and elves. Cleansing nova and ritual of soot against tokens. Duress against control to clear out counterspells before casting things like warleader and resplendent angel, and ixalans binding/spyglass if playing against teferi or drakes. Profane Procession against other angels, dimir and big dino decks to steal finishers. Cards played with Profane Procession cannot be countered, so it can also work very well against control decks that use non-planeswalker finishers.

If the opponent seems to have bad enchantment removal, add in the extra visitation and dawn of hope to increase the pressure.

Also thinking about adding in Shalai somehow to keep things stuck to the board.

Hunted Witness, Doomed Dissenter, or Martyr of Dusk would also be a good option to replace plaguecrafter against aggro or if your enchantments are sticking for additional value. Good early against aggro and can bring out an angel for cheap late game with visitation or draw cards with dawn of hope.

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Last Updated: 25 Nov 2018
Created: 13 Nov 2018
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Great against burn and golgari mid. Has a hard time with boros aggro because of how quickly they go wide. Jeskai control is about 50/50 and discard control loses if you can get anything on the board quickly.
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