Dimir Control v1.4 (Bo1)



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Dimir Control :: Constructed Event Farmer

Feel free to leave a comment here, message me on Twitch, on Waifu;Gate's Discord Server, or on The Official Aetherhub Discord (tusen takk Andre!).

For those of you who like experimenting, I have a strange Bo3 version of this deck that I've been playing that sideboards into Grixis so you can play [[Nicol Bolas, the Ravager]].

A quick note, [[Connive]] is great against a lot of decks that run high power level creatures with 2 attack or less, [[Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice]] is a great example. Then in control matchups you just use it to get back your late game threats from the graveyard. Love how versatile the card is.

As for the lands, I have tried it with 24, 26 and 28 land setups and 24 still feels fine. You are surveilling constantly and choosing which lands you want and when. Near the mid game it's not that uncommon to just start binning them in the graveyard anyways. Think this is one of those occasions where the Mana Calculator isn't considering the mechanics of the deck (for obvious reasons).

Oh, and I still don't have a single [[Blood Operative]] but they are obviously great cards. I would drop 1 [[Moment of Craving]] and both [[Fungal Infection]]s to fit in 3 operatives. Might finally give in and stop doing the F2P grind and buy some packs.


For those of you asking how to change the land art in MTGA, Waifu;Gate made a video for you.
How To Change Land Art In MTGA


:: Updates ::

v1.1 :: Added back in the [[Plaguecrafter]]s because I missed them. Had another two back to back 7 win runs with the current list.

v1.2 :: Swapped 1 [[The Eldest Reborn]] for 1 more [[Vraska's Contempt]]. It is a small change so will take a lot of games to see how it feels. I think the change makes sense with the amount of Planeswalkers people are using. The change also makes the mana curve look better, you are welcome havers of OCD <3

Not a version update, but after playing with the current setup for a bit, I am happy with the swap of 1 Eldest for 1 Vraska's. What I am thinking about though is adding a [[Field of Ruin]] to counter the Golgari lists running [[Journey to Eternity]] and of course [[Search for Azcanta]].

After some testing, [[Field of Ruin]] doesn't feel worth it in Bo1. I think [[Blood Operative]] is the solution, so definitely slot them in if you have them. Will test it out if RNGesus provides me with some wildcards or [[Blood Operative]]s as rewards.

v1.3 :: Swapped the [[Plaguecrafter]]s for [[Moment of Craving]]s. The last two nights has been 80% fun and interactive mono red decks, so this version works a lot better against them. Some of the token decks right now makes it feel like you need 8 [[Ritual of Soot]]s so I was thinking about adding more hand hate. But on the flip side that approach is too slow for aggro. You should consider what you are going up against on average and tune the deck yourself. Personally, after 4 wins it's mostly aggro decks, but it might just be because of the time of day that I play.

v1.4 :: Went through a bunch of revisions of the deck. Tried out [[Hostage Taker]], [[Nightveil Predator]], [[Golden Demise]], [[Thief of Sanity]], and a bunch more cards. Eventually realized I was just overcomplicating things and making the deck not as consistent by putting cards like those in, even if they are super fun. Settled on the current list. My last 3 runs with the deck were 7-2, 7-0, and 7-0. Basically removed [[Connive]] since the meta is flooded with white weenie and mono red decks and it is just too slow. Put in [[Essence Scatter]]s to help with early game threats. Also bumped up [[Disinformation Campaign]] by 1 so it will show up more often on curve against midrangy matchups. The only thing I'm questionable about is mainboarding [[Detection Tower]], when you go against [[Carnage Tyrant]] and don't have blockers or hand hate, it feels bad. But then every other matchup its a card that screws with your mana. Just Bo1 problems I guess.


Currently Testing :: Swapping the 2 [[Discovery]]s for 2 [[Golden Demise]], keep seeing a lot of Boros, White Weenie, and Merfolk decks so it is working out.

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Last Updated: 08 Dec 2018
Created: 06 Nov 2018
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Thanks for the replies, will give blood operatives another go tomorrow :)
Really enjoy this deck with Blood Operative and Plaguecrafter. Also running Thief of Sanity as I only have one Dream Eater. Has won me games on its own tbh
I`m running 3 BO`s instead of Essences. It stabilizes your game vs izzets((jump start/phoenix) and golgaris (graveyard) due to additional exile. Also might help vs aggros/tokens but tbh it`s not what you are looking for in these matchups. In terms of control we are favoured vs Grixis/Golgari and about 65/35 to izzets. White/Blue mills, Teferis and basically everything counter/draw heavy is trashing us - won`t skip that.
I do really well against aggro with this deck, most of my 7-0 runs were because it was mostly aggro matchups. Control is definitely tough though since the deck is so creature removal heavy. Hopefully after some more runs you can get used to the deck (or just have better luck).
This deck seems good, but I'm getting destroyed by aggro decks like Mono-Red Aggro, Boros Aggro and White Wheenie. It's very hard to win against Izzet decks and Teferi decks too. Maybe I had very bad luck but I went 0-3 / 1-3 / 0-3...
Man, love this deck. Fought against it twice in a row with my Golgari deck and it felt so punishing to get hit by thought eraser into Disinformation Campaign. He was also playing Divest, which seems sneaky good given the amount of fast monster starts you can face.

Matches can run long, but love control. Got a number of impatient opponents to scoop thinking they're dead even when I haven't completely stabilized.
I like the 1 of detection tower. I run one in my list and up the land count to 25. It helps against tyrant and also randomly against other hexproof and things like dive down.
I tested out a ton of cards, the only thing that I was thinking of adding to the Maybeboard (which is basically just ideas people can throw in based on their playstyle) was Nightveil Predator.
Have you given any further thoughts to your "Maybe Board"?
mono red is my favorite matchup with the deck, not sure what you are doing wrong...
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