Izzet Control v3.6 (Bo1)



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Izzet Control :: Constructed Event Farmer

I have been doing well with this deck in Constructed Event. Too many 7-win runs to count at this point. Would love input on what to do for a sideboard while I work on the Bo3 version. You can always message me (CutestHamster) on Twitch, Waifu;Gate's Discord Server or The Official AetherHub Discord (Hi Andreliverod!)

 ::  Notes ::

For those of you asking how to change your land art in MTGA, Waifu;Gate made a video for you :)
How To Change Land Art In MTGA

A few people have messaged me to ask how this deck works. In general, the point of the deck is to survive long enough and control the board until you can do broken things with [[Niv-Mizzet, Parun]]. Once you get him to stick on the board, cards like [[Opt]] are no longer just Scry 1 and Draw a card. They become spend 1 mana to draw a card, deal one damage, scry 1, draw a card, deal one damage. Then those draws can keep the chain going. I have been at 1 health against an opponent who had [[Ghalta, Primal Hunger]], [[Carnage Tyrant]] and [[Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma]] on board, but because I had old Niv-Mizzey, I was able to chain together 18 damage in one turn and win the game. You will have a lot of "on the edge of your seat" type games with this deck, which is why I love it.

Using [[Enigma Drake]] instead of [[Crackling Drake]] because of the lower CMC and lack of double land requirements. Having an extra mana open for counters is the point of the deck after all. It is vulnerable to things like [[Ritual of Soot]] in comparison, but if they want to spend 4 to remove, what is usually, a single 3 drop then it seems alright to me. [[Crackling Drake]] also counts both your graveyard and exile instead of just your graveyard (as is the case with [[Enigma Drake]]). So there are some differences between the two. You can go with either one, I just prefer the lower cost.

[[Blink of an Eye]] is great for bouncing cards that you couldn't counter in time. I've won several games against mono-red by bouncing [[Experimental Frenzy]] and then just holding a counter out for it. [[Blink of an Eye]] also lets you bounce your Niv-Mizzet or Ral back to save them from removal. Then there is the classic case of having your Niv-Mizzet stolen via [[The Eldest Reborn]] and then laughing as you bounce him back to your hand so you can play it again next turn. Please remember to thank your opponent for returning him from your graveyard to your hand for you though.


:: Updates ::

v2.0 :: Swapped [[Fiery Cannonade]] for [[The First Eruption]]. While slightly memey it does let you high roll out a [[Niv-Mizzet, Parun]] on turn 4 occasionally. Also slows down aggro decks since the third part of the Saga wipes most of their board out. For a lot of matchups, I was finding [[Fiery Cannonade]] to just be a dead card in my hand.

v3.0 :: Removed the sweepers and bumped up to 24 lands, also swapped one [[Enigma Drake]] for a single [[Search for Azcanta]]. Had a 7-1 and a 7-2 run with the current list. Probably going to test out dropping the [[Rekindling Phoenix]]es for one more Azcanta and Enigma Drake.

v3.1 :: Meta seems to have switched back from control to aggro at higher wins. Put back in the [[Fiery Cannonade]]s and took out the [[Rekindling Phoenix]]es. On the plus side, it is becoming obvious that all the aforementioned cards should probably be in the sideboard when this switches over to Bo3.

v3.2 :: Dropped an [[Essence Scatter]] for an extra [[Search for Azcanta]]. Also swapped the two [[Sinister Sabotage]]s for [[Syncopate]]s, since the exile is nice and didn't really feel like the surveil mattered when Azcanta was around more consistently. Feels better so far but will grind out more games tomorrow to make a final decision. Will work on a Bo3 version soon™.

No version updates yet, I have been busy with WaifuGate's stream and working on a Grixis list that is starting to come together. Going to keep testing out the deck with 2 [[Dive Down]]s instead of [[Syncopate]]s. I think it will work better, but I haven't run through 10+ Constructed Events to make a decision before updating the deck here.

Also, thanks so much for 10K+ views. <3 the AetherHub community.

v3.3 :: I tested out [[Dive Down]] a ton and it's definitely worth the inclusion. I also tested out using [[Lava Coil]] instead of [[Lightning Strike]] and on average I like it better. It is great against Phoenix, Drakes, and Golgari decks. I was mainly worried about not being able to use [[Lava Coil]] to close out games by going face with it (like you can with [[Lightning Strike]]) but I haven't had any issues so far. To make room for the [[Dive Down]]s and 1 extra [[Fiery Cannonade]] I dropped the [[Essence Scatter]]s.

v3.4 :: Mistakes were made... I wasn't happy with 3.3 after playing it more, I think the current list fits the meta better and is more of a 'control' deck. Dropping [[Essence Scatter]]s was a bad idea. Sorry for the abrupt change, but I wanted to fix the list before more people jumped on it. Constructed Event decks seem to be using a lot more hand hate than before so I've added in [[Chemister's Insight]] even though it is a bit slow. Did 9 runs with this list and it just feels a lot smoother. P.S. - Happy Turkey Day

v3.5 :: Swapped the 2 [[Syncopate]]s for an extra [[Fiery Cannonade]] and a single [[Detection Tower]]. Went 6-3, 7-1. 4-3, and 7-2 with the current list. Once you get to 5 wins it seems like 80% aggro decks so I added [[Detection Tower]] to help push through the lower wins filled with Golgari decks, then its pretty smooth sailing.

v3.6 :: Listened to and tried a lot of the suggestions everyone has posted here and on Twitch. Swapped the [[Blink of an Eye]]s and 1 [[Opt]] for [[Chart a Course]]s. Deck feels like it hits less dead ends this way.

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Last Updated: 08 Dec 2018
Created: 31 Oct 2018
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how do you deal if the opponent casts Niv?
Yea the only real way to deal with adanto is to bounce it and counter it. If you are facing a ton of white weenies you might need to put Blink of an Eye back in the deck.
@alexPrzk at that point you just have to pray to stabalize in time, if they have the nuts and you dont have a decent response there isnt much you can do
It's kind of annoying to automatically lose to Adanto Vanguard on turn 2. It's more than half of the match ups I lose.
I can't think of a card that would prevent that too. (except for an early drake)
As much as I love this deck, there's so many white wheenies in the meta right now I think I'd rather play Golgari. :(
@AlexBogard - Thanks for reminding me. The deck gets countered fairly easy in Bo3 (Jeskai just does a better job), but I should give it another go.

@KirxuDusk - Thousand Year Storm is a ton of fun :P
I did a slight redesgin on it as I do not have three niv's just yet, the goblin electromancer and thousand year storm have won me multiple games.
I am still loving this deck mang, whats the word on the BO3 version?
Glad you are having a good time with it :) Thanks for letting me know what you tweaked, not only is it interesting to see what other people do to adapt the deck to their play style, but it gives me ideas for what to test next.
Thanks a lot for the deck, it's the most fun I had in Bo1 so far. Niv is just so good !
Went 7-x several times, and 6-x twice.
Got under 6-x less than 20% of the games, which is pretty good since I'm not a natural control player..

I tweaked it a little bit (based on version 3.4) after watching LegenVD play his Bo3 version. Lightning Strike is very good. Now I play : 2 shocks, 2 Lava Coils and 4 Strikes.
I also like having an Expansion // Explosion as an edge against almost everything.
I usually just block carnage tyrant with a drake and hope for the best. Izzet doesn't deal well with CT and Star of Extinction is a bit too slow if CT comes down on curve. Jeskai has Settle and Cleansing Nova, which is why it is a lot more well rounded than this deck in tournament settings. P.S. I just got a Blue Yeti mic so should be streaming soon :P
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