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This deck is by no means the best deck in Standard, nor will it profit you a lot in Constructed. However this deck is very fun to play, and I believe people should be aware of this deck. The decks main goal is to mill Agent of Treachery and/or Scholar of the Ages and then bring them out for a low mana cost and high turnaround on the board. Why win with your own cards when you can win with someone elses cards? Instead of going through the cards in the order they are listed, I'm going to go in the order you'd preferrably like to play the cards.

Stitcher's Supplier

Stitcher is a very good card for you deck, in fact it's kind of your bread and butter. You drop Stitcher out and the milling starts to commence, if you're lucky enough you get one of your Agents in the grave early, and then the mid-game becomes a lot easier. Agent also combos quite well with Blood for Bones, as Stitcher being sac'd fills your grave with more targets to bring to the board and add to your hand. Also sometimes people recognize your strategy early on and stop attacking to make sure Stitcher doesn't help you any further, so it makes a very good chump blocker or attacker deterant.

Chart a Course

There's two ways you should be playing Chart a Course. It all depends on if you need to dump something from your hand to the graveyard. Agent of Treachery and Scholar of the Ages are almost always more of a benefit in the graveyard than they are on the field, so consider using Chart before the attack if they are in your hand. However if you don't have either of them or you really need a land or just want to draw cards, don't be affraid to use Chart. There's 4 copies of this card in your deck, so you really don't want to wait and then end up drawing a second copy.

Fblthp, the Lost

This deck used to run two copies, but I found myself drawing a second copy so very often I had to drop the amount down to 1. Fblthp is a good sac target or chump blocker. The drawing a card and having a blocker is the extent of how useful it is.

Dusk Legion Zealot

Same use of Fblthp but you lose one life.

Thought Erasure

As you can probably imagine, Thought Eraser is somewhat of a staple in any deck that runs black and blue. Obviously if you have the option, you want to use Thought Eraser earlier than later. You want to disrupt your opponents curve, as well as know what they are planning, so you may shape your curve accordingly. This deck uses the value from knowing your opponents hand quite well. The surveil can be useful as well if you want to make sure you get the right card next or dump an import piece of the puzzle into the grave.

Tyrant's Scorn

This card can be used as you would imagine. Removal for opponents early creatures, or can be used to bounce your own creature if it's about to be removed late in the game.

Tomebound Lich

Lich is an important piece of the puzzle. It allows you the option of having a blocker to a big creature while also providing you a really nice hand dump/draw. Also most people don't block, so if you find yourself in a situation where you top deck an Agent and need to dump it in order to get it out of the grave, it's a good card to do that with.

Blood for Bones

This is one of the two main heartbeats of the deck. You get to sac your 1/1 chump for a really nice big creature from the grave. Generally you grab Agent of Treachery to steal a permanent, Scholar of the Ages to grab Blood for Bones or Concoct and then one early spell, or just a Ravenous Chupacabra if you haven't been fortunate enough for the other two. The card you generally add to your hand is another creature your able to sacrafice for the Blood for Bones you may have picked up, or just to help later on. All the chumps serve a purpose in this deck, so take your pick on which one you want and why.

Connive // Concoct

Connive hasn't been too relevant yet, but it may at some point. Concoct however is great cause it grabs any creature from the grave, but without the sacrafice requirement of Blood for Bones. There's also a bit of a boost with the surveil 3. The surveil is extremely useful too, 3 cards deep allows you to setup your next turn or two, and if you grab a card like Agent of Treachery and take an opponents creature or planeswalker. Now that they're busy with that, they forgot that you set yourself up for the next turn and shifted the game entirely in your favor.

Ravenous Chupacabra

Chupacabra is a nice upside card and chump blocker. Since it's not very value once it's on the board, it becomes a great Blood for Bones target as well.

Massacre Girl

Massacre Girl is in here as a emergency factor. If the opponent has 50 zombies on the board, you have plenty of 1/1's to trigger the first kill and get the rest of the kill out too. If your opponent is play some midrange based deck however, it would be pretty tough to make her kill everything down the line. Since she's a creature, you can access her in the grave and that's what is the most useful about here. You will be milling a lot of cards in this deck, and there's more of an opportunity of getting her in the graveyard or your hand than just having a clunky board wipe to top deck or hold the whole game. The combo engine of this deck isn't the greatest and every card counts.

Blast Zone

The choice whether to run any special lands was difficult. However I have notice blast zone to be very helpful against vampires, and the mana isn't crazy bad in this deck, so this alloted the room for 1 colorless.



In - 1x Ravenous Chupacabra, 1x Massacre Girl, 1x Cast Down, 2x Ritual of Soot, 2x Enter the God-Eternals

Out - 4x Chart a Course, 2x Blood for Bones, 1x Connive

Bant Scapeshift:

In - 1x Massacre Girl, 2x Unmoored Ego, 2x Duress, 1x Ashiok

Out - 2x Ravenous Chupacabra, 3x Tryant's Scorn, 1x Connive

Jund Dinosaurs: Heavily Unfavored

In - 1x Ravenous Chupacabra, 1x Cast Down, 2x Ritual of Soot

Out - 4x Chart a Course

Mono-Red Aggro: Heavily Unfavored

In - 1x Ravenous Chupacabra, 1x Massacre Girl, 1x Cast Down, 2x Ritual of Soot, 2x Enter the God-Eternals

Out - 4x Chart a Course, 2x Blood for Bones, 1x Connive

Esper Hero:

In - 2x Unmoored Ego, 1x The Elderspell, 2x Duress, 1x Noxious Grasp

Out - 2x Ravenouse Chupacabra, 1x Massacre Girl, 3x Tyrant's Scorn

Boros Feather: Heavily Unfavored

In - 1x Ravenous Chupacabra, 1x Cast Down, 2x Ritual of Soot, 1x Noxious Grasp

Out - 4x Chart a Course, 1x Blood for Bones


In - 2x Unmoored Ego, 1x Connive, 2x Duress, 1x Ashiok

Out - 2x Ravenouse Chupacabra, 3x Tyrant's Scorn, 1x Massacre Girl

Mono-Blue Temp: Practically Unwinnable

In - 1x Ravenouse Chupacabra, 1x Massacre Girl, 1x Cast Down, 1x Connive, 2x Ritual of Soot, 2x Duress

Out - 4x Chart a Course, 4x Blood for Bones

Azorious Fliers:

In - 1x Ravenouse Chupacabra, 1x Massacre Girl, 1x Cast Down, 2x Ritual of Soot, 1x Enter the God-Eternals, 1x Noxious Grasp

Out - 4x Chart a Course, 3x Concoct

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Last Updated: 02 Sep 2019
Created: 28 Aug 2019
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