Standard - Tier 1 Bant Scapeshift Write-Up

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Midrange Control
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Side 15 cards (7 distinct)

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Deck Write Up:


What can I say about the up and coming scapeshift deck??? This deck is crazy freaking good. At first I thought it was a meme deck cause scapeshift has always been in meme decks and I generally never saw it as even a good card. However MTGA loves giving people cards that aren't very good at the time, so naturally I had 4 copies and figured I would give the deck a shot since I had most of the cards available. The first few games for me were rough and I almost gave up on the deck early as my opponents were full on aggro and my hands were very shoddy. However you should never give up on a deck early on when you know someone else has played the list and done well. You have to chin up and figure out the combos, and that's exactly what I did. It took a while for me to figure out just what cards to grab and when with my ramp spells and creatures, but once I figured out the strategy the wins just kept pouring in. The best part about this deck is that it can be used in Best of One or Three, it performs very well in game one against all matchups. Mostly in part that the opponents deck does not matter whatsoever to you, and in fact game 1 is probably your best game because other people will have plenty of dead cards and cards that don't match up well with you. I'll start explaining the strategies and what each card means to the deck below and maybe you'll learn some things from this writeup. I'm going to go over each card as they're list on Aetherhub and not by importance.

Elvish Rejuvenator is a godsend card. This card is great cause it's a very nice chump blocker with upside value. One of the combos that go best with this card is later on in the game you can play this on turn 2 or 3 depending on the ramp situation and get that Field of the Dead out early. This deck doesn't have very man ways to get Field out except for Rejuvenator and Scapeshift, so always make use of grabbing Field if you can, even if it's a second copy. You can always top deck that Circuitous Route or Grow from the Ashes and get 2 lands onto the board and make plenty of tokens later on, but as mentioned earlier on that you only have 2 ways to get Field of the Dead, so don't waste them.

Hydroid Krasis is a fantasitc card that allows you to stay in a lot of the midrange battles and even keep some of the aggro decks at bay. Plus it just wins you games when you and your opponent are both out of ammo and top decking the game out. If your in a tight spot, don't feel bad playing Krasis for 2-4. In fact most of the time I play Krasis it's at the 2-4 range because that 1-2 extra cards could make or break a game in a deck where a single top deck of a ramp spell or Scapeshift can mean an extra 7-15 zombie tokens on the field.

Arboreal Grazer is one of those cards that I really didn't like at first, partly because I was playing it wrong. A lot of the time my strategy at the beginning of the game when given the choice between Grazer and Growth Spiral was to pick Growth Spiral. Who wouldn't want an extra card and ramp at the same time, especially since decks in the past have been using Growth Spiral turn 2 for ages. However the more I started playing Grazer on turn 2 (assuming I only have tap lands at the start) the more I found my matchups to become a lot better. Grazer ends up being a dead card later on in the games and really should be played earlier than later given the opportunity, and it having 3 toughness is pretty good for blocking 1-2 damage here and there.

Grow from the Ashes requires quite a bit of thought to play out. Since this ramp spell gives you two extra untapped lands into play, you can try and combo out other stuff with this spell. If it's turn 3 and you just frankly don't have a play other than Grow, then play it. Milling the deck by 1 card as well as getting an extra land out for Field or Scapeshift is always a plus, so don't think you always have to play it for value. When choosing which lands to bring out onto the board keep in mind which part of the game it is. If you don't have your 7 differen't cards out yet, then consider taking a Forest and Island because that still leaves a Plains to be able to be top decked for a Field of the dead activation. If this is in the late game, then the choice isn't as big of a deal because you probably have 8 sources or so on the board. However I'd very much recommend never taking 2 of the same land, as sometimes you Scapeshift with maybe 9 lands on the board and you need to have as many different types of lands in the deck as you can to make sure you get the maximum value you can from Scapeshift.

Scapeshift is obviously the best card in the deck and provides you with a very easy win condition. However I cannot tell you how many times I and other have played the card wrong. As you've probably learned from my description of some of the ramp spells previously mentioned, you can only grab certain cards from the deck, so make sure you grab the correct cards first with Scapeshift. This way if you need to top deck a land that doesn't enter the field tapped later in the game, you leave yourself with the highest possibility. There's also the problem of running out of basic lands and gates, so make sure to leave those alone with Scapeshift, so if it's very late in the game you draw that Circuitous Route and it's not needed, you can at least mill your deck a bit and probide yourself with extra lands if you top deck Hydroid Krasis. The lands I typically grab first are Field of Ruin (nice extra mill of 1 and Field activation), Memorial to Genius (also for the late game draw), Blast Zone, Blossoming Sands, Temple of Mystery (be carefull not to grab both), Thornwood Falls, Tranquil Cove. Sometimes in the late game I grab Sunpetal Grove and Hinterland Harbor if I know I had to get rid of a lot of my basics and shocklands in the Scapeshift activation.

Circuitous Route is kind of here to provide you with some sweet 2 land ramp and even a bit of mana fixing since the addition of Timewipe into the mainboard. Since the main feature of the card is to play lands tapped and it specifically can grab gates, always grab 2 of your 3 gates. Basic lands are always useful to top deck and also you probably want to keep some of those for the Grow from the Ashes as well. Not too complex of a card really and can be a brutal top deck for you if you already have your 7 different lands and 1-2 Field of the Deads.

Growth Spiral is basically always a good card to have. If you top deck a land, it doesn't hurt either. This card can be tricky to use because of the beginning of the game being a complex assortment of Arboreal Grazer turn 1-2, Elvish Rejuvenator turn 2-3, Grow from the Ashes turn 2-3 normal turn 3-4 kicked, and Growth Spiral smack dab in the middle at turn 2 and any turn after that. This deck doesn't have really any instants except for Growth Spiral, the opponent knows that too. So if you're playing it on turn 2, the instant speed won't be fooling anyone. It does sit in that nice two mana slot, especially if after turn 2 you really want to play a tapped land after a turn 1 Arboreal Grazer, or maybe you play an untapped land and then want to play a tapped land after that and get your draw. So it does sit in a good spot, you just have to know what lands you have already played and which ones you're holding onto to get maximized value from the card.

Time Wipe was a new addition over the previous choice of Prison Realm. I really like the decision myself. Sometimes this deck stuggles when your at the 5-6 land point and your opponent is starring down a measily Elvish Rejuvenator or maybe an Arboreal Grazer. Most of the time you won't be having more the 1 creature out at a time. Since this deck ramps quite easily the 2 white and 1 blue cost isn't too much, nor is the 5 mana over 4 mana board wipes in other decks. I have yet to actually playtest how this card will make a difference if you don't have a turn 2-3 removal with Prision Realm, but I've played enough magic to know that a board wipe can be game changing enough to run over single removal if given the opportunity.

Teferi, Time Raveler is an essential part to this deck. In the early game it may just be a bounce and draw, and maybe that's all he has to be. However in the late game, being able to play some of your spells at instant speed to make your opponent run into some zombies in the blocking step can be the difference between winning and losing. Teferi has a secret combo most people don't think about too. I've used him to blink my own creatures to give myself more value depending on the board state. An extra use of Elvish Rejuvenator can be another Field of the Dead and that would be deadly for any deck to play against. If you can spare the Krasis, it could mean filling up your hand again.

With the Sideboard your guess is as good as mine. In my weekly tournament I went 4-1 with this deck, so you can take my advice or not. 


In - 1x Crucible of Worlds, 3x Dovin's Veto, 2x Ixalan's Binding

Out - 2x Time Wipe, 4x Arboreal Grazer

W/B Vampires:

In - 2x Ripjaw Raptor, 2x Deputy of Detention, 2x Ixalan's Binding

Out - 2x Grow from the Ashes, 4x Circuitous Route

Esper Midrange:

In - 2x Deputy of Detention, 2x Ixalan's Binding, 3x Dovin's Veto, 3x Veil of Summer

Out - 2x Time Wipe, 2x Grow from the Ashes, 4x Circuitous Route, 2x Arboreal Grazer

Jund Dinosaurs:

In - 2x Ripjaw Raptor, 2x Deputy of Detention, 2x Ixalan's Binding

Out - 2x Grow from the Ashes, 4x Circuitous Route

Mono Red Aggro:

In - 2x Ripjaw Raptor, 2x Ixalan's Binding, 2x Ajani's Welcome

Out - 2x Grow from the Ashes, 4x Circuitous Route

Temur Elementals:

In - 2x Ripjaw Raptor, 2x Deputy of Detention, 2x Ixalan's Binding

Out - 2x Grow from the Ashes, 4x Circuitous Route

R/W Feather:

In - 2x Ripjaw Raptor, 2x Deputy of Detention, 2x Ixalan's Binding

Out - 2x Grow from the Ashes, 4x Circuitous Route

U/G Nexus:

In - 2x Deputy of Detention, 2x Ixalan's Binding, 3x Dovin's Veto

Out - 2x Time Wipe, 2x Grow from the Ashes, 3x Circuitous Route

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Last Updated: 16 Aug 2019
Created: 31 Jul 2019
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The decklist has evolved in the last few weeks, so the sideboard is quite a bit different now. Ripjaw was for the mono red matchup, and mono red has dropped from the face of the earth in the last several weeks.
Is there a way to replace Ripjaw Raptor? I don't want to craft it since it will gone in 2 weeks from now.
It's not a good enough of a card to build a deck around, if you're going to build around a single card, at least try and make it something with a payoff like yarok
Make a Orzhov deck built around corpse knights ability. I've tried and failed