Arena Standard - Hy-Dinos (Gruul)

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Gruul is pretty strong right now but this deck's soul is based in playing my favorite type of creatures, DINOSAURS! which is why Gruul staples like [[Rekindling Phoenix]] are excluded.

That being said lets get into the juicy juicy goodness of this deck...

At the core of the deck sits the new dino on the block, [[Marauding Raptor]]. Let me tell you... something about making a awkward card like [[Marauding Raptor]] work, feels great.

I digress, the best this deck can do is create a 16/17 [[Voracious Hydra]] on turn 4. Yes that is correct turn 4 16/17 trample is filthy and so fun to play.

Now lets talk about the play style, the goal of this deck is to get mana down quickly and flood the board with medium sized bodies using the discount from [Marauding Raptor]], mana dorks, and extra ramp from leyline.

You need 1 of those three things in your starting hand to have fun, 2 to win, and 3 to pop off. Turn 1 [[Leyline of Abundance]]/[[Llanowar Elves]] into 2 [[Llanowar Elves]]/[Marauding Raptor]] into 3 [[Gargos, Vicious Watcher]] into 4 [[Voracious Hydra]] is the perfect curve giving a ridiculous board that demands removal.

But even without that busted nonsense the deck plays fine if you get a [[Marauding Raptor]] down into a bunch of dinos afterwards. All of the enrage effects feel really good when you get instant value out of them and [[Marauding Raptor]] plus [[Regisaur Alpha]] is a dirty turn 4. I'm in love with [[Shifting Ceratops]] because it has a lot of versatility hidden in that 1g ability.

[[Cavalier of Thorns]] can be removed I just wanted to use it because it was shiny and new but it feels clunky and is only good for the reach (I mean its a great card in other decks but idk try it out yourself, Meh...)

All the big dinos are present for fun and can be changed around however you feel (I really like playing [[Etali, Primal Storm]] because he's freaking AMAZING I mean look at that art, but [[Ghalta, Primal Hunger]] and [[Carnage Tyrant]] are strictly better options.)

[[Gargos, Vicious Watcher]] is a sneaky good card in the deck, it provides a very cost effective stat line, (6 mana 8/7 Vigilance) and has amazing text in its box to boot.

I slapped some Gruul All stars into the side board that could serve as replacements for cards like Cavalier and Etali (But trust me playing Etali is SOOOOO worth it).

This deck can definitely be a off-meta competitor in ranked and it is also really fun to play all around. Hopefully future sets contain some support for it so that it doesn't die in rotation but even then I still say this is a deck that is worth playing for the short time we have it.

Until next time Gamers! Good luck!!

EDITS: Added more Carnage to help aganist Bant, [[Domri, Chaos Bringer]] in the Mainboard makes things really go zoom, added another [[Drover of the Mighty]] to help smooth mana, and tidied up the sideboard a bit.

P.S Please do not put [[Polyraptor]] into this deck you degenerate...

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I will be off the grid from AUG 19 2019 to SEP 12 2019 good luck out there Gamers! Remember to enjoy life!

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Last Updated: 19 Aug 2019
Created: 07 Jul 2019
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