Arena Standard - Pauper Blink - No Escape Event

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Pauper Blink for the II: No Escape Event

This is a deck for people who enjoy very tricky combat.

This is a midrange deck that takes advantage of blink effects like [[Justiciar's Portal]] and [[Teferi's Time Twist]], possibly [[Siren's Ruse]].

Along with giving you more Enter the Battlefield effects, you can fizzle their removal effects or chump block and blink to prevent yourself from taking unfavorable trades.

Blink Effects:

  • [[Justiciar's Portal]]: Awesome combat trick.  You can use it to untap your creature and block your opponent's creature safely due to the first strike.
  • [[Teferi's Time Twist]]: Great for protection.  It brings your creature back at the end of turn with a +1/+1 counter and you can even use it to blink your [[Lawmage's Binding]] if you find a better target.
  • [[Siren's Ruse]]: Instant blink which is a plus over [[Teferi's Time Twist]] but since I don't play pirates, I stuck with the above two.

"Enter The Battlefield" Creatures:

  • [[Charmed Stray]]: Blinking one of these with 3 or 4 out will give you a huge cat army.
  • [[Faerie Duelist]]: This allows you to take opponents by surprise during combat.
  • [[Sage's Row Savant]]/[[Omenspeaker]]: I only had one Omenspeaker so I added savant as well.  These allow you to use your blink effects to smooth out your draws.
  • [[Legion Conquistador]]: Overall pauper value card.  If there are some in the graveyard, you can shuffle them back in with [[Devious Cover-up]], blink the one on the field, and redraw the newly shuffled ones back.
  • [[Gallant Cavalry]]: Blink to get more knight tokens
  • [[Senate Griffin]]: Great for protecting you in the air.  Lots of games end with you attacking in the air over the course of many turns.
  • [[Salvager of Secrets]]: MVP. Crazy value card. With one on the field and your graveyard full of instants, your opponent won't know what to do during combat.  Using [[Teferi's Time Twist]] on this is basically free since you can get it back and it will have a +1/+1 counter to show for it.
  • [[Bulwark Giant]]: Amazing against aggro. Blink her a couple of times and you have all the time in the world.


  • [[Divine Arrow]]: Great combat trick.  Great defensively and your opponent may be lulled into a false sense of security by assuming you only have blink effects.
  • [[Lawmage's Binding]]: This deck does tend to get into a lot of board stalls and doesn't have many ways of dealing with creatures with activated abilities.  That's where this baby comes in.  You can shut down their most dangerous creature and keep swinging.
  • [[Devious Cover-Up]]: All around answer.  When you are ahead you want to play slow and leave up your other cards anyway.

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Last Updated: 01 Jun 2019
Created: 01 Jun 2019
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