Arena Standard - Maddie's Merfolk

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Good evening Magic Megalomaniacs! I am proud to officially be a Content Creator for Aetherhub and please be on the lookout for an upcoming article which ties in my love of the game and my love of my children. A key feature of that article will be this deck right here. When I first downloaded MTG Arena, my main love of the program was the fact that, for considerably less money than buying actual paper cards, I could get thousands of dollars worth of digital cards relatively cheap. My second love soon came to fruition when my 7 year old daughter saw me playing the game. As someone who has followed the game since 1995 and has been an on again off again player, seeing my daughter embrace the game was a moment of "yeah, I am doing okay with this parenting thing, introducing my child to yet another game that I love". Once my daughter saw that mermaids were a part of the game, she got down to business and we built a merfolk deck. For a first time deck builder going on artwork alone, I think she did a very good job! It's a cheaper Mono U deck that is more aggro than it is tempo/control.

Let's have a look: the deck revolves around merfolk so having one-drop evaders like [[Mist-Cloaked Herald]] with a [[Curious Obsession]] attached are always good to have. [[Silvergill Adept]]s give us card draw and a somewhat beefy 2 drop while [[Merfolk Trickster]] can do what it does in tapping and flashing in. [[River Sneak]] is like our Mist-Cloaked Harry but with a twist: every time a merfolk comes into play, it gains +1/+1 until end of turn and it has evasion. When we get to our other spells, you will see why this is kind of a big deal. [[Watertrap Weaver]] is your Trickster but a bit slower, another card might be better off here like [[Coral Commando]] to give more oomph.

Other spells we are running: [[Deeproot Waters]] and the Sneak can be a formidable combination. With the Waters in play, every time a merfolk hits the board another one comes into play in the form of a hexproof token, pumping our Sneak up by 2. This alone has won me games. We are running elements of control as well with [[Blink of an Eye]] (which can also double as a bounce and card draw with the kicker), [[Essence Capture]] to counter creature spells in aggro builds and pump up our own, and [[Wizard's Retort]] to keep things from coming down. Speaking of down, [[Dive Down]] is a must in this build, protecting our already limited assets.

Sideboarding has some fun options: [[Seafloor Oracle]] in case you want more draw, [[Negate]] and [[Sinister Sabotage]] for a more control build, [[Sleep]] against aggro builds, and [[Time of Ice]] to combo with the Sleep. 

ADVANTAGES: 1) this deck can get low and fast real fast with some decent card advantage to boot 2) it has a fair amount of control elements, making the deck a very flexible build and 3) it is an easy enough build that a 7 year old can pilot it with minimal guidance. Yes, there is some poor unfortunate soul out there who lost to a deck designed and piloted by a 7 year old...

DISADVANTAGES: 1) this deck lacks solid finishers, we have no big beefy guns to get tons of damage through and the [[River Sneak]]s are only as good as the supporting cast around them 2) Bo1 is a bit of a challenge for this deck, especially against aggro matchups and 3) it is not as flashy or reliable as many Mono U builds out there.

Overall, this deck is an interesting take on Mono U and quite frankly, if my 7 year old can design and win games with it, then it deserves consideration as a starter deck for young children or even beginner players. It has enough aggro to push damage through early, enough card draw to gain some advantage, and enough control to give newer players a good feel for the game. Until next time, may all your hands be God-draws and may all your spells hit the board!


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Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2019
Created: 12 Mar 2019
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