Standard - Grixis Control (ROTATED)

24 15 7
5 28 0 27
  • Deck contains 17 invalid cards for this format: Torrential Gearhulk (KLD), Glimmer of Genius (KLD), Aether Hub (KLD), Spirebluff Canal (KLD), The Scarab God (HOU), Abrade (HOU), Magma Spray (AKH), Fatal Push (AER), Disallow (AER), Canyon Slough (AKH), Fetid Pools (AKH), Cut // Ribbons (AKH), Commit // Memory (AKH), Lost Legacy (KLD), Jace's Defeat (HOU), Doomfall (HOU), Battle at the Bridge (AER)

Mainboard - 60 cards (25 distinct)

Creature (5)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (28)
Land (27)

Sideboard - 15 cards (9 distinct)


Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
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Grixis Control


Dimir (Blue/Black) Control is a powerful archetype and is one of the top decks in the current MTG meta.  Some control lists splash white (Esper) for [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]].  Both list have some flaws with board wipes that Grixis doesn't.

Dimir doesn't have access to quality board wipes in general.  White has access to [[Settle the Wreckage]] (which is able to be returned with [[Torrential Gearhulk]]) and [[Fumigate]].  The issue with the white board wipes is that both have double white in their mana cost. 

The Dimir shell utilizes [[Disallow]] (double blue) at 3 mana and [[Vraska's Contempt]] (double black) at 4 mana.  Adding double white strains the mana base, but the power level (plus [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]]) make the list attractive.

If you go with red, over white, 2 board wipes are available with [[Sweltering Sun]] and [[Fiery Cannonade]].  [[Sweltering Sun]] is the stronger board wipe at 3 mana, but poses the same issues as the white board wipes do by being double red in the mana cost.  [[Fiery Cannonade]] is instant speed (meaning it can be returned with [[Torrential Gearhulk]]).

Red opens up other removal options for the deck. [[Magma Spray]] is great for exiling threats such as [[Earthshaker Khenra]], [[Scrapheap Scrounger]] and [[Champion of Wits]].  [[Abrade]] is solid removal against artifacts as well as being able to rid boards of pesky x/3's.  [[Cut]] offers removal for 4 damage as well as offering a late game win condition vs control lists.


CardCounterChris Grixis Control:


Counterspell Suite:


4 [[Disallow]]- The best 3 cost counter in the game, capable of countering any spell or ability.

2 [[Syncopate]]- Flexible catch all counterspell that also exiles the spell.

1- [[Commit]]- While [[Commit]] is not a counterspell in the traditional sense, it is very useful against [[Carnage Tyrant]]. [[Commit]] is the main decks only form of bounce, which should be prioritized for use against enchantments, as there are no enchantment removal spells in the list.  [[Memory]] is great in the late game to prevent decking and to restart a favorable control game after utilizing [[Lost Legacy]] out of the sideboard against control matchups.


Removal Suite:


2 [[Abrade]]- Artifact removal that is still able to removal smaller creatures

1 [[Cut]]- 4 damage spell that can become a late game win condition.

3 [[Fatal Push]]- Solid efficient early game removal that occasionally gets even better.

4 [[Magma Spray]]- Effective early game removal that exiles.  Some of the best targets include [[Earthshaker Khenra]], [[Scrapheap Scrounger]], and [[Champion of Wits]].

4 [[Vraska's Contempt]]- Black's premier removal spell.  It exiles cards to prevent them from becoming relevant from the graveyard or post [[Memory]].  It's also highly valued for its ability to remove planeswalkers.


Draw Suite:


2 [[Arguel's Blood Fast]]- Consistent draw vs Control.  Can be used as a late game catch up mechanic via life gain against aggro.  [[Temple of Aclazotz]] combo's very well with [[The Scarab God]] to both protect [[The Scarab God]] from exile removal as well as providing 5 life every turn as [[The Scarab God]] will return to the hand at the end of the opponent's turn.

1 [[Search for Azcanta]]-  Allows for both card selection and filling a graveyard for [[The Scarab God]] and [[Torrential Gearhulk]].  When flipped, [[Azcanta, The Sunken Ruin]] allows both card advantage and selection and in the late game, its not unseen to be able to plan out turns ahead after sifting through the entire deck (as cards are placed to the bottom of the deck, it becomes unhidden knowledge to the controller).

4 [[Glimmer of Genius]]- 2 cards, and energy (which is relevant with [[Aether Hub]]) and is instant speed (returnable with [[Torrential Gearhulk]])


Creature Suite:

2 [[The Scarab God]]- A sticky 5/5 for 5 that can allows extra value to be extracted by pulling your opponent's creatures (or your [[Torrential Gearhulk]]s) to your side of the battlefield.  This ability also exiles cards, becoming even more valuable against decks that utilize their graveyards.  [[The Scarab God]] also triggers scrying for card selection after putting tokens onto the battlefield.

3 [[Torrential Gearhulk]]- The flash allows [[Torrential Gearhulk]] to act as a combat trick to put a 5/6 blocker on the board.  It's more predominant function, however, is allowing you to cast instant spells out of your graveyard.  This allows it to act as both a counter or removal spell, as well as draw with [[Glimmer of Genius]].




1 [[Field of Ruin]]- Great for removing flipped enchantment lands, as well as being able to force a shuffle of your opponent's deck against a card hit with [[Commit]], or to keep your opponent from drawing into [[Approach of the Second Sun]].

3 [[Aether Hub]]

2 [[Canyon Slough]]

1 [[Dragonskull Summit]]

4 [[Drowned Catacomb]]

2 [[Evolving Wilds]]

3 [[Fetid Pools]]

1 [[Spirebluff Canal]]

4 [[Sulfur Falls]]

3 [[Island]]

1 [[Mountain]]

2 [[Swamp]]



1 [[Battle at the Bridge]]- Solid removal that also gets around indestructible effects vs aggro while providing life gain.

1 [[Blink of an Eye]]- Able to bounce enchantments and potential cycles itself.

1 [[Doomfall]]- Able to answer hexproof threats or remove a card from your opponents hand (as well as receiving the hidden info of their hand).

3 [[Fiery Cannonade]]- Flexible instant speed board wipe for only a single color source which can be pulled back by [[Torrential Gearhulk]].

2 [[Jace's Defeat]]- Valuable for counterspell war's in control mirrors or against mono blue matchups.

1 [[Lost Legacy]]- Used for removing threats or counterspells vs control.

1 [[Moment of Craving]]- Early game removal and healthy gain vs aggro.

4 [[Negate]]- Valuable vs control mirrors or against creature light decks.

1 [[Detection Tower]]- Valuable against hexproof creatures or mono green to counteract [[Blossoming Defense]].

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2018
Created: 13 Jun 2018
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