Arena Standard - Judith Visitation Bo1

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I was surprised by how well this deck beats down.

Many decks can't handle some afterlife creatures, Legion Warboss and Judith.  Visitation is just the icing on the cake.

I strongly recommend Sam Black's article on SCG Premium if you want more info.

I am not paid in any way by Star City Games, I endorse the product because I love it.

Going forward I don't have any changes, the deck performed above my expectations and I think most adjustments would take away from what the deck wants to do.  I wish it had more card draw, like Frenzy or Theater of Horrors, and maybe there is a place for that in the deck but it is so hard to make cuts.  If you try some changes, let me know what they are.

I think the deck is firmly near the bottom of Tier 2 for now.  It relies on two many pieces to work, and if it becomes a regularly seen part of the meta opponents will know to kill Priest, Warboss and Visitation and contain the rest of the low-impact filler.  Still, this deck is good fun and a break from the same-old mono-colored aggro decks.

Last Updated: 01 Feb 2019
Created: 31 Jan 2019
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