Standard - Something Ado about Bant...

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Howdy everyone!

Bant is probably my favorite color combination in MTG. Rafiq of the many is my favorite commander of all time (second is Sigarda, Host of Herons) and so when i have the opportunity to play Bant, i usually take it lol. This time around, we have a deck type that performed very well at the SCG this last weekend, Bant Midrange. I put my own spice into the list but this deck feels incredibly strong in the format right now. 

Please note: This deck was built for Best of one ladder and not Best of 3 competitive play. So if you plan to play this list for BO3, make sure to make the appropriate changes beforehand!

7-2 in constructed BO1 event

Why not play the explore package?

We all know how good the explore package is. It can pull you straight out of the jaws of defeat and snowball a game right into your favor. The reason I am not running it in this deck is due to the fact that the explore package is very reliant on getting wild growth walker at a specific time and hoping that it doesnt die the turn it comes out. I wanted to be able to play cards that allowed me to not only apply pressure to my opponents, but also were good on their own without relying on the need for specific cards.

Card Choices

{{Spell Pierce}}

As you might have noticed, this deck isn't playing llanowar elves. This is in effect, its replacement. Spell Pierce has been a gem in my testing because it can help stave off problem cards such as good planeswalkers from being played on curve. in BO1, players often don't expect it either. So they play their cards believing they won't get countered and them boom! 

The number is up for negotiation but i think the current number of them is correct. 

{{Growth-Chamber Guardian}}

I have stated several times in my videos about back and forth I've been with this card. Fact is, since we aren't running the explore package, this card is actually super dope. It gives you something to sink your excess mana into and allows you to thin your deck at the same time.

{{Knight of Autumn}}

In BO1, I find this card to be really strong because it gives you an additional way to gain life in the red matches. Not to mention, it also gives you a way to deal with enchantments such as [[Search for Ascantza]] and [[Wilderness Reclamation]] 

{{Frilled Mystic}}

[[Mystic Snake]] in standard?: Check

Bigger than [[Mystic Snake]]?: Check

[[Frilled Mystic]] is an excellent tempo card that can definitely get cut your opponents options down and, most importantly, give you a way to get your beats in.

Why Lyra Dawnbringer over Biogenic Ooze?

In BO1, Lyra is better because it allows you to get back into the game. Biogenic Ooze, while it is still a good card, is not as good in BO1 because it is not a come back card. It is a card that you use to try to maintain and keep control of the games tempo. 


Last Updated: 10 Feb 2019
Created: 30 Jan 2019
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