Standard - 4th Day Red - Young CGB f2p

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Main deck 60 cards (12 distinct)
Creature (19)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (19)
Land (22)

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By day 4 of our Free to Play adventures in MTG Arena I had the following deck, and I believe I was in high Silver 2 in ranked.  Keep in mind I still do color quests, as quickly as possible.  I am only a few uncommons and a couple rares from my ideal mono-red build.

I don't love mono red, but it is too good to not play if you are a new, free-to-play magician.  If you want to see exactly how I build my collection and spend my wildcards, check out the YouTube series Young CGB - RNA Season here -

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2019
Created: 30 Jan 2019
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