Standard - Just Jund'em

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Main deck 60 cards (23 distinct)
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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (8)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (3)

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Howdy all!

I've been playing with this deck for a little while and have been seeing some decent success with it so I figured I would show it to you guys. I also added a video so you can see the deck in action. I'm going to talk a bit about why I chose some of the cards I have decided to use for this deck. 

Card Choices

{{Merfolk Branchwalker}}

Merfolk Branchwalker is an excellent 2 drop for many reasons. Being a potential 3/2 body is quite the bargin for being a 2 mana creature. 

{{Wildgrowth Walker}}

This card is incredibly anti Aggro and they must deal with it before really doing much else so expect it to eat [[Lava Coil]] or [[Lightning Strike]]. But if it doesn't, this is an absolute monster against those decks when used with your explore cards. 

{{Jadelight Ranger}}

The card I feel that makes this package all the better! Jadelight Ranger explores twice! So not only does it help you dig through your deck to get to your lands should you need it, but it can be a 4/3 for 3 and it also pumps your [[Wildgrowth walker]]. 


Personally, I absolutely love this card and I wish I could find more room for it. Unfortunately the list is pretty tight and if I were to cut a card out of the deck, it would probably be this one in favor of additional land. However, this card has been fantastic in getting me out of very tight situations. 

{{Ravager Wurm}}

One of my favorite cards out of this set. Having riot give this card unparelled versatility. It can eat one of your opponents dudes and can also pop those pesky lands such as [[Adanto, The First Fort]]. I do find that i use it to fight with my opponent's followers more than anything else though. An excellent game finisher. 

Why am I not playing [[Rythym of the Wild]]?

Good question. I actually played the card a lot in my original build and I always felt that the card was too tempo negative and it's absolutely horrible in an aggressive metagame such as MTGA Ladder because there is so many mono red or white tokens or what have you. Being stuck with that card in your hand definitely does not feel very good so i opted to drop it from my list. 

Last Updated: 21 Jan 2019
Created: 21 Jan 2019
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