Standard - [GRYKAN][RNA]Tier2: GRUUL Beats v2.0

25 10 3 22
Aggro Midrange

Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

Creature (25)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (10)
Land (22)
Planeswalker (3)

Sideboard - 15 cards (5 distinct)


Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
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"Gruul territorial markings need not be legible. The blood, snot, and muck used to smear them are unmistakably Gruul." — [[Gruul Signet]]


It has been too long since they held us back...arghh~!

The other guilds kept us hidden and locked up in the deep dank caves...arghh~!

They thought they could keep the lands to themselves, calling us savage and untamable...we are no slaves to no masters!  arghh~!

It is now time for them to pay for their misdeeds against the GRUUL...time for them to pay with blood!  ARRGGHHH~~~!!!


The time has indeed come, I GRYKAN, Commander of the 3rd Tribe of the Burning Tree Clan (and one of the streamers on MTG_Arena_META's Twitch channel) will lead us GRUUL to victory with a new battle formation...


Our formation will be lead by the enslaved elves of the Llanowar: {{LLanowar Elves}}

We captured them and they will do our bidding, to launch faster attacks against these self entitled Guilds, they will help to lead into faster attacks or be meat shields for us!  Argh~ 


The other elves came and we enslaved them too to do our bidding: {{Incubation Druid}}

They too will help bring the speed...use their powers wisely with the "Drum Beats" too...


In the caves we were forced to eat all manner of things to survive, there we saw the insects that learned to grow bigger when festered in the decaying bodies...they now serve the Gruul to punish the unsuspecting: {{Kraul Harpooner}}


Even our females are strong! Behold our: {{Gruul Spellbreaker}}

They will show the rest of our clan what it really is to be Gruul with their speed and strength!


In the deep dank caves that we were locked within, we found some abominations: {{Growth-Chamber Guardian}}

We ate them, as they were tasty!  Ha~!

But one day they fought back, they seemed to grow and was then we knew they could be trained instead of eaten, now they serve us to help destroy the other Guilds!


The Gruul Gods blessed us with: {{Rekindling Phoenix}}

Oh how mighty they are!  ARGH~~~!


When we left the caves, something followed us out: {{Skarrgan Hellkite}}

We thought it wanted to kill and eat us!  But NO!  It too wanted revenge against those who enslaved them...together we will kill and fry them to a crisp!


In the caves we learned new Magic to aid us, to destroy the flying creatures that plagued us in the past and to instantly grow stronger when the time was needed: {{Collision}}

They won't know what hit them, muhahahawa~!


With this fire we bring the heat: {{Lava Coil}}

It helps to clear the path to a quick victory...



{{Domri, Chaos Bringer}} is the Planewalker that came to free us from the caves.

He may look like a puny human, but he knows how to speak Gruul and to encite riot as well as calling forth more and more minions to come to battle faster.

His powers will help us to battle the other Planewalkers and defeat the Guilds that they help, argghh~~!


From all this chaos we bring the: {{Rhythm of the Wild}}

Can you hear it?!  The beats of our war song...ah such melody!

We riot our way to become stronger, we riot our way to become faster!

No longer will we obey the so called masters of the blue spells! ARGH~!


{{Stomping Ground}} the old Stomping Grounds is where we stand and we will use the mana powers of the {{Rootbound Crag}} to unleash hell upon our enemies!

Some [[Forest]], and some [[Mountain]]



Our clan is huge, our clan is strong.

We have many other armies, many new formations being devised and trained.

This is the first wave of attack, it will not be our last...we will soften up their defenses and at most times we will prevail, as it is written on the Blood Stones of Arkargmar: "Attack swiftly and with all the fire rage in your bellies and your enemies will flee in fear..."


This is what we shall do...follow us, watch us at:

Come, sit on the bodies of our dead enemies and watch us slay some more!  ARGHHH~~~!!!


About MTG_Arena_META

Here at Mtg_Arena_Meta we have two streamers for our Twitch channel. Grykan who streams every Sunday and sometimes Wednesday. TheBest/Steve who streams Friday and Saturday, sometimes Monday and Thursday. You can find our channel Here. GRYKAN provides support and does the P2W side (Ranked, Draft, Competitive Constructed, Quick Constructed), and Steve is the F2P play style (Ranked and Quick Constructed). Steve keeps statistics on the game drop rates and deck win-rates which can be found Here. as well as writes guides for advanced play styles and learning. Currently only a new player guide is written, which can be found in this Document.

Would you like to see this deck in action? Come to our Twitch Channel and visit us while we are LIVE

We do polls for each constructed event we do. If you want to see this deck you may ask the streamer to add it to the poll, or vote for this deck if it's in the current poll!

See you soon!  

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2019
Created: 08 Jan 2019
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I feel that incubation druid doesn't really fit there. Sure, it instantly gets to 3 mana range with Rhythm, but normally you want to play it BEFORE the rhythm. Maybe I'm wrong, but it just doesn't ring the bells for me.
its good enough for mythic?
Haha, thank you... :P
What a beautiful abomination.