Commander - Max Power Mono White Aggro, updated 4/17

33 30 3 33
Aggro Midrange
  • Deck contains 1 invalid cards for this format: Flawless Maneuver (C20)
Commander 1 cards (1 distinct)
Main 99 cards (77 distinct)
Creature (33)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
Planeswalker (3)
Land (33)
Maybeboard 17 cards (17 distinct)

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Ikoria Update Testing - Out: Sheltering Light, Unbreakable Formation, Aerial Responder In:Fight as One, Flawless Manuever, Stonecloaker

Recent Matchup History:

  • 3/22/20 - Won vs Trostani//Gadrick/Sram; Won vs Trostani/Alela/Grand Arbiter
    • Rundown G1: played out all of my equipment except for blackblade reforged and ramped/drew like White isn't supposed to do.  Built up a pretty solid board state while everyone else was still durdling.  A guy tried to board wipe and I had three mana and a Teferi's Protection in hand.  He whiffed and everyone scooped.
    • Rundown G2: Got out enough equipment to take out the gavin player even through his Humility enchantment on the board.  After that all my creatures turned on and i swung in for 27 dmg with double strike, flying, indestructible, lifelink, and trample to kill one guy.  Went for the next with a blinkmoth nexus with PT of 9/9 and tried to kill him with infect since he had a ghostly prison on the board but he Aetherized to stop the loss.  Then he scooped when i passed the turn.
  • 3/21/20 - Won vs Atraxa/Sliver Overlord/Necrusar/Sliver Hivelord, Lost 2x
    • Rundown: Ramp with Sword of the Animist, use Enlightened Tutor to get Stonecoil Serpant to block slivers and atraxa all game, slowly gain 15+ my original life to play Ajani, Strength of the pride and use his [0] ability exiling all of the creatures and artifacts my opponents control, including the 6 indesctructible hasted slivers with shroud.  Opponents concdeded shortly after.  Probably a 10 turn game, nothing too fast.  1st Loss, couldn't draw a third land :( 2nd loss was to an Atla Palani, Nest Tender deck that had quadrupled his mana and started dropping eldrazi into a crater hoof behometh and killed me while i was at 120 life lol
  • 3/20/20 - Win vs Garagos/Jorael, Empress of Beasts/Omnath Locus of Mana
    • Rundown: Kind of hilarious to play mono white vs 3 mono green decks.  Omnath played 2 ramp enchantments affecting the whole table so i had 18 mana #monowhitegoals on turn 6.  I had tutored for a Heliod, Sun-Crowned and had devotion on the board, with an Odric (swiftfoot boots equipped), and a few other creatures so i had a ton of lifegain going on.  I dropped a Felidar Soverign on the board and then the whole table tried to swing in and kill me but I just gained life even with the Jorael player swinging at me with 15 3/3 land creatures, the Omanth player and the Hydra payer both havign 20/20+ creatures.  They couldn't remove the Soverign and I won on my turn.  That was definitely a first cool
  • 3/19/20 - 2 Wins, no info


New Deck Update 3/17/20:  Doing my best to streamline this deck and make it the best that mono white can be!  The last few matches I've played it's played very well with a surprising amount of interaction. 


3/20/20:  Out: [[Wispmare]], [[Gift of Estates]], [[Sun Titan]], [[Danitha Capashen, Paragon]] [[Plains]]       In: [[Nova Cleric]], [[Mother of Runes]], [[Emeria the Sky Ruin]], [[Sword of Truth]], [[Stoneforge Mystic]]

  • Reasons:
    • Need more enchantment removal for when my creatures get targeted.  Had Odric get a darksteel mutation on him and had no easy way to remove it.  Couldn't fetch Wispmare with either Rangers or Recruiter of the guard. I've added Nova Cleric for a fetchable enchantment board wipe which just seems awesome and also Mother of runes to save the day once something is enchanted.
    • Taking out Gift of Estates because I have other more useful ways to get lands with creatures and also Land Tax.
    • Emeria is going in for more creature recursion especially since i'm taking out Sun titan.  Sun titan is just a bit more expensive Teshar's Apostle for all intents and purposes.  I needed something that returns cards over 3 cmc which the land does as well as Emeria Shepard.  We've got Ajani and Teshar for under 2 and 3.
    • Sword of Truth was added because this is a white deck and it always needs more draw effects.
    • Stoneforge is going in for more tutors, it'll add consistency to my draw and ramp getting either sword
    • Danitha comes out because it's never really been a great card, more just a filler with keywords.

3/17/20:  Out: [[Rebuff the Wicked]], [[Mikaeus, the Lunarch]]         In: [[Unbreakable Formation]], [[Ranger of Eos]]

Reasons: There are better ways to buff creatures than Mikaeus and making everything indesctuctible is better than a counterspell that must target a permenant, mostly in regards to board wipes.  Adding Ranger of Eos is a great way to get lots of keywords, I like to get gingerbrute for haste and segovian angel for flying and vigilance.


Deck Wincons:  This deck wins in a couple different ways but most of the wins come from combat damage, it's pretty fast, consistent, can pile on the damage and with Vigilance and Odric you aren't left unable to block.

Other ways to win are:

  • [[Walking Ballista]] and [[Heliod, Sun-Crowned]] (never actually pulled this off, but hey its there)
  • [[Aetherflux Reservior]]: Easist way to finish out the game.  You take out one or two players with combat damage and gain life then drop an aetherflux reservoir on the board and take out your last opponent.
  • [[Felidar Soverign]]: An alternate wincon that seldom actually works but is fun to play regardless.  Also gives great keywords for Odric.  Best played with Emergence Zone on an opponents end step right before your turn.
  • [[Test of Endurance]]: Same as above but harder to interact with, it does paint a huge target on you though.
  • [[Loxodon Lifechanter]], Crescendo of War and Mirror Entity: All buff your creatures and deal enough dmg for lethal
  • [[Blackblade Reforged]]: Helps buff Odric so you can take out a player with commander dmg.  You'll likely hit a 3 turn clock (less if you get double strike on the board)



Tutors and their best targets:

  • [[Enlightened Tutor]]
    • Early game: [[Sword of the Animist]] most of the time
    • Mid: [[Swiftfoot Boots]], a draw engine, or [[Shadowspear]] (to deal with a indestructible Eldrazi or a God)
    • Late: [[Aetherflux Reservoir]], [[Walking Ballista]] or [[Heliod, Sun-Crowned]]
  • [[Steelshapers Gift]] - [[Sword of the Animist]], [[Swiftfoot Boots]], [[Shadowspear]], [[Blackblade Reforged]]
  • [[Open the Armory]] - Same as the above but adding in Darksteel Mutation (great removal for an eldrazi) or Sheilded by faith
  • [[Idyllic Tutor]]
    • Early: [[Land Tax]]
    • Late: [[Heliod, Sun-Crowned]], [[Crescendo of War]], [[Test of Endurance]]
  • [[Ranger-Captain of Eos]] - [[Walking Ballista]], [[Gingerbrute]] (if you need haste), [[Serra Ascendant]] (flying/lifelink) or [[Kytheon, Hero of Akros]] (for indestructible)
  • [[Captain of Eos]] - Same as the Above but x2
  • [[Recruiter of the Guard]]- Mirror Entity and same as the above

Draw: [[Dawn of Hope]], [[Endless Atlas]], [[Tome of Legends]], [[Mentor of the Meek]] (Debating Adding Mask of Memory)

Ramp: [[Mana Crypt]], [[Land Tax]], [[Legions Landing]], [[Sol Ring]], [[Gift of Estates]], [[Gold Myr]], [[Kight of the White Orchid]], [[Oreskos Explorer]], and [[Sword of Animist]]

Stax Effects: [[Authority of the Consuls]], [[Thalia, Guardian of Thraben]], [[Aven Mindcensor]] (Debating Adding [[Magus of the Moat]])

Protection: [[Swiftfoot Boots]], [[Valorous Stance]], [[Teferi Protection]], [[Unbreakable Formation]]

Removal: [[Path to Exile]], [[Swords to Plowshares]], [[Darksteel Mutation]], [[Valorous Stance]], [[Winds of Abandon]], [[Generous Gift]], [[Wispmare]], [[Ajani, Strength of the Pride]], [[Elspeth, Sun's Champion]], [[Dusk / Dawn]]





Old and Outdated Deck Description:  I made this deck so that I'd have an easy to play EDH for newcomers to the game. 

The "Gameplan" is to use your commander to make all your creatures indestructible then board wipe...then board wipe again...and again.

All the other keywords just help win the game faster and gain you a ton of life.


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Last Updated: 19 Apr 2020
Created: 24 Nov 2018
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