Arena Standard - Sultai Mutate BO1 Ramp 1.5

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36 0 0 24
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Test Build - 

Most mutate decks cannot play normally as there are not enough "good" mutate cards w/o mutate triggers.

Mulligan agressive on the draw for a T2/T3 play.  This deck can do fine as long as you hit T3 Greathorn consistently.

T1 [[Gilded Goose]] / [[Arboreal Grazer]] >T2> [[Pollywog Symbiote]] / [[Paradise Druid]] > T3> [[Migratory Greathorn]] >> [[Auspicious Starrix]] cascade into a free [[End-Raze Forerunners]] to close out games.

[[Paradise Druid]] is usually the best early mutate target due to hexproof so make sure not to tap it for early damage.

Deck without both Goose and Grazers leads to many more 5 card mulligans.

Mutate costs (not original casting cost) will not auto-update in the MTGA UI with things like [[Pollywog Symbiote]] so manually count them. Also, this deck can easily deck out from [[Auspicious Starrix]]

Usually correct to ignore early damage and ramp lands via [[Migratory Greathorn]] mutates over playing [[Umori, the Collector]].  

[[Illuna, Apex of Wishes]] is like 5th and 6th starrix effect, but really good either first mutate or 3+ (as it guarantee's further mutates to your hand

[[Pollywog Symbiote]] Difficult to use more than one in play as your handsize will not be able to support it's draw/discard.

Slots that are not required/flexible:

[[Sea-Dasher Octopus]] - cheap mutate, dodge ECD

[[Brokkos, Apex of Forever]] -recursion mutate, trample

[[Polukranos, Unchained]] - Solves deck's lack of removal and is better than dirgebat, not sure how many to run

[[Kaheera, the Orphanguard]] (testing) keep hex proof on druid after mutate

[[Stonecoil Serpent]] (testing next) 

Notes: With current meta / Mutate cards available any mutate deck must be base green. Deck like others variants struggles aginst control permission or Sacrifice decks. Also lacks cheap removal.

[[Polukranos, Unchained]] seems really good  as it won't die when played under a mutate at 0 counters or to bypass Deathtouch.

[[Umori, the Collector]] feels hit or miss sometimes, but seems to be the only companion that is currently mutate friendly.

[[Auspicious Starrix]] mutate effect it is much better running basic or pain-lands only, no tapped lands outside of maybe triomes.



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I'd be open to suggestions on how to make deck better.
Last Updated: 15 May 2020
Created: 12 May 2020
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