Standard - Hardened by the March

22 20
18 12 4 26
Combo Jank
  • Deck contains 1 invalid cards for this format: Fires of Invention (ELD)
Main 60 cards (15 distinct)
Planeswalker (4)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (12)
Creature (18)
Land (26)

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2 4
1 3
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Ramp to mirror march and then cast [[setessan champion]] into any of our enchantments and draw most of our deck, or [[anax, hardened in the forge]] to get a ton of tokens that won't go away after the many Anax are sacrificed. [[nissa, who shakes the world]] has felt necessary ontop of [[fires of invention]] so we can abuse our [[dreamshaper shaman]] to its fullest potential after we have multiple copies of it. If you order the triggers correctly with Anax and Dreamshaper out then you can sacrifice the tokens that Anax produces for Dreamshapers ability. This deck isn't meant to be serious so don't expect much, but the amount of creatures and card draw you produce will definitely make this a good meme to run through once or twice. 

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Last Updated: 13 Feb 2020
Created: 12 Feb 2020
159 15 0

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