Arena Standard - Abzan Adventures

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29 0 6 25
Midrange Jank
Main 60 cards (19 distinct)
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In it's final form, this could turn out to be the grindiest deck in Standard, which would warm my cold, dead, midrange loving heart. So a proper writeup will come as I test the deck more and make more changes, but heres my initial thoughts:


You will be hard pressed to be out-valued by your opponent, so you primarily just have to focus on maintaining tempo or avoid getting blown out by an embercleave or mass manipulation or something...

4 copies of [[shepherd of the flock]], 3 [[order of midnight]], and 3 [[sorin, vengeful bloodlord]] allows you to keep your inkeepers around through a ridiculous amount of removal, keeping your engine going, turning all of your 2-for-one adventure creatures into 3-for-ones or more. Feels good. The shepherds and midnights also allow you to recur your removal suite of [[giant killer]]s and [[murderous rider]]s, so you get some sick value. Basically even losing can feel good when you die with a hand full of cards and 5 creatures in the adventure zone XD

[[Nissa, who shakes the world]] may not have a place here. She has a fast clock and was ported over from the Bant version of the deck, but without [[Hydroid Krasis]] she may not be worth the slots.

[[Beanstalk giant]] may have some utility, which could move me towards adding [[lucky clover]] in place of the walkers since it's so good with the giant. The biggest problem would then remain with how we manage to gain life to stabalize against aggro decks, or keep from killing ourselves with [[murderous rider]]s, especially if we're copying them.

My next changes I'll be testing will probably include the following:

-3 [[Nissa, who shakes the world]]

-2 [[knight of autumn]]

+ some mix of [[lucky clover]], [[beanstalk giant]], and maybe an [[order of midnight]]


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Last Updated: 30 Dec 2019
Created: 30 Dec 2019
278 35 0

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