Arena Standard - ELD RDW Calamity

19 15 4 22
Main 60 cards (12 distinct)
Creature (19)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
Planeswalker (4)
Land (22)

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So, rotation hits, and all your decks demand tons of rares and mythics ? Hard to get those decks together, aside from spending some serious money. So, why not use a deck using mostly cards that didn't rotate out ? At the beginning of a new set it is also often said, that aggressive decks do better than others. Sounds like reason enough to combine those two ideas, into a hopefully strong and not to expensise deck that'll help us grind early on ? That's what i hope this Calamity deck will archive.


4x Grim Initiate

{{Grim Initiate}}

Our first 1 mana creature, it's first strike ability will let it win against some of the early creatures our opponent plays, it's power of 1 is exactly what we want for Calamity, and if it gets destroyed, it leaves behind another 1/1, at least if you didn't already have a zombie army.


4x Scorch Spitter

{{Scorch Spitter}}

Another 1 mana 1/1 creature, and this one deals 1 damage to our opponent each time it attacks. Sounds like it fits nicely into our plan.


4x Shock


We're playing red, how could we not take this lovely 2 damage for 1 mana to any target spell ? No matter if we need to get a blocker out of the way, or burn our opponents face directly, Shock is there for us. And it's instant, allowing us to decide when the right moment to strike is.


4x Cavalcade of Calamity

{{Cavalcade of Calamity}}

Big surprise here, the namegiving card for this deck and the reason why we want creatures with power 1, or lower, is also in the deck ! So, dealing 1 damage to any planeswalker or opponent when our 1 power creatures attack them, and since it isn't legendary we can't have enough of those on the battlefield.


4x Legion Warboss

{{Legion Warboss}}

Ok, at 3 mana we need to start having some really good reason to include a card when we want to be aggressive and fast. What we want, are many 1/1 creatures, attacking relentlessy into our opponents face. And the Warboss gives us 1 of those each turn he survives. Sure, you can turn him sideways, making one of your 1/1 creatures a 2/2, and risking losing your token generator goblin. I prefer to have him, and his twins, sit there and provide me with free attackers for as long as he can.


4x Light Up the Stage

{{Light Up the Stage}}

We're trying to use cheap spells, putting down as much pressure as we can each turn. That means we'll most likely run out of cards rather quickly, and to counteract that, we need something giving us more ammunition. Now, this card can be cast for a single mana, if we follow our plan to hit the opponents face beforehand. The 2 cards it exiles can be played this turn, or next turn. Sure, the opponent will see what we have coming for him, but if we want to win we need to keep up putting stuff down.


4x Chandra, Acolyte of Flame

{{Chandra, Acolyte of Flame}}

A planeswalker in a deck that wants to attack with 1/1 creatures ? Yes, while i don't care at all for her first ability, and even her third ability won't be used that often, it's Chandra's second we're after. Creating 2 hasty 1/1 tokens for 0 loyality, putting even more pressure on our attack, how could you resist. And not to forget, 1/1 elementals are sooo cute !


4x Chandra's Spitfire

{{Chandra's Spitfire}}

Here we have our probably biggest threat. This flyer not only triggers Calamity, it gets more power for each time itself and others trigger the enchantment, or deal damage to our opponent. No matter if it is a well timed [[Shock]], or [[Scorch Spitter]] attacking with it, each instant of non-combat damage will make the Spitfire more and more dangerous, if our opponent doesn't quickly find a way to stop it.


3x Experimental Frenzy

{{Experimental Frenzy}}

As i already said for [[Light Up the Stage]], we want to put down a lot of stuff quickly, and will run out of cards to play. Getting Frenzy down can help us with that and i felt it is well worth being included.


3x Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

{{Torbran, Thane of Red Fell}}

The first of only 2 cards from Eldraine, amplifies each red source of damage we deal by 2. Calamity triggers ? 3 damage to the face. Our 1/1 get's trough ? 3 Damage to the face. Our 1/1 get's blocked ? 3 damage to the blocker. Shock ? 4 damage. Torbran is an absolut must have for a deck like this, and the only reason i took only 3 is because he's legendary, so i probably don't want him taking severaly spots on my starting hands.


4x Dwarven Mine

{{Dwarven Mine}}

The other card from Eldraine, and it is highly optional because of it's downside. If we don't already have 3 mountains on the field, this will come in tapped, something we won't like most of the time. If we however already have put down 3 other mountains, it not only untaps, but also provides us with yet another 1/1 token for our attacks. Decide for yourself if you're willing to risk a tapped land for that.


18x Mountain

Well, i hope i don't have to explain, why a completly red deck might want some sources for red mana, right ?


That's it, and i hope those of you who give this deck a try, have fun with it. I know i will.


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Last Updated: 26 Sep 2019
Created: 22 Sep 2019
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