Arena Standard - ELD Sultai Feast

6 20 37
20 11 5 24
Main 60 cards (21 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (11)
Planeswalker (5)
Creature (20)
Land (24)

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Once upon a time, there was a MTGA player looking at the Eldraine Spoilers. He couldn't help but notice how in his favorite colours (greetings to all followers of Vraska), there was a lot of interaction with food stuff. Then said player saw [[Oko, Thief of Crowns]] and the decision was made, a delicious food deck had to be made.

This player, you will have guessed it, is me, and the result is what you are looking at right now.

As usual, this deck is not made with tournament play in mind, so don't expect the next top-tier-meta-deck, but i do have a rather good feeling about what this deck can do. Thanks to Amazonian and Andre Liverod for giving my creation a few good testruns on Arenas little preview-event.


4x Gilded Goose

{{Gilded Goose}}

Starting with the only 1-drop in the deck, the Goose offers us our first source for food, with it's ETB aswell as 2 mana and tapping the bird. And if needed, it allows us to sacrifice 1 food for manafixing/ramp. And if nothing else happens, it is still a flying 0/2 blocker against troublesome aggressive fairies and birds.


2x Assassin's Trophy

{{Assassin's Trophy}}

What needs to be said about the Trophy ? For only 2 mana it destroys any permanent we really don't want on the battlefield. Sadly we allow our opponent to search up a basic land, but if we limit this card for use against key cards in our opponents deck, or use it later in the game when additional lands don't make a huge difference anymore, it's well worth that downside.


3x Hydroid Krasis

{{Hydroid Krasis}}

Since we're in Sultai colors already, we might as well use this, by now well known, hydra. Card draw, healing and a flying threat with strenght based on the amount of mana we can spare, this is always a welcome addition.


3x Dreadhorde Invasion

{{Dreadhorde Invasion}}

A 2 mana enchantment to make zombies in a food based deck ? Yes, despite the less than optimal taste, these zombies will come in handy. If nothing else, we can counter the life loss each turn by sacrificing food tokens, but you'll soon see we have even better options on what to do with little 1/1 zombies.


4x Once Upon a Time

{{Once Upon a Time}}

A 2 mana instant that allows us to look for a creature or land we might need ? I love it. Being able to cast it for free if it is the first spell ? I love it even more. I will absolutly be happy whenever i see one of those on my starting hand, especially if i need some more mana fixing.


3x Oko, Thief of Crowns

{{Oko, Thief of Crowns}}

Right, we reached our MVP, our devious little 3 mana transformation wonder. It starts relativly innocently, Oko adds 2 loyality by creating a food token. We want some culinary action, and Oko already starts with 4 loyality, adding more to that can't hurt right ?

His second ability not only adds 1 loyality, it turns an artifact or creature into a 3/3 Elk, losing it's abilities in the process. You know what is an artifact ? Food tokens. That's right, thanks to Oko we can use our food to attack the opponent instead of just healing ourself. Oh, and guess what happens if Oko transforms a zombie from [[Dreadhorde Invasion]] ? That's right, we get a 3/3 Elk, but it is a 4/4 or bigger, because while Oko's target loses it's abilities, it doesn't lose counters. And we get another zombie next turn. Oh, and when counters stay, why not turn [[Hydroid Krasis]] into a non-flying monster ? Or, once we don't need it anymore, our [[Gilded Goose]] into another Elk ?

And if our opponent has a really dangerous critter or artifact ? That's right, it get's elked. I rather have a 3/3 Elk on the opposite side of the board, than the flying, vigilant, indestructable and who knows what else monster that would kill me.

Still not convinced ? Let's look at Oko's Ultimate. For only 5 Loyality (remember, he starts at 4) we can exchange one of our creatures or artifacts with a 3 power or less creature our opponent controlls. Giving the other player a food token in exchange for his small but useful creature ? Absolutly !


3x Savvy Hunter

{{Savvy Hunter}}

So, we get a 3/3 for 3 mana, and each time it gets to attack or block it delivers us another food token. Not good enough ? How about sacrificing 2 of our food tokens to draw a card ? the Huntress was the first food related card i saw in the spoilers, so she absolutly had to be included.


3x Murderous Rider

{{Murderous Rider}}

Anyone surprised to see this bad guy here ? Surely not. Getting a 3 mana instant creature or planeswalker removal, and being able to use the same card for a lifelink creature afterwards is simply too good to not include it. That it returns to the bottom of our library is nice, but even with this deck aiming for a slower, grinding game it shouldn't make the difference often.


4x Wicked Wolf

{{Wicked Wolf}}

A 3/3 that fights an opponent creature when it arrives, and we can even make it indestructable for a turn, plus adding a +1/+1 counter on it, by just tapping it and lose another food. Sure, it may not help against an army of giants storming at us, but there is plenty of stuff with x/3 or less this one can take out, and if it survives we can foil our opponents attempts to destroy it.


2x Questing Beast

{{Questing Beast}}

A 4/4 for 4 mana. Comes with vigilance, deathtouch and haste. I'm sold already. Small creatures can't block it ? Even better. It negates fog effects ? Can't get muc better right ? Wrong, it also deals the same amount of combat damage it does to your opponent to a planeswalker of your choice, as long as it is your opponents. The only bad thing about this, it's legendary, so it won't come in big numbers usually. Still, i had to have this.


2x Bake into a Pie

{{Bake into a Pie}}

Sure, this instant 4 mana creature destroyer is not [[Vraska's Contempt]], but since it also gives us another food token, i feel it should have a place in this deck. After all, who doesn't love pie ?


2x Garruk, Cursed Huntsman

{{Garruk, Cursed Huntsman}}

Another planeswalker for our deck. It comes in my favorite colors and starts with 5 loyality. So far so nice. The first ability costs no loyality, but creates 2 2/2 wolves that instead give Garruk loyality when they die. Killing a few wolves ? Hey that sounds managable !

Next is creature destruction combined with card draw for only 3 loyality. Destroying stuff, and getting more toys to play with, i'm happy.

Now, Garruks ultimate ability. For only 6 loyality, so one dead wolf token if we're ready to see the Hunter die for this, we get an emblem that gives all our creatures +3/+3 and trample for the rest of the game. Can you imagine a 6/6 Elk with trample, that started as a simple but delicious pie ? Or do you like the idea of [[Dreadhorde Invasion]]'s zombies starting as 4/4 ? Garruk can make it happen.


1x Feasting Troll King

{{Feasting Troll King}}

7/6 with vigilance and trample for 6 mana. And if it comes from our hand, it ETBs with 3 food tokens. Not good enough ? If the Troll King dies, just sacrifice 3 foods, and it'll return right to the battlefield to terrorize the opponent again. The only reasons i only took a one-off are the mana demands, that are still managable in this deck, and that there's so much other stuff i absolutly wanted in this deck.


Let's see how we'll pay for all this.


4x Fabled Passage

{{Fabled Passage}}

Evolving Wilds, but with an option to untap the basic land. We just need to make sure, to include a few basic lands the Passage can find us.


4x Castle Garenbrig

{{Castle Garenbrig}}

A green land that only enters tapped if we have not a single forest. And it turns 4 mana into 6 green mana, as long as we need it to cast a creature or activate one of their abilities. Can you smell the Troll King here ? I can.


4x Breeding Pool

4x Overgrown Tomb

2x Watery Grave

2x Forest

2x Island

2x Swamp


A mix of shocklands and basic lands to round out our manabase, not much else to say.


So, that's the feast i cooked up for you, and despite the high cost in wildcards, i hope some of you get to try it, and enjoy their meal. And they lived happily ever after.




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Last Updated: 25 Sep 2019
Created: 21 Sep 2019
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