Standard - Grixis Bombardment

19 34 26
3 25 7 25
Control Jank
  • Deck contains 8 invalid cards for this format: Dragonskull Summit (XLN), Drowned Catacomb (XLN), Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin (XLN), Release to the Wind (RIX), Karn's Temporal Sundering (DOM), Haphazard Bombardment (DOM), Nicol Bolas, the Ravager // Nicol Bolas, the Arisen (M19), Blood Sun (RIX)
Main 60 cards (22 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (25)
Planeswalker (7)
Creature (3)
Land (25)
Side 15 cards (7 distinct)
Maybeboard 10 cards (5 distinct)

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2 3
2 4
1 3
Missing Sideboard
2 3
Missing Rare cards:8
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Yeah, that's the main idea. Bombardment with God Pharaoh to lock your opponent out of the game. Release the Win can also save your planeswalkers. Ral 4 can double your Sundering which can help you ult Bolas or Ral 5 or get more Bombardment triggers. Only played a couple games. Had to tweak it to this current list. Got ran over by some aggro type decks but when it goes off it's pretty evil. Lol!
Top Jank XD

So the main gimmick here is to Release to the wind your own Bombardments to reset them? LOL
It's certainly interesting. Props to you for coming up with something original.

Have you played the deck? How does it perform?
Last Updated: 03 Sep 2019
Created: 28 Aug 2019
421 46 2

Mana Curve
Color Breakdown
Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
4 6 42 8 0
0 12 3 0 0
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