Arena Standard - Get F&!?ing Rektdos

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Good evening Magic Murder Hobos! Gonna start off by saying how grateful and thankful I am to be a part of this community. It is very supportive and the amount of feedback I have received over the past week has been nothing but phenomenal. I have started recording videos for these decks and while I am still working out the bugs, it has been very refreshing to see big name Arena streamers helping out the little guy. I love it! Now, onto this madness of a deck! I had developed a deck, pre-2020, called Get Rektdos. It did okay. I watched an AliasV video and it inspired me to try it out. Holy hell, did it do well. I figured it could do better, so I added a few tweaks and went absolutely apes*** on anyone who stood in my way. I've seriously played a dozen matches and Bo1's with this deck and have lost maybe two games. Video coming soon!

THE DECK: [[Knight of the Ebon Legion]], good God, this is a beatstick! I dropped one of these on turn one and proceeded to SMorc the opponent as they tried getting me to discard everything I had through Thought Erasure. It was hilarious. Opponent conceded after five turns with only one of these guys on the board. [[Banehound]] is a good horror doggo! Hasty one drop nickel and diming with lifelink? Sign me up! [[Shock]] is good spot removal and can pump up the Knight and Gorger. [[Lightning Strike]] is hilarious to drop on turn two with a Knight on the board... just saying! [[Legion's End]] gives us some decent exile hate early on. [[Dreadhorde Butcher]] is an absolute must: get a +1/+1 token every time it deals damage and deals damage when it dies? Yup! Oh and it has haste... [[Chandra, Acolyte of Flame]] gives us elementals to throw at our opponents and bring back some of our instants. [[Judith, the Scourge Diva]] pumps up our creatures and if they die, she pings. I was running [[Priest of Forgotten Gods]] as a sac outlet for Judy, but she never really came through. So, I switched out the Priest for [[Savage Gorger]], which is kinda like a Butcher but with flying and without the damage ability when it dies. More damage the better! [[Legion Warboss]] pumps out tokens and pumps them up. [[Spawn of Mayhem]] is a nice big pinger that can sneak in at 3 CMC while [[Rekindling Phoenix]] is that annoying little owl that spreads gloom and doom over and over again. Sideboard runs two more Shocks and Lightning Strikes for added flexibility, [[Angrath's Rampage]] for removal, [[Cast Down]] for more targeted removal, and [[Ashiok, Dream Render]] to hate against [[Scapeshift]] nonsense. 

ADVANTAGES: 1) This deck hits hard, I mean super hard 2) Mass removal is really the only thing that can save an opponent from certain doom and 3) We go wide and we go wide fast with all the tokens we can generate and all the latent synergies between Chandra, Judith, and the Warboss (among others).

DISADVANTAGES: 1) No card draw, so we have to get somewhat lucky with our draws 2) Mass removal hoses us,  and 3) We can go wide but are kinda screwed if opponents go wider, our creatures are not the toughest but can they pack a wallop!

Man, this deck can get out of hand fast. I mean, it can go wide, churn out creatures that the opponent has to deal with, and it can smack opponents silly. Until next time, may all your draws be God-like and may all your spells hit the board!


About Risendragon

Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

YOUTUBE: Risendragon Games Gaming

Last Updated: 13 Aug 2019
Created: 11 Aug 2019
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This deck was similar to Marduuuuu and I loved that deck so I played this one and it makes me happy! These red black aggro decks are yummy. Hmmmmm thanks for this one!!