Arena Standard - Counter the counters! (Jeskai)

18 31 21
2 27 7 24
  • Deck contains 8 invalid cards for this format: Treasure Map // Treasure Cove (XLN), Glacial Fortress (XLN), Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin (XLN), Spell Pierce (XLN), Clifftop Retreat (DOM), Sulfur Falls (DOM), Cleansing Nova (M19), Revitalize (M19)
Main 60 cards (22 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (27)
Planeswalker (7)
Creature (2)
Land (24)

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hey y’all!

my least favorite decks in the current meta are Simic Flash and mono blue tempo. They’re flat out boring to play against. I’ve been quiet since the new set came out because I feel I haven’t made a deck worth sharing, but this one looks like it’s worth it and if it gets flash decks beaten out of the meta then I’ll be a happy camper! If yr feeling overflashed and overcountered and aren’t afraid to put aside yr pride and use the tools of the enemy then read on!

The Core

It’s a control deck y’all. You won’t be getting yr big big threats until turn 6 most of the time, so the early game is all card draw and lifegain. Dovin’s Acuity is the star of that show. Combined with Chemister’s Insight    and Revitalize it puts us stupidly far ahead on cards and keeps us from getting burned out or beaten down by aggro lists. For hand fixing (and ramp) we have Treasure Map and Search for Azcanta. 

The Answers

It’s mostly sweepers and counters. We’ve got Jeskai favorite Deafening Clarion to wipe zombies, elementals, and vampires Cleansing Nova addresses anything larger, and the counters address most everything in between. Honestly, the biggest learning curve of this deck for me has been learning when to hold mana open and what spells need to be countered. It’s harder than I thought’d be. The only spot removal in the deck is two copies of Prison Realm and two copies of Electrodominance. This list has struggled against walker heavy decks and so if a walker resolves you need responses on hand. 

The Bombs

Can’t be countered is my favorite card text. Niv and big m20 Chandra are your win cons. It’s extremely greedy to play niv in a three color deck, but the mana is fixed pretty well, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting him out turn six. Honestly if you untap with niv against like any deck the game is over. He is a fucking house and once he starts tossing you cards and throwing damage around almost any enemy is on the ropes. Surprisingly Chandra requires a little more patience, but since she doubles as great removal we can usually afford to wait. It’s honestly such a powerplay to stomp flash decks with this list. Countering their counters on your turn to return yr dovin’s Acuity or get yr baby Teferi on the battlefield feels so good, and then dropping threats that they can’t counter is brutal. It’s so nice.

But What About The Rest of The Meta?

This is still a deck in progress for sure, and as the old adage goes once  you build a deck to counter a specific list you never see that list again. That said the deck is refreshingly anti-meta and fares relatively well against most spikes decks out there rn.

Vampires—I’ve very rarely lost a game to vamps with this list. That said it is paramount to not let imperious bloodlord resolve because that sacrifice damage adds up fast, and one of the few games I lost to vamps caused me to put the Prison Realms in the deck because they Sorin pinged me to death. 

Mono Red/Cavalcade—This is a really satisfying matchup. More often than not I nearly get burnt out but am able to drop a bomb and start ticking up my health total and they scoop or die. Cavalcade is actually a *little* harder to handle because it plays a lot of elementals and Big C can’t board wipe em, but it’s usually still a matchup we can win.

Scapeshift—not a problem. We’ve got board wipes for days and since it’s a relatively slow moving list we have all the time in the world to gain significant card advantage and punish them.

Temur Elementals—this is a bad matchup for the deck for two main reasons. They outramp us quickly and thus can bypass the tempo generated by our counters and Big C can’t sweep ‘em. We can still win with Niv etc but it’s by far the hardest of the new set based decks for us to beat.

Feather—I honestly haven’t played against this deck much but I think the matchup is good? We can heal pretty well and counters prevent them from going off. Plus Cleansing Nova bypasses protection.

I haven’t seen a lot of Esper so I can’t really speak to it.

Grixis—they have a hard time destroying enchantments and we have a lot of those so we’re in pretty good shape.

I’m probably missing a deck you wanna know about. Ask me in comments!


So that’s the list! Like I said it’s not finished so I appreciate any tips you might have! Ok that’s all for now!





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Last Updated: 09 Aug 2019
Created: 08 Aug 2019
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