Arena Standard - Yarok n' Roll

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Good morning Magic Minders of Business! Today I bring to you a take on a deck that is starting to take off: Sultai Elementals. Except, we are not running a ton of elementals in this deck, so let's call it Sultai Aggro for now! The main purpose of this deck is to get down some early beefy bois & gulls, build up a board presence, gain some life, ramp, and swing swing. And also, [[Field of the Dead]] cuz yeah, we are running a bunch of dual/tap lands, we might as well right? And also, [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] cuz we are in Sultai and have a bunch of cards that trigger upon entry. I am taking this deck to ranked tonight and should be doing a video on it soon, so stay tuned!

ONTO DA DECK: [[Healer of the Glade]] is our only one drop but it is a Chainwhirler-proof elemental that gains us 3 life. What's not to love? [[Yarok's Fenlurker]] is mainboard in Bo3 cuz I can easily swap him out for a [[Cast Down]] in creature heavy builds, that said, this card does disrupt our opponent's hand and I have had opponents scoop after dropping it late game while in topdeck mode. [[Wildgrowth Walker]] cuz lifegain and elementals is of course paired off with [[Merfolk Branchwalker]] and [[Jadelight Ranger]] and can get beefy fast. [[Hydroid Krasis]] cuz lifegain and card draw that again pairs nicely with Yarok. [[Growth Spiral]] gives us draw and ramp while [[Thought Erasure]] disrupts an opponent's hand and could force a turn 2 resign. [[Risen Reef]] to ramp us up and draw and it of course goes well with our elementals. That aforementioned [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] is a cornerstone of the deck but not necessarily an outright wincon, we can win without him just as easily as we can with him. Sideboard gives us removal with [[Cast Down]] (though [[Walk the Plank]] might not be a bad sub]], [[Negate]] for control and burn builds, [[Assassin's Trophy]] against mirror matches where we can wreck lands and slam people not running basics, and [[Ashiok, Dream Render]] for graveyard hate and mill. 

ADVANTAGES: 1) This deck can beat people in several different ways with Yarok triggering Field of the Dead in the endgame, building a big board right out of the opening, and maintaining that board throughout the middlegame 2) it runs enough hand disruption to throw our opponents off and 3) we can ramp rather easily in this deck and get our big guns out quickly.

DISADVANTAGES: 1) Any sort of removal of course screws us big time, especially early on 2) This is not a good Bo1 deck as we need the flexibility of the sideboard against Mono R, Control, and Mirror matches and 3) we are not running [[Scapeshift]] so [[Field of the Dead]] does not give us a ton of value, however with Yarok on the board, it can get out of hand and finish our opponents off. Play round with it I suppose!

Overall, this was a fun deck to craft and finally get to a point where I am comfortable sharing it. Be on the lookout for a video on this build as well as a video for my Mono U build with Mu Yangling. Until next time, may all your draws be God draws and may all your spells hit the board!


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Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

YOUTUBE: Risendragon Games Gaming

Last Updated: 07 Aug 2019
Created: 07 Aug 2019
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SonzeySpace, I ran Muldrotha in an early draft of this build! Kinda clunky but it worked when it went off! Love your takes on decks, keep it up!
Deck is fun and I had most of the cards crafted already! Imma jank it up two ways, with Muldrotha, the Gravetide and a separate version with Spark Double and Lazav, the Multifarious!